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Top Advanced Features & Benefits of UberEats Clone Script

Top Advanced Features & Benefits of UberEats Clone Script

Ubereats Clone App Script - A reliable solution for the modern-day food business. Well the advancement of on-demand services is skyrocketing and so several businesses verticals are incorporating apps for wider customer-reach. One of the best business models that enhanced the fast-growing on-demand market to bring out maximum revenue is none other than food delivery. Food delivery apps like UberEats pays a huge contribution in this incredible growth.


Moreover, UberEats clone which are developed by several business people results in awe-inspiring income in a limited period with its marvelous features and advanced technology. This exhilarating food delivery app like UberEats helps tons of restaurateur and small food business peoples to be available and customer friendly to their beloved customers which highly enrich their business without a doubt.  


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Successive Strategies of UberEats Clone:

Several entrepreneurs, who are hearing about this incredible success story of UberEats clone concept is raising with the query that how it becomes a recognized business model? Well let me explain it to you. It has two major reasons behind its success. Those are its advanced features that suit with this fast-moving world and its boundless benefits. 

Let me kick start with its incredible features.

Advanced Features of UberEats Clone App/Script:

Here is a list of top advanced loaded features in UberEats clone through which restaurants and admins can track their orders and improves the quality of service.

Manage Address:

This feature helps the users to add and manage multiple addresses under his/her profile and modify existing ones under this option.

Filtering option:

Users can utilize this feature to sort out by selecting and triggering filters and sort their beloved food items once before placing orders. 

Different payment integration:

In this app, users can find out various types of options for their payment process via this feature. Through this feature, they can select to pay for integrated payment with your Credit or debit cards or even by an online wallet. 

Bill Estimation:

Using this feature, the application will automatically estimate the final bill that the users should pay by undergoing several factors into consideration like the first order offer, Restaurant Vendor fee, distance to be covered, weekend offer and much more.

Note making:

This feature enables the users can give custom notes or instructions to restaurants for preparing their food while placing food orders. It aids the restaurant owners to offer hassle-free food to their customers similarly users can also get their beloved food.

Favorite restaurant:

This feature in UberEats clone allows users to mark his/her favorite restaurants or hotel. So that the users can reach their favorite hotels or restaurants listed in their favorites instead of searching in a big row. Using this feature, customers can directly access favorite restaurants and place orders.

Calculated Delivery Charges:

This feature is utilized by the restaurant, to calculate and manage delivery charges & taxes/GST under the provided formula. All these details can be configured via the dashboard.

Event Booking:

This feature is specially provided for the people who look for bulk bookings for parties, events, get-togethers, large meetings, marriage functions and even more. Using this feature, your users can book bulk orders within a few clicks.

Offer Packs:

Using this feature, customers can get to know about the latest offers provided by the restaurants and by the admin. Usually, this feature increases your business undoubtedly, as people always prefer to offer to buy products or anything else. 

Product List:

Using this product list feature, customers can get an idea about the food that is available in the restaurant. Restaurant owners and admin can add or delete products from the access panel according to food availability.

Commission Tracking: 

Well, this complete food delivery app generates revenue only by getting a commission from the restaurant for each offer. This feature calculates the rate of commission the service provider earns per day and generates a detailed report of the commission earned from each and every restaurant.

E-mail Notification:

Once after the order confirmed by both the user and restaurant, a proper Mail format with the details of the service such as the final bill breakdown, the service provider's details will be sent by mail to the users. Through this mail, the user can also get the contact details of the delivery persons.

Benefits of UberEats Clone App:

GPS tracking:

This feature allows both the user and driver to track each other location via this food delivery app in order to avoid queries regarding location mess. 

Driver availability:

Well, our UberEats clone upholds a special feature in which drivers can make their presence and availability according to their needs. This feature allows the delivery agents to switch either they are available or ideal. They can also accept or reject the request for the food delivery, because of their availability.

Internal Chat:

In order to keep up a smooth relationship between the customers and the delivery agents, we have come upon with an in-app chat feature. This feature offers all modes of communication between restaurant owner, customer and delivery agent. 

Multi-Currency Feature:

To avoid query about the pricing, we have integrated special feature which makes visible the pricing the listed food in their currency format. This incredible feature highly reduces disputes later. 


This feature is considered an important feature for any app these days. This is because, it delivers the info about the brand-new services and other marketing trials can be instant via pop-ups. It ultimately earns attraction from a wide range of customers easily.

Many more benefits are there when it comes to the UberEats Clone App Development process. To grab further info kindly reach us

Final Verdict:

Well, UberEats has completely revolutionized the way food items reach users. So building a perfect UberEats clone app/website with value-added features will never let your hands down. In order to get a perfect UberEats Clone Script, pursue with MacAndro, who upholds years of experience in building food delivery apps like UberEats. Our UberEats clone app is a ready-to-use which is a completely white-label food delivery app that offers a top-notch experience to your app users without doubt.


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