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How to Build a Custom Fleet Management App?

How to Build a Custom Fleet Management App?

Fleet management app development is a process of developing an incredible mobile app for transportation businesses that controls commercial vehicles fleet and to manage their business process effectively. This fleet management app works with a combination of GPS trackers and comes with dashboard analytics which will be greatly beneficial in decision making. 

Why Fleet Management App Development is Essential for Transportation Businesses?

Today trucking & transportation companies are facing a lot of challenges right from price increasing, limited productivity of drivers, missing timely delivery, increasing consumer demands and much more. Well to overcome these crises, the industry has lifted the latest technologies and is seeking fleet management app development. In addition, a report says digitization will reduce transportation cost upto 46%.

Moreover, this fleet management software will help to reduce human errors by eliminating paperwork and also assist in managing routing, field services efficiency, enhancing customer service and much more. With such astonishing benefits, there would be no surprise of transportation business rally towards fleet management app development.
Positive Circumstances From Market Stats
According to a report from MarketsandMarkets, fleet management app market value jumps from $12.08 billion to $28.66 billion between the years 2016 to 2022. This amazing growth depicts that developing a trucking fleet management app will be much more effective in this time.



Challenges Faced By Trucking Companies without Technological Support

We can list out several challenges that a fleet manager would face on a daily basis. These problems diminish their productivity, revenue, and performance too. Here we have listed some common issues which can be resolved by fleet management app development.

Driver Safety & Productivity Management

While it comes to fleet management, drivers safety will be a high priority. Moreover, communicating with them will also be a challenging one especially when they are on a trip. Fleet managers claim that these issues will affect productivity. With a fleet management app, both these issues can be fixed as it helps to monitor speed, driving habits which ensures safety and communication becomes easy with these apps.

Unattainable on Time

Most of the fleet managers say that their goods are failing to reach the customers according to the schedule which creates a negative impact over their business and company. Moreover, this user dissatisfaction will affect the reputation of the company too. This problem can be sorted out with a fleet management app as it will estimate the arrival time correctly with measuring the routes, traffic and much more. So that customers as well fleet managers will be aware of the delivery.

Cost Efficiency

The Cost of essential requirements for a transport company is increasing every year which makes the managing cost expensive. So changing your business to digital format will help to reduce paper work which in turn helps to reduce your resources and saves the cost for allocating those resources.

Raise in Fuel Cost

According to an Entrepreneur report, about 34% say that truck fuel consumption costs are higher. Fuel expenditure is one of the biggest amounts spent by the companies. By developing a fleet management app, they can monitor the fuel consumption, its usability, and can eliminate any fraudulent activities done.  In addition with this mobile technology, they can find out the shortest route for the destination which gradually decreases the usage of fuel.

Benefits in Fleet Management App Development

Fleet management apps are playing a significant role in enhancing the transportation business. Go through the major advantages that a fleet manager can attain by creating a fleet management app.
    ► Reduces the cost greatly
    ► Enhance Customer Assistance
    ► Boost the performance and productivity
    ► Reduce Paperwork & Errors
    ► Accuracy in Driver & Vehicle Management
    ► Helps to Manage Your Revenue Effectively
    ► Assist to Deliver Goods on time

Once getting aware of these amazing benefits, the next thing that comes to your mind will be fleet management software development if you run any fleet management or transport business. If that is so, then let us guide you to achieve success in your goal.

How to Build a Fleet Management App?

In order to develop a fleet management app, it is essential to plan in advance and also mandatory to choose the right technology partner, team with proper analysis. Here is a step by step guide to develop an advanced fleet management app.

Approach a Reputed Technological Support:

Initially approach an experience mobile app development company and onboard a team of required members for you project like Project managers, Android developers, iOS developers, Backend  developers, Graphic designers, testers and marketers

Develop a Route Map:

Create detailed specifications and list out the requirements and features that you want to integrate in your app by analyzing the current market. So that your app developers can develop your app based on your stipulation. 

