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Mobile Apps With IoT and Chatbots

Mobile Apps With IoT and Chatbots

Technology creates a way for human’s to interact with machines. Moreover, it made possible to communicate among machines. Same technology makes the people to shift from desktop websites to mobile application. Well, the credits for this technological change may goes to IoT and Chatbots.

Internet of Things(IoT)

Generally, Internet of Things is the most promising and emerging technology currently. IoT is nothing but the interconnection of digital devices and gadgets which helps to transfer, collect, store and in exchanging the data. Moreover,IoT is a network of internet enabled communicating with each other.  Well, IoT has no restrictions and cover wide range of devices including cars,thermostats, watches, lightning and other wearable devices.

A statista states that more than 25 billion devices like phones, computers and other IoT devices would be active in the year of 2020. Well a perfect example for the integration of mobile apps with IoT is Home automation system. Today, many businesses utilize IoT technology collect most important data and to stand unique among their competitors.

Merits of IoT in business:

1.    Smooth integration in enterprise mobility

2.    Improved asset utilization

3.    Enhance the productivity

4.    Increased security

5.    Boost your business productivity



Chatbots are computer program which has the ability to interact or communicate with humans either by auditory or textual methods. They have achieved a new milestone in establishing communication with human beings. These chatbots acquires majority importance in online market place for serving the client’s.

When it comes to digital marketing or an a business which runs in app, then chatbots presence have become primary one to sustain in this competitive digital world. One of the superlative advantage in chatbots is, it helps in reducing the space from your customers and builds communication with them. In addition, chatbots creates a feel in people that they are using the modern technology.

Merits of Chatbots in business:

1. Serves 24*7

2. Helps in collecting valuable data’s

3. Cost Saving

4. Makes your business customer friendly and engaging

5. Reduces your Time

While considering a business, either chatbot or IoT, no one is lesser in contributing towards and growth of the business. Without doubt, IoT and Chatsbots are going to provide major contribution in future. Even now, several business industries are focussing on these two big things in order to develop their business. In future, without these two, it will be difficult task to sustain in the business.

Well, if you are running a business and looking to implement the current technologies to business by mobile apps, then MacAndro, leading mobile application development company is there to build your business app with these two technologies according to your wish.

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