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Grocery Delivery App Development For SuperMarkets and Local Grocery Vendors

Grocery Delivery App Development For SuperMarkets and Local Grocery Vendors

Grocery delivery app development shines as the resolution for people's need and essentiality towards their regular healthy intakes during this pandemic period. Whenever there is an outbreak of any virus or other crisis which puts us in danger of leaving our home, getting the eatables becomes more problematic. As food is an essential one for every human being, we can’t skip it anymore. In that case, what makes you feel better other than having your needed groceries on your doorstep with just some taps on your smartphone. This is why grocery delivery app development is at the forefront of this rising trend.

Grow Your Grocery Business with Our Innovative App Solutions

We MacAndro is a Leading Grocery App Development Company that provides you with Innovative Grocery App Solutions for all grocery store owners to Big Super Markets to take their business to new heights. Our Grocery App Developers develop apps that suit your business needs, no matter what niche, how big or small your grocery business is.

Before diving deep in Grocery App Development, Let us Know What is Grocery Delivery App , How it Works, How it Help imporve your Business.

What is a grocery delivery App?

Grocery delivery app is a mobile application that connects the people with the grocery store virtually. In detail it means a software which aids us to make grocery purchases remotely by staying at home via our smart devices. Even though getting services and stuff online is an existing concept, playing the role with mobile devices has made it more effective and affordable. Henceforth, there is no need to appear in physical or to hire a person for getting groceries anymore, all you have to do is just a couple of taps in your smartphone to have your groceries on your doorstep.

Features of Online Grocery Delivery App

Experience the full line of top-notch features in your online grocery ordering app that is specially designed and developed for your business needs. Here are the key features in grocery delivery app,

Grocery Delivery App Customer Features

  • User Registration 
  • Social Media Login
  • Listing of Grocery Items
  •(My Cart)
  • Search and Filter Option
  • Order Placement
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Order and Delivery Tracking
  • Order History and Schedule Delivery
  • Loyalty programs
  • Customer Feedback & Review

Grocery Delivery App Admin Features

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Order management
  • Store management
  • Product management
  • Transaction history
  • Content management
  • Product list management
  • Payment management

How does an on-demand grocery delivery app work?

Generally grocery shopping apps hook up the customers with local grocery stores to make shopping and appoint a person to grab those orders & to deliver it. Literally this process includes four members- Shop owner who owns the grocery store, buyer who purchase groceries, delivery person who delivers the grocery and the admin who owns the grocery app. Let me portray in detail about the mechanism of grocery delivery app.


Initially the customer will sign up and set up his profile with delivery address in order to get the product catalogue. Once after filling the details, the user can add groceries to the shopping cart and the user will be left with two options COD(Cash on delivery) and online transaction in order to make payments. Once the grocery shop owner accepts the order, the user will be received with a notification about the delivery status and person. In meantime, users can also track the delivery process via GPS.

Shop owner:

Shop owner who owns the grocery shop will get a notification regarding the shopper’s order. After checking the stock, shop owners can accept or reject the order according to the availability of the product. Once after accepting the order, the delivery person and the user will be notified as mentioned earlier regarding the order.

Delivery person:

After the shop owner approval, the delivery person will be provided with the list of ordered products to buy. If the shopper’s list includes any out of stock items, delivery people can contact the buyer through the app or phone to sort out the problem by removing the product from the list or to suggest similar available products. After purchasing, the delivery person will deliver the groceries on the buyer’s mentioned address and collect the cash if it is a COD.


Admin can manage all(buyer, shop owner and delivery person) using the admin panel. Using this admin panel, you can also manage product categories, processing orders and online transactions. If the buyer made the online payment and the product left out of stock, admin can refund the buyer’s money via admin panel.

While coming upon with this, you would have raised a question how you can monetize by providing grocery delivery service. Know those strategies by going through the revenue models

Why You Should Go For a Grocery delivery app development?

