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Airbnb Clone App Development - Build Your Own App Like Airbnb

Airbnb Clone App Development - Build Your Own App Like Airbnb

When it comes to travel, most expected thing among the people is a cozy journey and peaceful stay at reasonable cost. This though of people is the major reason for the success of Airbnb. In addition, it shines as the one-stop solution for all who love to travel around the world which makes their journey fair and pleasant.

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Well, there is no wonder that how Airbnb and alike apps had grown into an extraordinary business model, since people love to travel in this upgraded world. This makes the companies like Airbnb to earn in billions and so the apps like Airbnb are in great demand. If you are looking forward to make use this amazing business model to earn profit, then your are in the right place. Let me represent you how this idea benefits you by providing you the complete survey of the .

What is Airbnb?

Generally, Airbnb is nothing but a travel app through which people can discover and book comfortable accommodations according to their needs across the globe by using their smart phones or tablet. Moreover, it is an online peer-to-peer marketplace which enables the people to rent/list or get accomodation/lodging  from a single room to an apartment, , a yacht, a castle, a suite or even a houseboat. Being an digital platform, Airbnb provides the property owners a great opportunity to have revenue from renting their houses on the platform.

As a matter of fact, Airbnb is in active more than 190 countries and 65,000 cities all over the wolrd. Being a successful idea, Airbnb app upholds more than 100 million users and 640,000 hosts. A statista states that, 500 million guest stay per night via getting the service from . Below pie-chart will explore how Airbnb is simply amazing & cheaper than a normal hotel room booking.


Working Process:

1. Initially, property owner will list out their property details via Airbnb app along with basic details & description of facilities and location along with the photographs.

2. Visitors who seeks for accommodation in the city can acquire lodging facilities where they wish to stay and browse available options according to price, count of days they stay and much more.

3. Once after the visitor confirms the booking, visitors will be charged by the amount mentioned by host plus commission.

4. Finally after the stay, Airbnb will pay the amount to the host after deducting their commission for hosting

Once after reading all this fascinating facts about Airbnb, probably the next question rise within you will, How to establish an app like ?. If so, here is your solution

How to build an App like Airbnb?

Well, developing a travel app like Airbnb and attaining success is possible only if you follow the below business models

End-to-End Marketplace:

In this model, your app acts as a mediator between the property owners who are ready to sell or rent their properties and the travelers who seeks for accommodation. By allowing the property owners to host their property and the travelers to acquire lodging, you can charge a commission from both the buyers and sellers who earn benefits from your app.


Some additional features should be provided to the host like clickable buttons which will be easy for the visitors for booking. By providing this clickable buttons to users, you can generate more leads to your host and so you can charge extra charge for every clicks which is redirected to the hotel website.

Booking channel:

There should be a option for the visitors to check regarding the hotel contact information by paying for their subscription . Moreover, apart from booking rooms or apartments, some other services like air ticket booking, renting a car and also booking a holidays package from a travel company should be offered to the visitors.

Features to build an App like Airbnb

When looking into the features, Airbnb is built in three phases separately for visitors who experience the lodging, for property owners who host their property and for the admin to manage all the functions. Let me explain the basic features for all these three, so that you can consider them while building your app

Features for User/Traveller

Sign-up/Log-in :

Users can register by providing their basic details like name, phone number, email address. Once after the registration process, they can login into the app by providing their credentials and the OTP provided to them. In order to attract your users, seamless options should be provided to sign-in via profiles, like Facebook or Google+. 

Account administration:

User profile should upholds the following basic details like name, address, phone number and date of birth. In addition, it should also be possible for the users to edit their info whenever needed.

Search Property:

Using this feaure, the travelers can search for their accommodation according their needs and can select the room they like.


Filter feature assets the travelers to make sort in their searching such as guest, home type, geolocation and much more


This feature assets the users to create a list of selected apartments they love, so that they can visit whenever they need to see it easier.


While visiting the property profile, gallery option should be provided where the photographs of the property can be uploaded by the host, so that the buyer need not go in physical to see the property and also it makes the deal easy, simple and much faster.


Using this feature, users who use your app will receive instant notifications about booking confirmation message, new messages, offers, discounts from other app hosts. This feature will make your users to be engaged with you all time.


When the user finds the perfect place to stay, they can also making booking via the website or the app. Calender feature integrated with your app will help your customers to book for their upcoming vacation in early.


By utilizing this feature, the user can convey their experience with the accommodation and the host, which will create a branding image and trustworthy feel about your service.

Features for Host:


Similar to the above process, hosts also follow the same process which is mentioned above for the traveler’s log-in using email address or social networks profiles

Profile Management:

This feature aid the host to edit his or her personal information like email address, mobile number, address etc.

Types of activities:

Hosts can select whether they want to provide guests with some unique experience in their city or just accommodation according to his or her wish by using this feature.


Here, the hosts will provide a detailed description about the property or accommodation like number of guest they can stay, address, rent of their stay with recent photographs.


This feature enables the host to submit his or her review about their previous guests together with host rating.

Features for Admin:


Admin can log-in with the credentials given to him or her which is provided while building the app. It is possible for them to make changes in their log-in credentials according to their wish.


Using this feature, admin will accept the user’s and host’s request proposals like property adding or getting accommodation

User Management:

By utilizing this feature, admin can manage all the users as well as the hosts and their respective profiles. Admin can also remove any user or host if their activities are against the guidelines.


Using this feature, admin can track the earnings he had earned from the travelers and from the host and the pending payment details.

Cost Estimation of Airbnb Clone App:

When it comes to cost estimation , there are some factors which influence to create a Airbnb app. You can select diverse modes of crafting it, which likely to project onto Airbnb app development cost as well

Well the cost depends on                    

  1. the size of the development team 

  2. Features which are to be integrated

  3. a number of platforms and devices app is being built for 

  4. the technical complexity of the features

  5. Region of the App development company where it is located

  6. design - custom vs. standard                         

Final Words:

Without doubt, travel industry is experiencing the constant enhancement and getting more attention towards the people in these days. This fact motivates the idea of investing in a travelling app like Airbnb which would result in a significant profit for your travel business or a Startup. Once knowing all these facts and the features and benefits in creating an app like Airbnb, then next thing you would think is about your travel app development. In that case, we are here to convert your innovative idea into an exceptional and feature rich mobile app

MacAndro - One Stop Solution

Being an expert in mobile app development, We furnish custom transportation & hotel booking app like Airbnb in Android and iOS platform according to the user’s requirements. We will asset you to stand unique among your competitors and to lead your transport business by providing automated solutions to your client’s via high performing world class application like Airbnb.


Have an idea to built an app like Airbnb? What are you waiting for?

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