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COVID19 Contact Tracing App Development - Roles of Mobile App in Tracking & Tracing COVID19 Updates

COVID19 Contact Tracing App Development - Roles of Mobile App in Tracking & Tracing COVID19 Updates

Contact tracing apps are playing a responsible role in this pandemic period by protecting the people from disease attack.  While looking externally, it may look like science and medicine are striving hard against the COVID19 to safeguard the people across the globe. But actually, technology is also performing a lead role in helping the people to battle against the virus. Especially mobile apps have secured a top place without doubt.
Since the outbreak of COVID19,  more than 50 countries utilized contact tracing apps to track the people who may be infected. As these apps resemble a great solution to stay away from contagion, demand for contact tracing app development have raised greatly in the market. Before covering its role in protecting from disease let us go through an overview about contact tracing app  

What is a Contact Tracing App?

Generally, contact tracing apps helps to track infected people and provide quarantine guidelines to them to stay safe. If a person is tested positive for COVID-19, these contact tracing apps will track the person’s geographical movements and also help to trace all the users(installed the same app) with whom they have contacted. These apps will record all the data regarding the infected person and the contacted person  right from device ID, model to timings. 

How Contact Tracing App Provides Solution?

Well contact tracing apps assist in various ways. Explore some below 

          1. It will notify people via notification if the infected person came close and instruct to self isolate
          2. Enables the Infected person to share the health details to health authorities
          3. Simultaneously helps the health authorities to monitor the health conditions and to track their geographic movements
          4. Updates the users regarding regional, national and world stats.
          5. Will provide information about vaccination and also remind about the vaccination date if the user is in the vaccination process.
          6. Maintains a secure record of the other users who have been with a predetermined contact zone for a particular period.

          7. Also send notification to the health authorities, if the infected person is at high risk by analyzing the health condition and inform about the situation to the people who the infected person has nominated with in the app regarding immediate help. 

How Contact tracing apps will Assist to Tracking People Whether they are COVID19 Positive Without Undergoing Testing?

By going under two processes, a contact tracing app will help the user to find out the possibility of whether he/she is infected with COVID19. Find them below
Self Evaluation
Basically, these contact tracing apps are integrated with the AI technology. This technology will help the user to go with a quick assessment test based on the symptoms reported by COVID patients around the world. By comparing the symptoms data and the user’s health data, the app will inform the possibility of infection.
Analyze Recent Activities
Through the help of AI and geo-fencing, the system traces users behaviour, especially on the front of if users are:
With utilizing the Artificial Intelligence and geo- tracking method, these apps traces the user’s recent behaviour regarding
     ► Whether the user is maintaining social distancing or not
     ► Visit the area Where COVID19 is in high numbers
     ► Made any Recent Travel in Public or private transport 
     ► How many COVID19 positive people they have been with contact
     ► Have been in quarantined in home for two weeks 

Features in Contact Tracing Mobile Apps

 Here are some unique features that are integrated with contact tracing mobile apps
User Features
User Profile Management
Initially user who install the app should provide their personal information like name, age, address, health problems(like wheezing or other issues), etc
Daily Travel Details
Here users need to provide their regular travel details, whether they are taking public transport or using private vehicles to make  their travel. For both cases, they need to update their route and should update vehicle number if they have one.
COVID Self Tracking
Well, this is the major part of the app. Here a set of COVID symptoms oriented questions (like body temperature, throat pain, other symptoms already experienced by the patients) will be asked to the user and based on their answers, the app would help to recognize the contagion.
Trip Dairy
As this app tracks the user’s travelling, it creates a trip dairy that shows the areas where user visited and active cases in that area according to the report provided by the government
Route Guider

With this feature, users can discover the safer route to travel to reach their destination. Here the user will provide his destination and based on the positive cases found in the areas, the app will provide a safer route for the user to travel with a map.
Background Assessment
Well these apps are designed to run in the background. It will always run to figure out the user’s data like social distancing, transport activities, contact established and isolation maintained.
  ⇒ It tracks whether the user has contacted with any highly infected COVID19 patient and update details via notification
  ⇒ It also trace ensure the user is maintaining social distancing and advice to follow the safety precautions 

Admin Web Panel Features

This feature will help the admin of the app to overview the overall information like user’s count, positive patients, COVID19 prone zone areas, etc
Contagion Zone Marking
Based on the positive cases in the area, the admin can mark a particular zone as a contagion zone using this feature. So that route finder will avoid this route and find an alternate for the user.
User Management
With this feature, admin can manage manage the user’s data, their health condition, travel history, etc 

Popular Countries Using Contact Tracing Apps

Well after the outbreak of COVID19, several countries urged their people to use contact tracing apps as it is highly beneficial to safeguard themselves and also for the government to ensure their safety. Here are some popular countries where contact tracing apps are mostly used

  • India
  • United States
  • France
  • South Korea
  • Peru
  • United Kingdom
  • Iceland
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Austria
  • Much more 

Technologies Playing Crucial Role in Contact Tracing Apps

While comparing this COVID situation with the previous pandemic, we could find out one major difference. Well it is technology. Technologies are playing a lead in this pandemic by providing real-time, efficient and scalable solutions. Here with we have listed out some major technologies that comes with COVID tracing app development 

Artificial Intelligence

As we have mentioned previous, AI tech is widely used in contact tracing apps. Since the arrival of coronavirus extensive amounts of data has been floating all over the world. With analyzing these data, AI are providing solutions and suggestions to the people to secure themselves 

Beacon Technology

Well without knowing the data of the user like where they come from, routes they took, people they met, it will be hardly difficult to control the spread. Beacon technology gives signals via gen-fencing and helps to generate user data in ease. 

Who Builds Contact Tracing App?

As the concept of contact tracing app development is most advanced and comes with several difficulties to sort out, only few players across the globe are showing their interest to develop contact tracing apps. This is because these kinds of huge projects can be handled  by only the reputed mobile app development company who upholds higher resources, technology stack, and strong in the field.
MacAndro is providing mobility solutions to fight against the disease. We are delivering top class contact tracing mobile app development solutions across the globe. Whether you are government, public sector, or any private company willing to help people to protect them via contact tracing apps, we can assist you with our advanced mobility solutions.
Everyday there is a rise in COVID19 cases. According to the World Health Organization, it would take more than two years to see our world Corona free. So sooner or later, contact tracing apps will become mandatory for everyone around the globe.



1What are the top 10 contact tracing mobile apps?

Find out the 10 popular covid19 tracking & tracing mobile applications below

  1. CovidWatch
  2. Covid Symptoms Tracker
  3. TraceTogether
  4. StopCovid19
  5. COVID Radar
  6. NHS smartphone app
  7. Aarogya Setu
  8. The Corona DataSpende
  9. Let’s Beat Covid-19
  10. Private Kit
2How Much Does it Cost to Build COVID19 Tracking & Tracing App?

Cost to build COVID contact tracing app may depends upon the features and technology that you require to integrate into your app

3In What ways COVID Contact tracing Mobile Apps are Useful?

Contact tracing and tracking apps identify the people who are COVID19 positive according to its database and advise the user to stay away from them.

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