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Build Your Own On-Demand Bike Taxi App Like Rapido

Build Your Own On-Demand Bike Taxi App Like Rapido

Bike taxi app development is the next big thing in the on-demand industry verticals currently. Today, people often struck in traffic and they face difficulties to reach their destination on time. To overcome these crisis, we put bike taxi apps on board. As it provides an unique solution that highly diminishes the waiting time in the traffic and also reduces the waiting time by offering instant pick up.

Emerging On-Demand Bike Taxi App Development Services:

As mentioned on-demand bike taxi applications are the wave of the future. After the incredible success from taxi service providing giants like Ola and Uber, the industry has been seeking for the next big thing in this robust sector. Well, bike taxi app development took this opportunity to make its presence and fulfills the desire. Moreover, these bikes are relatively smaller and easier to get around in routes that are challenging for four wheelers. Nothing can better than a two-wheeler, in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness. This is major reason for the tremendous growth of bike taxi service provider like rapido in the market.


Even though, taxi services is an existing idea, but the services available with the robust mobile app even for a common man at an affordable cost adds advantage to this concept. Furthermore, people mostly prefers cabs only if they have numbers with them, but in this service they don’t need to wait for anyone and they book for ride once they need. As a result of these facts, Bike cab service are currently hitting their peak in several countries like India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand Vietnam, Southkorea and in numerous Asian countries.    

With the enormous success that bike taxi business has witnessed and as it is in peak, this is best time ever to invest in. Moreover, today users always prefers a convenient, cheaper and quick mode of travel. In that case, this is a finest revenue generating business model. To generate high revenue all you had to do is hire a well-developed bike taxi app developer like MacAndro. Go on to know further about us and our services.

MacAndro - Expertise in Providing Bike Taxi App Solutions

Being a leading taxi booking app development company, MacAndro offers modern software-based solution for all transportation businesses according to their needs. We provide bike taxi apps like rapido sculptured with modern technology so that you won’t face any lacks while using it.  We are also reputed in providing taxi booking apps with its clone versions like Uber Taxi clone  and carpooling app development services like  Blablacar clone and much more. By joining hands with us, you can grab an updated bike service app with current trends and also get benefits from our unique user interface.

Major three interfaces our Bike Taxi App:

  •  User App(In Android & iOS)
  •  Driver App (In Android & iOS)
  •  Powerful Admin Panel

All these three interfaces are readily available in our bike taxi application which you can get at an affordable price. They are connected together to pay way for a smooth workflow and navigates your bike taxi business into immense success.

Working process of Two-wheeler Taxi Booking Apps:

1. Customer who seeks for transportation service will get your app from their respective stores, since we provide your app in both android & iOS platforms so that it will be perfect for you to allure both the end-users. Once after it they will login either by providing details or by social media integration option. To get their bike taxi, customer will check for neraby driver by providing his destination.


2. With providing destination, user will send pickup request for the nearby rider who are available in that location to pick up. Once the request is sent it will be notified by the rider and the rider can accept or reject it according to their preferences. If the rider accepts the ride, it will be notified to the respective user.


3. There is also an option available for the user through which they can schedule their rides according to their preference. This highly benefits for to pre-booking the ride in the peak hours. If the user has done pre-book, driver will available on the user’s doorstep at the required time. This process gradually improves productivity among the users. 


4. After picking up, driver and user can select their shortest path according to their preferences to reach the destination. We have developed an algorithm that shows the all the possible best ways to reach the destination with time calculations.


5. Finally, consumer will pay the accurate fare shown in the app to the rider after reaching the destination for the transportation service . User will be provided with multiple options to make the payment according their preferences.

6. Beyond all these, you can check all the processes in your centralized admin dashboard as every single action performed by the user and rider will be directed automatically to your dashboard. You as an admin can block any rider according to your wish and also can control and manage all the process in your bike taxi app.



Hope you got a clear picture about your bike taxi app development process from the above information. In order to develop a bike taxi software and to dive into this vast expanding profitable industry, all you have to do is approach a well experienced developer who upholds heap of domain knowledge in this sector. You have already done half of your part successfully by reaching us and make it complete by posting your requirements to us.




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Disclaimer: MacAndro neither represents nor has command over the trademarks of Rapido. We are not doing any promotional activities for them and we use these terms only for understanding our products. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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