Finalize an Intuitive Design

Ensure your app design is clear, good, simple and convenient. Better UI/UX will lead your app to incredible success. So make your app user-friendly. You can refer your competitors to sort out these things.
Development Process

Once freezing the design and other features, developers will work on it to generate an output in the form of an app.

Fix the Bugs

After the development is done, test your app in beta version. Find out the mistakes with your QA team by testing the application completely. You can perform this process either with your testing team or by uploading the beta version on testing websites and can fix it based on the comments.

Derive Marketing Strategies & Launch

Once done with a front-end and back-end development, evaluate some marketing strategies to boost your revenue. Add some possible monetization strategies in your app before launching. 

Essential Features of Fleet Management App

  1. Fuel Management
  2. GPS & Sensor Integration
  3. Map Integration
  4. Path Finder(Route Navigation)
  5. Digital Document Management
  6. Engine diagnostics
  7. SMS, email or Call alerts
  8. Driver Management
  9. Goods & Delivery records
  10. Real Time Data analytics

Our Unique Fleet Management App Development Solutions - MacAndro

As a leading transportation app development company, we provide a real time advanced fleet management system with leading edge technologies for small and large shipping & logistic businesses from scratch. With analyzing the current market trends, we have added some additional solutions in our fleet management app which will be best fit for the transport & logistics industry.

Automatic Driver Management

In case of emergency or in your absence, your driver requires any assistance immediately, our quick functioning fleet management app will perform the necessary things to fill the driver’s requirements. With these apps, your drivers can get immediate assistance, meanwhile you will also get notified regarding the issue immediately.

Satellite View & Tracking

With our fleet management app development solutions, it is possible to track your vehicles or fleets lively. It also provides satellite viewing with accurate location so that transportation & logistics firms can observe the live status of their vehicles.
Enhanced Secured Features Integration
Our fleet management app will be integrated with the most advanced security features and technologies that are new to the market. It upholds GPS tracking, sensors, and other security features like fuel leakage observer, wheel alignment tester which will ensure the safety of vehicles and drivers.
Data Analytics
Our fleet management software has an advanced data analytics system, which will deliver real time data about vehicles, goods, distance covered, fuel consumption, over speed and much more. It will also allow you to download the data, so that with these graphs you can sketch a plan or strategy to increase your business performance.
Our Admin Panel Features

  • Driver Management
  • Service & Good availability
  • Payroll Integration
  • Vehicle Management
  • Over Speed Control
  • Route Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Tire Management
  • Fuel Management

Our Driver App Features

  • Route Tracking
  • Map Access
  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Driver Behaviour tracking
  • Insurance Services 


As mentioned above, fleet management companies are facing several difficulties on a daily basis to attain their short term goal. Simultaneously customers demand for quicker delivery is also increasing in this fast moving world. In order to solve these problems and to remain competitive in the market, transport & logistics firms have no other possible solution other than mobile technology. Moreover, these digitization processes offer additional opportunities for business enhancement. 


1What Does Fleet Management App do?

A Fleet management app which is integrated with sensor technology, GPS tracking facility and hardcore programming which allows the business owners or admins to track their vehicle location, condition and driver’s activity to ensure their business operations.

2How Fleet management apps helps transport & logistics firms?

There are several advantages for a fleet management company to consuming mobile applications for their business process. They are

  1. Provides real time data about their goods & vehicles regularly
  2. Helps to Boost up their revenue and reduce their expenditures.
  3. Customer, workers and admin can real time communication with ease
  4. Owners can manage their trucks & delivery goods at anytime anyplace
  5. Much more.
3How Much will it Cost to Build a Fleet Management App?

Well the cost for your fleet management app development depends on various factors like features, specification, category of your app, platform to build and much more. Based on these factors, cost will be calculated. To know the exact cost, reach our experts!

4What Technologies do you use to build Fleet management app?

Being an expertise in fleet management app development, we develop futuristic mobile apps with blending advanced technologies like Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Angular, Node.JS and much more.

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