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Agriculture App Development - A Mobile App Solution For Global Agriculture Industry

Agriculture App Development - A Mobile App Solution For Global Agriculture Industry

In this techy world, it will be hard for you to find one thing that does not available at your fingertips. To that extent mobile tech has merged with the businesses and people life. Mobile technology and agriculture may show up disconnected in the face of it. But actually it has already enrolled its presence in agri business and creating a huge impact in it. In recent times, agriculture market has witnessed that both small scale farmers and the larger argi based enterprises utilizing mobile apps to deal with the challenges in  their business.  In addition they have also mentioned that agriculture app development are adding a great financial value too.
With exploiting the mobile apps for agriculture, there is a lot that can be done in the agriculture business right from providing high tech solutions to discovering the best quality seeds to structured agriculture processes.
In the upcoming sections you will find out how mobile apps are reshaping the agriculture sectors & how it assists in increasing their revenue along with market stats. Let us start with the impact of tech advent.

How Mobile Technology Seeds Agriculture Business?

Advent of mobile technology sets path to the influx of contemporary applications and innovative services in the agriculture process on both developed and developing countries. Both categories can explore benefits in various ways
In developed countries labour force will be lower and mechanization process will be followed mostly. On other hand, developing countries will have large number of workforce. Here mobile apps are used to manage them and to deliver services to producers.  Moreover, inclusion of mobile apps, takes agri based updates to market faster such as weather information, crop value and also helps in financial services like loans, insurance, payment etc.

Types of Farming Apps

Basically agriculture is a long term process. Right from seeding to taking it to end users, there will be a lot of process in between. For every process, there would be an app. Here are some types of mobile apps which assist farmers to grow their crops, look after them and track their production

  1. GPS Tracking App
  2. LiveStock Management App
  3. Farm Management App
  4. Weather Tracking App
  5. Ranching App
  6. Crop Selling App

In What Ways Mobile Apps Helps to Do Smart Farming?

By going with agriculture mobile app development, both farmers and large scale agriculture businesses can grab a myriad of benefits. Explore some below

Weather Updates

Information is wealth. Especially for one who is in the agriculture business it matters a lot. This is because a small information about the weather can save their day & crop. By getting updates about future weather, they can seed their crop accordingly.

Takes Your Goods Directly to Consumers

With an agriculture app, farmers and crop producers can take their product directly to the customers by avoiding the middle. In agriculture, the middleman is the one who earns a lot. By connecting producers with consumers, both of them can get profit.

Can Treat Crops Better

Disease spread around crops is one of the common one and it is a major threat for a crop.  With entering into mobile platforms, farmers can simply find out the solution for their problem via mobile apps, and no need to approach specialists to solve.

Control Drones to Track their Crops

Today drones are highly utilized in farms. By having a mobile app for agriculture business, the crops can be monitored via drones and the drones can be accessed through these apps. With the thermal camera, drones will detect the health of the crops and where water is needed and other requirements will be found & settled.

Best Solution to grab Market Updates

Mobile apps for farmers & agri businesses will keep on updating the market information to farmers. With this, farmers & agri businesses can find out the most demanded & high pricing crops in the market and can produce those crops that earn greater.

Helps to Manage Workforce

Apart from tracking crops, mobile apps also help to manage the workforce, their details and other activities efficiently. In addition, it also suggests & helps to schedule the crops. When the time comes, the app will notify you about the schedule.   

Real Time Data Updates

Mobile Apps will provide live updates about the farms or fields to the farmers and assist to collect & analyze data in detail.

Nature Predictions & Support

Large scale sensors installed in the field which are connected with mobile apps will provide information about the soil, fertilizers and eduate farmers to soil management practices.

Feature in Agriculture/Farmer App Development

Basically the whole process of agriculture business will be done by the three people, farmers who produce the crops, working staff members and the end users

Features of Farmer App:

  • Registration/Login
  • Access Field Details
  • Stock Management
  • Workforce management
  • Drone Access management
  • Weather Updates
  • In-App Chat
  • Multiple Payment Integration

Customer App Features

  • Registration/Login
  • Search Product
  • Order Product
  • In App Chat
  • Payment Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Track Order

Trending Technologies that can Reshape the Agriculture Industry

Technologies in precision agriculture have been reshaping the way farmers & agriculture companies treat their crops and how they manage it. Here are some technologies which looks more beneficial

Geographical Information System GIS

In precision farming, GIS shines as the most valuable tool. With a Geographical Information System, farmers can data like temperature, crop yield, plant health and also can predict the future changes based on it.

Drone Synchronization

Drone has changed the way of agriculture a lot with its advent. Drones are helpful in various ways right from precision spraying, pest detection, unauthorized arrival, field vigilance & much more.

5G Technology

5G is the next big thing that is going to hit the digital world. It has the ability to deliver real time data in quicker ways and if it is utilized in the agriculture sector via mobile apps, then it will be a great boost for the agriculture business. Tracking, monitoring and other activities will be done at lightning fast speed which will raise smart farming.

How to Create a Mobile App for Farmers/Agri Business?

In order to develop a mobile app for agriculture business, it is best to get connected with MacAndro, a leading mobile app development company providing custom mobility solutions for agriculture businesses across the globe with leveraging the latest & advanced mobile technologies like AI, IoT, etc. Our skilled developers are highly experienced in delivering qualified agriculture mobile app development services which will greatly improve your business performance.


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1How to Build an Agriculture App?
  • Draw a vision and idea for your agriculture app
  • Analyze the market trends & technical needs
  • Approach a reputed Technological partner
  • List out your features & requirements
  • Structure a Design & Develop it
  • Perform Testing in Beta Version
  • Launch Your Agriculture App
2Who Builds Agriculture App?

MacAndro builds advanced & tech integrated agriculture app that fix all the requirements of the farming business

3How much does it cost to Build a Agriculture Mobile App?

The cost for the agriculture app development is basically depends on the requirements expected by the client and also based on other factors like features, platform, resources required & much more. Roughly, it would cost upto $5000 or upwards to create an agriculture app

To know the exact price to develop a agriculture app, reach our experts!

4What are the Essential Features an Agriculture App Should Have?
  1. Weather forecast
  2. GPS & Location based services
  3. Camera & Drone Management
  4. In-app Chat Support
  5. Push Notification
  6. Online Payment Gateways
  7. Options to buy fertilizers & Pesticides
5What Unique Solutions Will You Provide in your Agriculture app development?

With leveraging the advanced technologies, we integrate unique features in our agriculture apps. Find them below

  • Agribusiness news & Updates
  • Offline Accessibility
  • Geographical Information System Integration
  • Drone Management
  • Stock Management Facilities
  • Inclusion of AI tech that provide Suggestions
6Will You provide Post Launch Support?

Yes. At MacAndro, we will provide maintenance support to our clients after the app launch

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