According to the recent update from Tedros Adhanom director of WHO(World Health Organization), it could take possibly two years to see our world corona free. Moreover people are advised to “learn to live with corona”. In such a scenario, we can expect further lockdowns in future without doubt. If that is so, the grocery delivery app is the one which will be the most expected and required one to survive. So owning a grocery delivery app can aid to make billions even in shutdown. What kind of person would neglect the business idea of making millions in such pandemic while all the businesses are going down.

To make you more statistical clear, let me come upon some good positive numbers. According to a report, only 5% of customers are found using grocery apps before the arrival of Covid-19. Well once after its appearance, the numbers surged to 20%. Moreover, several grocery delivery apps are constantly getting 300% additional orders compared to its previous month figures in the past six months. This makes us clear that people are getting adapted with grocery delivery app. So the need for it will never come to an end.

How to make money by providing grocery delivery services?

You can follow any of these monetization strategies in order to run your grocery delivery app in a profitable way.

Paid membership:

Well this method is one of the popular methods handled by the large scale grocery delivery companies. To make it more clear, it is just like the businesses of Netflix and Youtube. According to this method, you can charge a subscription fee to the users to start using your grocery app. Well the subscription available with monthly and annual basis is much appreciable.


This is the most common monetization model followed for app revenue these days. Using this method app owners can earn by showing ads to your users in your app. Most of the apps use this method to cover their expenses and charge less for their services so that they gain more users. Moreover, increasing users' flow will navigate several entrepreneurs to run their ads on your app.

Charging fee to item:

In this method, app owners charge a fee for delivering each item based on its cost. By adding an extra little price with the actual cost of the product for the delivery, app owners can make profit. While following this method, it is better to inform the users about the elevated prices in terms and conditions.  

Charging fee to delivery:

Well in this model, users will be charged with the actual price provided in the shop and finally for all those products delivery fee will be collected from the user. The delivery fee will be calculated based on the order and distance.

Charging fee to store owners:

If your app has a huge user base, then you can positively charge monthly or annual fees for the store owners to list out their products in your app. Using your platform, they can reach wider and earn larger.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Grocery Delivery App?

Grocery delivery app development cost depends on many factors such as app complexity, features to be implemented, Hourly rates of Developers, development rates, tech stack, Geo Location, etc. Also, we should consider that grocery delivery apps consist of customer and Admin parts and also a web portal. The overall cost depends on both the customer and Admin features. However the Approximate cost to build an On-Demand Grocery Delivery app will vary from $10,000 to $25,000. To know more about the cost of building apps Get Free Cost Estimation

The online grocery ordering and Delivery app development(both iOS and Android) process starts with collecting requirements and choosing the most suitable technology solutions.

Having an idea to build a grocery app for your Store or need professional consultation, Feel Free to Contact Us.

MacAndro - On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Company

Without doubt, the grocery delivery app market is attaining enormous growth and it is expected to reach above average rates in the upcoming years. So the idea of grocery delivery app development makes you a successful person in business. But for building your grocery delivery app successfully, it is most important to join your hands with expertise in grocery delivery app development like MacAndro. Being a reputed and recognized on-demand app development company, we deliver finest grocery delivery app solutions as per your business model with future perspectives.

We offer our grocery app development services for all verticals like

  1. Small stores
  2. Large scale networks
  3. Diverse Market


In this digital era, people seek an online platform to get their beloved products and services. It is observed that at least one member in the family living in cities has a grocery app on their smartphones. The craze for grocery delivery apps is keeping on increasing and rocking the industry. So this is the exact time to invest in grocery delivery app development.



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1How Does Grocery Delivery App Works?

Grocery Delivery apps functions as an intermediate between the buyers and local grocery stores. Users can place their grocery orders via mobile apps and delivery person will deliver the order. This platform include, buyers who buys groceries, shoppers who sells groceries and admins.

2How do I Create Grocery Store App?
  1. Approach a reputed grocery app development company
  2. Fix your target audience
  3. Finalize in which platform to build your app(native or cross platform)
  4. Design And Develop your app
  5. Test it Alpha version
  6. Launch your app
3What is the Cost to Build Grocery Delivery App?

However the Approximate cost to build an On-Demand Grocery Delivery app will vary from $10,000 to $25,000

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