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Top 10 Inventive Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business App

Top 10 Inventive Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business App

In this techy advanced world, mobile apps have become mandatory for every business in order to sustain in the market and to overcome their competitors. So almost every business has their own brand app in this 21st century.

If you still don’t have one for your business then I would recommend you to approach a reputed mobile app development company to launch your own app to avoid your vanishing from the market in the upcoming years. If you have one, then I would like to congratulate you first!
But by just creating an app for business, your part will not be over yet. Your app will get lost among the tons of mobile apps in the app store unless you market it to your target audience.

Why Should I Promote My Business App?

If you think you will succeed in your business by just developing your app and putting it in the app store, then you are wrong.  According to a report, there are more than 3 million applications available in the popular play stores alone(Google play store & Apple app store). Could you imagine the count of overall apps?, Yes it is boundless

So to achieve your goal and to reach your target audience, it is essential to follow some marketing strategies to stand out from the sea of other applications out there.

Different Techniques to Promote Your Mobile App

App Store Optimization(ASO)

App Store Optimization is the process of enhancing your application’s visibility in the app store. The majority of the apps are discovered in the app store by the users. As people prefer app stores to find apps, ranking in app stores is much important to drive potential users. 
To rank better in official app stores, you need to optimize your app icon, name, description, screenshot etc. 


If you have a mobile app, then probably you will also have a website for your business as it is the basic thing needed for business today. Moreover, your online presence is essential because users will wish to confirm your app is real as there are tons of fake apps in the market.

Your application should be highlighted in your website completely and not in any of the corners. By featuring your app in the website you can improve app users without doubt.

Capitalize Search Engines to Entice Users

For everything, people go for google today. Search engines are playing a crucial role in our day to day life right from education to getting our needy things. When people search for a service that you provide in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, it will show your website where users can get a chance to download your app. So optimizing your website for search engines will also boost your app downloads.

If the users place the query by mentioning keyword “app”, then the search engine will also display your app store link in the SERP.

To promote your app in search engines, here are some promotional ideas revealed:

  1.  Add the relevant keyword in your app name, which specifies your service
  2. Add the word “app” in your title as well as description
  3. Optimize the your application title and description based on the search engine guideline

Utilize the Most Powerful Tool of 21st Century - Social Media

Social media is shining as the most valuable platform for businesses to display their products and services to a wide audience. Popular social platforms like facebook, instagram are functioning as a hub for business these days. You can utilize this inevitable stage to present your services by share-worthy content.

Go through some social media promotion strategies:

  • Keep on posting about your mobile app frequently in popular platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social sites where your target audience are.
  • Promote your app’s screenshot in Pinterest.
  • Find out your business relevant groups and share your post and be engaged regularly in those groups.
  • Ask your friends and employees to share your post on social media.

Don’t Skip the Traditional Method - Email Marketing

Your newly launched business app should be promoted in every aspect of marketing including via Emails. Email marketing is one of the most effective and traditional marketing that is being followed for years by businesses. It would take time for the users to know about your app and to make them aware about your app, you should initiate an email campaign about your app launch.
As a business you will send email to your subscribers for multiple purposes such as recent service updates, tech support, newsletter or product updates. Well in each and every mail your app should be mentioned along with its link.

Promote in YouTube

YouTube should be preferred equally with Google and social media. Moreover it is the second highly used search engine after google. You should open a YouTube channel and need to promote your app via creating videos and sharing it on your channel.
Create different videos about your app, for instance app explanation, feature explanation, account set up separately that which looks useful for your target audience. Place your business application link and details along with every  video you are posting.

Approach Alternative App Stores

Apart from focussing on popular app stores like Google and Apple, you should also list out your app in other app stores that exist in the market. A report says that listing out your app on other relative app stores will improve your download 200%. 

Find some of the popular alternative app stores below

      ► Amazon Appstore
      ► AppBrain
      ► SlideMe
      ► Aptoide
      ► Opera Mobile Store
      ► AppsLib
      ► Cydia
      ► LG Smart World

Submit Your App For Awards

Making participation in app awards is a highly recommended one to promote your app. This process will give your app a great exposure via press, reviews and also results in a plethora of downloads. Furthermore, outcomes that come from winning the contest will be amazing and it is based on your app idea, performance and much more.

Discover some popular app award sites below

     ⇒ Best Mobile App Awards
     ⇒ Best App Ever Awards
     ⇒ Apple Design Awards
     ⇒ The Webby Awards
     ⇒ Appy Awards
     ⇒ Appsters Awards

Start Blogging

Blogging is another effective strategy to promote anything in this modern day. By posting articles about your app regarding any updates regularly, you can attract more users and also can earn trustworthiness. Writing articles about services in detail will attract users to approach you and so your app downloads will also increase.
Furthermore these articles will also rank in search engines which will navigate tons of users towards your app.  Also ensure that you're placing your app link in your every blog posting.

Make Use of Push Notification To Engage Regularly

You should never stop your marketing activities even after the user installed your app. We can’t assure that every user who downloads the app will use it. You just need to engage with your users via push notification to remind them about your app. Notify them about your services, discounts and offers via push notifications which will encourage your users to use your app.

Final Words

All these marketing strategies will promote your app and drive users to it. But they will retain only if your app is user friendly and performs well. If you lag in these two, then above marketing strategies will go vain. So the fundamental is to pick the right app developer.

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