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Udemy Clone - Top Astonishing Features of our Udemy Clone App

Udemy Clone - Top Astonishing Features of our Udemy Clone App

Online education industry is being experiencing a phenomenal boom in recent years. After years of disgust, finally finally e-learning attracted the interest of the IT giants and startups highly. Well, the major reason for this aberrant growth of learning industry is the arrival of e-learning app like Udemy. Being the most popular online learning platform, Udemy allows teachers and instructors to disseminate their learning experience and knowledge to a wide audience.


If you are unaware of Udemy clone and how it works, then kindly go through this article: What is Udemy Clone App and how it works ?


Moreover, everyone is moving towards the internet in this upgraded world.  This makes many educational institutions and universities to extend their support to cover up wider range of students via e-learning app like Udemy. In addition, the students are also ambitious to learn advanced courses from different tutors and experts by spending limited money.


Udemy Clone App Development - MacAndro

If you are aware with the eLearning concept and devising to launch your own eLearning app like Udemy, then MacAndro, an expertise in Educational app development is there for you to fortify your dream project with value added features and advanced technology. While considering about the e-learning software development, obviously lot of queries will rise within you regarding the features, development process, cost and time.

Let me convey, what are the features we offer at MacAndro in our Udemy Clone.

Essential Features of Udemy Clone:

User Panel:

Our Udemy Clone upholds the advanced user panel feature in which user can decide subscription plan, search & select subject from list, connect with tutor, rise queries to the tutor and much more.

Instructor/tutor Panel:

Using this feature, the instructor can manage his/her account, reviews and ratings of post, receive message from student and get connected with students via audio and video.

Admin Panel:

Admin panel in the Udemy Clone aid admin to manage whole webmaster. Using webmaster admin can manage all the online courses, video lessons, enrolment number of students and tutors, revenue and more. In addition, admin can also publish the exam results in our Udemy Clone.

Push Notification:

One of the major feature in these days app is push notification. Using this we can send notification to our beloved user and tutor via SMS/Email whenever new courses, services or any new offers are announced.

Search Options:

Search Feature available in our Udemy enables the User to discover different types of online courses, PDF, documents, videos and articles available in the application.

General Settings

User can Signup / Login using this feature. In addition, it helps tomanage profile related settings like profile, password and image upload also edit for the same.


Advanced Features of Our Udemy Clone:

Social Media Login:

Our Udemy Clone allows the users to login via social networks like Google + Twitter, Facebook and much more. So that the users can login without performing the sign up process. These social login features automatically get the user profile from the social media and enables the user to use the app/website, at ease.

Payment Gateways:

Our Udemy clone upholds multiple payment gateways features which provides highly secure online payment method to make the customer’s payment simple. This ensures strong customer loyalty and leads to higher level coversion rates.

Menu Management:

In a series of different courses, it appears difficult to manage and organize the courses based on categories. In that case, this menu management highly benefits to visualize the destination. It allows the admin to manage the front end and the backend menus. In addition, the submenus can be added or deleted, based on the requirements.

High Security:

With strong security, the app is absolutely free from any malware attacks. we take high security measures to enrich the application security, so that the admin can be free from virus, spyware, Trojan and other threatens.

Email Management:

This email management features helps the admin to establish and maintain a successful relationship with the users. It helps to drop reminder emails and notifications to your user’s inbox, thus maintains a successful relationship with them.

Hi-fi Learning:

We utilize hi-tech learning systems to provide education to the students via video and audio learning along with the regular study materials. It rises the learning capacity of the students that even an average student performs better in their course.

Offer Certification:

In our Udemy Clone it is possible to provide course certification online, once after the user accomplish his course. This certicificate will be given to the user at the end of the course by passing the test.

Transaction Management:

This feature helps the admin to manage the transaction executions. Almost every transaction is automatically entered and ensures durability. The admin can utilize this module to create withdrawal requests, invoice and to send money to the users.

Much more interesting and advanced features are there in our Udemy Clone. To know in detial by clicking here, Get Here


Well, developing an elearning software like Udemy will be useful for the forthcoming generation of students to acqurie knowledge. By developing clone of Udemy, you can endorse the course you have created for the students as well as market your brand to the audience along with the students. 


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