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Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks 2021

Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks 2021

Cross platform app development frameworks uphold its own supremacy and significance in business operations in this mobile era. With its  innumerable benefits and dominance in the mobile app industry, these cross platform app development frameworks and tools embedded its trademark in the market and that is why every mobile app development company is looking forward to adapting with this ever growing technology. 
Well in this highly competitive digital world, almost every businesses seeking to make their App presence on both Apple App Store or Google Play Store provide ever-changing needs of their customers with being available on the device pervasive to modern day Smartphones. 

Thankfully, cross platform app development made its appearance as a resolution for this problem by allowing you to build a native-like mobile app in both iOS and Android platform with a single code based. Moreover, budgeting is also an issue when it comes to native apps. This is why cross platform app development looms as a peerless choice for businesses verticals that desire to have its existence in both iOS as well as Android. So obviously a business can release their mobile app faster with better quality using this cross platform frameworks.

While considering cross platform app development frameworks, you could explore several like Ionic, Xamain, Flutter and much more cross platform app development frameworks 2021, which you will look over completely in this article. But before diving deeper into the topic, let me start from the basic explanation.

What is Cross Platform App Development?

Initially cross platform app development is the process of developing a mobile app which can run on different platforms with a single code base. These cross platform apps are compatible to function with more than one operating system. With cross platform development frameworks, it is possible to create a native like mobile app on various platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry etc with a single code system.

Cross Platform App Development  : Benefits for Businesses

Evolving mobile technologies and engaging mobile app are transforming the way businesses function these days. As mobility is emerging as a substantial part for business success, enterprises are hunting for mobility solutions.

Check out some more benefits for business while preferring cross platform app development frameworks

Cover Wide Target Audience 

As said earlier, going with cross-platform apps allow you to create a mobile app and deploy over multiple platforms, including web. Certainly by developing a cross platform app, your business will be available in various platform which in turn highly benefits in covering a vast audience and maximizing reach.

Code Reusability

In this platform, code can be used again instead of developing a new one for another platform. A Single code base can be used for several platforms which saves the time as well as resources.

Speedy Development Process

Quicker development is one of the major advantages in cross platform apps. Developing a single code base for various platforms aid minimize the development time greatly. When the time reduces, cost for the development will also reduce.

Low Cost for Development

Well the cross platform framework works with an ultimate perception of “Create once and run it everywhere”. This approach reduces the time which diminishes the cost.
Simple Cloud Integration

Easy cloud integration is also an important aspect of benefits while preferring cross platform frameworks. Choosing cross platform app, you can readily benefits from all cloud hosting services for your business app.

Top 10 Cross Platform App Development Frameworks 2021

You can identify plenty of cross platform app development frameworks in the market with its own merits and demerits. With Considering its advantage, trends and future growth, here we have listed the top powerful cross platform frameworks that will rule the mobile app development industry in 2021

  1. Flutter
  2. React Native
  3. Ionic
  4. PhoneGap
  5. Xamarin
  6. Native Script
  7. Appcelerator Titanium
  8. Qt
  9. Felgo
  10. Rho Mobile

Let’s have a short glimpse over each framework.


Flutter is an excellent framework to create a cross platform native mobile apps in 2021. It is an open source code and free framework provided by Google in 2018 through which you can build apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, Windows, Mac Google Fuchsia, and web platforms using a single code base.

It provides you a fast and dynamic cross platform app. In Flutter, you have to insert the code files into Dart machine. Widget which is available in the flutter framework will provide you some features like easy navigation, scrolling with full fledged android, iOS app.

Some Popular Apps made with Flutter Framework

  • Google
  • Google Ads
  • Alibaba

React Native

A major competitor for flutter is react native. The debate for these two frameworks will never end. React native is a free and open source cross platform app development framework developed by Facebook in 2015. The React native framework basically runs with a protocol of “Learn once, write everywhere”.

This framework uses React and JavaScript to deliver high quality native mobile apps. The base programming language used in this framework is Javascript which gives the functionality of native. Once after completing the code, you can integrate this framework into Android and iOS.

Some Popular Apps made with Flutter Framework

  • Skype
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest


Ionic is another framework used to develop cross platform apps using Javascript. Well, Ionic is an open-source framework created by Drifty Co in 2013 which offers a portable UI toolkit for creating high-quality cross platform apps for Native Android, iOS and web with a single code base. It uses HTML5 to build hybrid apps. This framework is the best option for time saving.
Some Popular Apps made with Ionic Framework

  • NASA
  • IBM
  • SAP


PhoneGap or otherwise called Apache Cordova is an open source cross platform framework introduced by Adobe Cordova's team in 2009. In order to build a mobile app in the Phone gap framework, it is essential to know web development skills like Javascript, CSS and HTML. Generally phone gap provide the FOSS atmosphere which enables cross platforms apps to work.

Some Popular Apps made with PhoneGap Framework

  • Wikipedia
  • BrowserQuest
  • FanReact
  • TripCase


Xamarin is streamlined cross platform framework used for building apps for Windows, iOS and Android using C# and .Net programming language, instead of HTML and Javascript libraries. It was introduced in May 2011. Later in 2016, Microsoft took over Xamarin and renamed it as Xamarin SDK. Xamarin framework is generally native friendly and featured with HTML tools.

Some Popular Apps made with Xamarin Framework

  • Alaska Airlines
  • HCL
  • BBC Good Food

Native Script

If you are looking for the best alternative for React Native and Flutter, then you should check out Native script. It is a free and open source cross platform framework to develop app in both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.
Native script is like jotting down native apps with cross-platform ability in Angular, Javascript. This framework is the best solution for building mini apps or micro apps.

Appcelerator Titanium

This is also an open source cross platform framework introduced by Appcelerator in 2010. Well this framework is not entirely free and comes with three categories indie, pro and enterprise. Indie is used for single developer, pro is preferred for emerging mobile businesses and enterprise is used for large scale enterprise companies.

Qt is an open source widget toolkit used for creating graphical interfaces as well as cross platform applications for multiple screens in a smarter and faster way. This framework is available in both free and commercial licenses. Qt framework asset in developing applications that have native features and speed.


Felgo is also a cross platform framework that works on QT framework. Generally felgo boost the QT framework with creative game elements and applications. In-App purchases, analytical tools are the features of Felgo. One of the major advantages in felgo is, it reduces the 90% coding process.

Rho Mobile

Rho mobile is an Ruby-based open-source framework which can be used to create mobile app that works on multiple devices like android, iOS, windows, Symbian, RIM etc. Rho mobile offers a hosted development environment for developers to code the application.

Why Hire Cross Platform App Developers?

While creating a mobile app, it is essential to keep two things in mind. First thing is speed and the next is user experience. In addition, you should also check out the functionalities of your application as well as loading speed. 

In order to fix all these, you should approach a reputed Cross Platform App Developer like MacAndro, where you can fulfill your cross platform app development services. Being an expert in cross platform app development, Macandro delivers a diverse range of cross platform mobile/web app solutions to our clients all over the world based on the stringent requirements. All you need to do is convey your requirements to our experts, and our developers will make your dream alive. With immense mobile app development knowledge and years of experience, our developers are dedicated with excellent track record.

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