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Launch Your Own Crypto Exchange Platform With Our White-Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Launch Your Own Crypto Exchange Platform With Our White-Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

In today's digital exploring world, the cryptocurrency exchange business is spread over to every corner of the world. Its strong success inspires a lot of people to become entrepreneurs, startups in the crypto exchange business.  

Many people are investing in digital currencies. Probably it will become common in the future and will drive demand for the development team with blockchain knowledge.

For newbies, It's is quite harder to grab the information about how to start, where to get the proper guidance.

Stay Cool!

You’re in the right spot. Yes..!! MacAndro provides the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange and trading script with multiple features for both desktop and mobile.

You can also start your own cryptocurrency exchange website as well as cryptocurrency exchange app with instant Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange script offered by MacAndro solutions.

Now let us first know

what does cryptocurrency exchange mean?

It is an exchange platform where buyers and sellers can exchange and trade their cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.. and fiat currencies with one another via secured transactions.

what does cryptocurrency exchange script mean?

It is an exchange platform script that can be easily set up and customized to start a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange website and cryptocurrency exchange mobile app.

Are you looking to create your own Cryptocurrency Exchange app and Cryptocurrency Exchange website?

MacAndro offers high quality and top demand white-label cryptocurrency exchange software/app which can help business people to kick start their own cryptocurrency exchange business on the highly evolving crypto industry.

You can simply start your exchange business by just buying the white-label cryptocurrency exchange software from us and rebrand it through customizable options.

White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

It’s generally called as a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software. (i.e) ready to use instantly. Yeah..!! It’s usually tough to create an exchange platform from scratch and it requires more money and time.

MacAndro provides white-label cryptocurrency exchange software which comprises with latest security features and ease customizable options. You can build your own exchange platform by deploy, install and configure it. You don’t need to rebuild it from scratch. Saves your time and cost with our white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions.

Now let us see what are the features in our cryptocurrency exchange script

1) Powerful admin panel
2) Authentic cryptocurrency transaction
3) Smooth interaction b/w users.
4) Impeccable cryptocurrency trade
5) Unparalleled UI/UX
6) End-to-End transaction record history
7) Two-factor authentication
8) Multiple payment options
9) Automated trading bot
10) Ease platform
11) Push notification
12) Live price of cryptocurrencies

Process Involved In Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform:

Security Features of cryptocurrency exchange software:

Jail Login - Protects by blocking failed login attempts for a fixed time from unauthorized access.

HTTP Authentication - Highly secured HTTP authentication tokens.

Encrypted Data - Protects user’s credentials and other information.

Escrow System: Cryptocurrencies are exchange between buyers and sellers using trusted third party or smart contract.

CSRF Protection: It protects from unwanted user’s action and state changing request.

Anti-Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS): Protect the exchange transaction from unusual traffic from other multiple resources.

SSRF protection: Prevents internal system from the attack of open web applications.

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection:  Your site is free from attack with the HTTP request ensuring hidden data.

Benefits of choosing our cryptocurrency exchange script:

1) On-time deliver

Our team of professionals design and develop your cryptocurrency exchange platform using cutting-edge technologies. We deliver your product on-time without any fail.

2) Technical assistance

MacAndro provides full technical support to our all clients after the deployment of the project with reliable solutions.

3) Trustworthiness

At MacAndro, Our team of experts develops the risk-free cryptocurrency exchange app or software with high-security features based on the client’s requirement and delivers it on-time.

4) Top-quality

We deliver top-quality cryptocurrency exchange script to all clients and We value the customers more than money.

Want to start a crypto exchange business like coinbase, poloniex and more?

MacAndro provides the readymade script which is similar to

1. binance.com
2. poloniex.com
3. Coinbase.com
4. localbitcoins.com

Why are you still waiting?

Get richer in a short moment by starting your own cryptocurrency exchange business.

Get a free demo from MacAndro now..!!


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