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Android app is a software application that is made to run on the Android platform. Android platform is built for the smartphones and tablets that works on the Android OS. Since the advent of first Android smartphone in the year 2008, Android OS has attained more popularity among the users.

Android dominates 82% of the market share, like out of 15 users 13 users are working Android OS. According to the statistics till September 2018, around 8,00,000 applications available in the Android platform. Using Android Software Development kit (SDK), the apps are designed and developed for Android smartphones.

Our Android team creates high performance Android apps like Android Phone app, Virtual and augmented reality app for Android platform, Android wearable apps and more.


Android app development services

As an app development company, we take responsibility to deliver you with creative design and give inputs with updates during our development process for you to get a clear picture and to serve your purpose. We build the apps with updated technologies with Android security features.

Native Android App

Native Android App

Native apps are built for particular platforms and are coded in the languages that are accepted by the platform like Java or Kotlin for native Android apps. Our team has a vast experience in building Android applications on the native platform.

  • Fast and responsive
  • Offline access
  • High level performance
  • More efficient
  • More interactive and more secure
  • Ultimate user experience

Custom Android App

Mac Andro has proven expertise in building custom Android mobile applications. Due to immense popularity and trends in market, business owners aiming to get positioned themselves in top and seek niche Android app. We build apps that suit your business and customize accordingly.

  • User friendly experience
  • Compatibility based on business
  • Customized features
  • Highly secured apps
Custom Android App
Change of live apps

Change of live apps

To reach the audience with best opportunities, you can change the existing applications to Android platform from whichever platform it was built for. We can integrate UI/UX elements to give the user a best experience with enhancements.

  • App updation
  • Accessibility to cross platform
  • More revenue
  • More business opportunities

Android App Support

It is important to maintain the Android app after it is completed. We team will support you even after the project is done. Like to add/modify the content and to solve bugs or errors in the application. This makes your app live and hot!

  • Monitor the performance
  • Reinforced app efficiency
  • Modification of data
  • Application testing
Android App Support

Develop your App with us

We put our experience to develop the apps in specific and multiple platform markets by

Develop your App with us
  • Delivering user friendly experience
  • Working with expertise team
  • Flexibility to get upgraded versions
  • Bug free apps
  • Providing proposal with timeline
  • On-time delivery of the product

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