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Aviation App Development - Make Your Airlines Fly High with Our Mobility Solutions

Aviation App Development - Make Your Airlines Fly High with Our Mobility Solutions

Aerospace/Airline App Development

MacAndro is a pre-eminent mobile app development company sailing successfully in the ocean of mobile app development over 10+ years and in delivering numerous IT solutions for the aerospace industry with our custom aerospace app development services. We assist airline companies who struggle to manage their business process and to offer best customer experience with our innovative & cutting edge airline app development solutions.

We are reputed & recognized in delivering advanced mobile app solutions for the aviation industry which covers the entire process right from flight planning, ticket booking to CRM solutions. 

Importance of Mobile Apps in Aviation Industry

In this digital era, over 3 billion people use airline services for their travelling. With this huge numbers some airline companies are suffering to manage & to provide the best travel experience to their customers , as they are expecting instant updates & results in this modern day. Well mobile apps came as a resolution for these complications for the aviation industry in the name of aviation app development. 

Moreover, these mobile apps made travelling process extremely easy with offering various options like flight ticket comparison, ticket booking, flight tracking and even made the payment process ease. Moreover, these applications upholds online check-in which gratifies the travelers greatly.

How Mobile Apps Benefit the Aviation Industry? 

Explore the top advantages that an airline company could experience by developing their own airline app.
Seamless communication

These apps function as a perfect communication channel between the airline company and customers. With these apps, travelers can clarify their doubts and needs instantly with the chat support. Simultaneously it also help to communicate internally.

Furnish Updates About Journey 

Today passengers expect details of their journey at their fingertips instantly. Also, they require information without making a call, email or contacting travel agents. Furthermore, changes in flight timing can also happen. In large airports, it looks hard to catch up with the announcement of this information for travelers and it may also lead to miss the flights. With these mobile applications, airline companies can update the passengers about the journey details instantly.

Helps to Monitor Your Pilot Health

Health of a pilot is very crucial as the entire flight and passengers' lives depend on this performance. With these aviation apps, it is possible to monitor the health condition of the pilot in real time via wearable devices. Right from body temperature to heart beat everything can be tracked with mobile application. 

Assist in Administration & Maintenance

Lack of administration will probably lead to the downfall of a business without doubt. Well these mobile apps allow to monitor the flight schedule, performance as well as to control the workforce. Every operational process like setting up a flight for journey, passengers list, cabin crew, pilots in the flight can be monitored, tracked and corrected if anything is wrong via mobile apps.

How to Build an Airline App?

If you are an airline corporation functioning without a mobile app and looking forward to creating an airline app to enjoy the above benefits, then here is a step-by-step guide below for your airline app development.

Make a Vision of Your App

Initially, prepare a blueprint for your airline app with adding all your requirements in it. Without it, the project will be harder to explain as well as consume more time too.

Pick Your Right Technological Partner:

This is the very important part of your project. As your entire business process will be dependent on this app and so giving it to the right hands is much essential. Finding the right technical partner will make your project half successful. So it is better to approach an experienced aviation app development company who are expertise and experienced in providing mobile app solutions for the aerospace industry.

Wireframes & Design

Before getting into the development process, structure an attractive design with a well defined user interface and flows in the app. Fix the design and working procedure of your aviation app initially so that  it will be much easier for the developers to go.

Choose the Right Technology Stack:

Select the apt technology stack for your app development based on your needs. Finalize whether you are going to build a native app or cross platform app. If you go with cross platform, there will be several cross platform app development frameworks, and choosing the right one among them is also very important.

Go with Development

Once fixing all the above requirements, enter into the development process. Ensure that all your requirement, features exist in the app.

Execute Multiple Testing Protocols

After the development, make sure that every functionalities and features are working smoothly by undergoing multiple testing processes. Once after fixing all the bugs, go for an app launch

Feature of Aerospace App

Search/Book/Track Flights

With this feature, users can easily find their flight and book tickets for their journey without any stress. Moreover it also enables the user to track their flight and the timing, so that they plan accordingly if there is any delay.  


This feature is very important for a user, because the user will have no idea regarding the direction and routes in the airports. Using this feature, users can find their desired location, whether to flight, gate or any retail shop in the terminal.

Push Notification
Using this feature, you can send any updates of flight status, booking confirmation, flight cancellation, or any promotional offers to your customers. This feature will encourage the users to use your application greatly.

Feedback & Ratings

This feature allows the user to post their reviews about the customer satisfaction and rating for your service. This feature will enable the airline companies to know their customers and can correct their mistakes with it.

Live Chatbot Assist

Customers can clarify their doubts regarding their travel or any other services using this chatbot support. They don’t need to wait for an agent for airport authority to clear their doubts.

Apart from this, there are various features like

      ► Secured User Login
      ► Multiple Payment Options
      ► Price Comparison
      ► Mobile Wallet
      ► Flight schedule
      ► Cancel Flight
      ► Much more

Admin Panel Features

Go through the admin panel features of our aviation app.

      ► Manage Booking

      ► Muli-language Support

      ► Content Management

      ► Manage Flights

      ► Workforce Management

      ► Manage Ticket Booking

      ► Customer Support

Our Unique Features

Apart from the regular features and functionalities, we add some additional features and functionalities in our aviation app development concerning the user’s  interest and latest trends.

Flight Maps

This map shows the exact flight real time image and so the users can pick their seats according to their needs. Moreover, they will also know about the comfort in your service which makes you their priority.

AI Integrated Chatbots

We integrate AI powered chatbot in our airline app development solutions, so that the chatbot will not only reply for the recorded questions but also it will answer for the customer’s unique queries by analyzing the data.

Price Drop Alert 

Users who searched for a flight or a destination will be notified automatically if the ticket price for that specific flight or destination goes less. This will keep on engaging your customers with your app.

Crypto Payments

We build airline apps with integrating the powerful blockchain technology and so your data will be safe as well as your customers can also make their payments in crypto’s. 

Mobile apps have secured their place in almost every industry. It has become almost impossible to run a business without having a mobile app in the digital world. Especially in complex fields like the aviation industry, it is very essential. Not only with above benefits, it pays its contributions for the airline companies in numerous ways such as improving user experience, earning customer’s trust, and developing your competitiveness in the market.



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