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Event App - A Solution to Mobilize Event Management In Fingertips

Event App - A Solution to Mobilize Event Management In Fingertips

Event management app development is the most favored conception by the event planners right now as it greatly effective in redeeming their time and in providing best experience for their clients as well. Global Pandemic affected this industry but some organizations overwhelmed the situation by shifting with online platform by going with event app development.

Overview of Event Management:

Events and functions will be most memorable thing for everyone. But behind those events, there are many chores, planning and execution of those plans. Once these are all done with lots of strain by us. But now, to make ease and curtail your burden, there exist many event organizers and event planning companies who are expertise in making your events exceptional with their innovative ideas.

As every businesses are switching to online mode in these days, event management is no exception here. Moreover with the unexpected impact of COVID19, made event planning app & website to become more vogue which in turn creates a huge demand for online event management applications in the market.  

Event Management App Market Stats & its Business Evolution

According to a report from fortune business insights, global event management app market size was 6.63 billion USD in 2018 and it is anticipated to reach 16.11 billion USD by 2026 with a CAGR of 11.8%.
Music events are the largest segment in this industry which upholds the market volume of more than 34 millions USD in 2019

  1. In 2019, revenue from event management segments recorded over 72 millions USD
  2. United States stands top in generating revenue from event management globally with registering 31 millions USD 

Why Should Event Planners Go with Event Booking App Development?

Mobile Apps have become a vital segment for any business these days. This is because these apps are highly beneficial in making businesses reach a wide range of audience. Moreover, it reduces both event planners and clients time greatly and makes the entire process simple. An event management app helps to sort out several things such as budget, wedding cards, wedding plans, vendors and much more without meeting in person.

In addition, over 60% of event planners say that they experience improved attendee engagement once after creating a mobile app. More than 90% of event organizers have witnessed a positive ROI from their event management app.

Benefits of Event Management App Development

With an event planning app, an event organizer can experience a myriad of business benefits in carrying out the event management activities. Explore some below

  • Ability to Handle multiple Events 
  • Creates Strong Relation with Clients
  • Greater Reach
  • Can Measure the Sales With Ease
  • Reduces the Time in Communication
  • Gives Personalized Experience to Your Customers
  • Generate New Revenue Streams
  • Improves Customer Service
  • Helps to Shine Unique among Competitors

How to Make Money With Your Event Management App?

Obviously, the major reason to go with event booking app development is to earn more. Eventhough, If you are not owning an event organizing business, with this event management app, you can partnered with event organizers and can function as a platform between the users and organizers.

Apart from your sales, you can also make money with implementing various methods on your event management platform. Here we have came upon with multiple methods that you can utilize to earn back your invested money


In this method, you can earn money by showing ads and videos to your customers. This method is widely used by the majority of the app owners in these days. Moreover, you can earn by adding in-app advertising payment based on clicks that your ad gets.

Charges on Ticket

You can charge a fee as a commission for the ticket that your users pay as well as can charge the partnered event organizers whose tickets have been sold. This is the most stable method to earn from your event booking app as event organizers & other show runners are always willing to invest to fill their seats.

Features of Event Planning App

  • Registration/Login
  • Event Creation
  • Event Calender
  • Ticket Booking
  • GPS
  • Event Search
  • In-app Payment
  • Push notification
  • Chatbot
  • Recording
  • Social Sharing

How Much Does it Cost to Create Event App?

Honestly, the answer for this question depends upon various factors. The cost to build an event management app depends upon the platform you choose. Either it is an website or a mobile app. Moreover, when it comes to mobile app you have to sort out with the operation system whether you are looking to cover android or iOS users. And then the features you require to integrate with your event management software. Only after concluding with several factors, cost of the app development can be drawn. In order to know the exact value, better approach a reliable mobile app development company like MacAndro who are expertise in designing and development event booking applications with advanced mobile technologies.

Grab Your Event Management App from the Industry Best App Developers

With upholding 8+ years of experience as the best event app developer, MacAndro always stands top in providing unique solutions for the event organizers. We deliver a fully customizable event planning app that offers  an unforgettable experience to your attendees.

We provide a wide range of event management app solutions & Services. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Conference Apps
  • Enterprise Event Apps
  • Healthcare Event Apps
  • Corporate Event Apps
  • Marriage Event arrangement Apps
  • Meeting Apps

Our Advanced Features of Event Management Software

  1. In-app analytics
  2. Filter Options
  3. Rating
  4. E-Wedding Cards
  5. Vendor Management
  6. Allocation of Budgets

To know more advanced features, reach our experts
With the arrival of pandemic, lockdowns, social distancing and closed borders, all events and functions have moved from offline to online mode. An event management app with live streaming shines as the only best way to host any event right from small wedding functions to industry trade shows. Moreover event organizers are likely in position to apply hybrid events leveraging both in-person and digital components. For such thing, event management app development is only possible way to execute those operations seamlessly.


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1What Essential Features Does an Event Booking App Should Have?

According to your requirements you can add lot of features in your event booking app. Here are some must have features for event app is listed below

  1. Registration/Login
  2. Event listings
  3. Map
  4. In-app Payment
  5. Download ticket option
  6. Ticket booking option
  7. Contact option
  8. Ratings and reviews
2Can you Build An Event App That Runs on Multiple Platforms?

Yes, we can deliver advanced event management apps that runs seamlessly on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, etc…

3What is the Cost to Build an Event Management App?

While coming to the cost, it cannot be stated in exact price as the cost to build an event app depends on the various factors like features, tech stack, and much more. But roughly developing a event app may starts anywhere from $30,000 to upwards. Based on the complexity of the app, the cost may differ.

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