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How to Develop a Fitness App Like Cure.Fit?

How to Develop a Fitness App Like Cure.Fit?

Incursion of Covid-19 has boosted up the fitness industry and draws a successful path for the several online fitness apps like Cure.Fit to dominate in fitness market. Especially, Cure.Fit has attained an immense user base in this pandemic period by offering myriad of benefits and features to its users like diet tracker, activity tracker, live meditation visuals, sleep tracking, on-demand fitness training and much more. All these factors made Cure.Fit to achieve an enormous success in India, and as a result of it several entrepreneurs initiated to launch their own Fitness app like Cure.Fit. If you are one among them, then probably the first thing that comes to your mind is Cost. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App Like Cure.Fit? 

The basic framework design and development cost to develop an app like cure.fit will be similar to average mobile app development cost, but the cost range will be vary for incorporating the features that could improve the revenue streaming opportunities and the technology stack used. 

Let me list out some of the factors that plays the lead role in calculating the cost to build a Fitness app like Cure.Fit:

  1. Company You Prefer
  2. Development Resources Cost
  3. UI and UX Customization
  4. Integrated User  Centric Features
  5. Integrated Revenue Streaming Features
  6. Technology Stack Used
  7. Customization Cost
  8. Upgrades Cost
  9. And much more derivatives

Go through some of the factor in detail:

Geographical Location of Your App Development Company:

Well, the geographical region of your app development company matters much when it comes to cost calculation and it plays a lead role in deciding your app development cost. For instance, developers from countries like the USA, UK charge around $200 to $250 per hour. But in countries like India, the cost to develop a fitness app will be lower.

UI and UX of your Fitness app:

As UI and UX is the most important thing for any app success, apparently it is also one of the major factors to get considered in cost calculation. The more smoother UI and UX in your app, leads to the more pricing to pay for your app.

Count of features and panel:

Features is one the most important factor while considering the cost, as it contributes a huge part in the success of any app. If you require more feature to integrate in your app, if affects the development hours which leads to increased cost. Well the same formula applies with Panel.

Total number of platforms: 

Platforms that you prefer to launch your app is also one of the major factors to take in mind. Being available in multiple platforms will aid you to reach wider audience and gain greater revenue. Building your Fitness app like Cure.Fit in both Android & iOS platform will be the double of the cost of developing only in any one these platforms.

What is Cure.Fit?

Cure.Fit is an online health & fitness solutions provider who offers various healthcare solutions like nutrition tips, fitness ideas and mental care. Being available in both website & mobile app platforms, they cover each and every sectors of human body and deliver online solutions right from daily workouts, food to yoga meditation.

How Cure.Fit App Works?

Initially, Cure.Fit works as a complete fitness solution provider across all aspects of health & fitness issues. It acts as a portal which connect users with the gym and yoga trainers across the globe. In Cure.Fit users can grab their fitness solutions, Gym and other yoga trainer can offers their services as free or for cost according to their needs. 

Why Cure.Fit is Popular?

Initially Cure.Fit is a multifunctional fitness solution providing app. Apart from covering just fitness sector, the app cover almost every portions of the human body well being right from food, fitness, and mental care. This is why Cure.Fit stands unique from other apps. Moreover, Cure.Fit they provide precautionary health & fitness ideas through instructions, engagement via both on-line and offline programs. Well. this multifunctional method meets up a wide range of user’s requirements which paved a great contribution in the success of the app.

Here are some advantages in Cure.Fit app is listed which makes it unque from the majority:

      1. Number of training plans & workout solutions
      2. Detailed workout history
      3. Tracking of Calorie burning
      4. Offering Food habit tips
      5. Live tracking is high-precision
      6. Tracking of burnt calories
      7. Delivering Organic Foods
      8. Various Mental care solutions
      9. Social and sharing opportunities

Why Should You Prefer to Develop a Fitness App Like Cure.Fit?

According to a report, global market for fitness apps is estimated to grow by $1.76 billion by the end of 2024. Moreover, by analyzing currents and market value of fitness app, experts have concluded that fitness industry will never experience any fall out in the upcoming years.

Go through some of the below statista to conclude yourself whether or not to make investment fitness app development

  1. In Global Market, Fitness app Net Worth is US$ 14.7 billion Forecast By 2026, and it anticipated growing at 23% CAGR in the forecast period.
  2. Another Statista report claims, revenue of the Fitness industry is about 17 millions US dollars in the year 2019.
  3. Revenue of Fitness market is showing a 5% of annual growth which will result in the market volume of 20M USD by 2023.

With such epidemic growth, Fitness sector shines as the best option to make an investment without doubt. So getting into this emerging industry with a complete new idea rather than existing successful idea will cost time and postpone your success. Thats why you need to prefer a successful business model in this industry like Cure.Fit.

Cure.Fit Clone App Development:

If you are concluding to go with the idea of developing an app like Cure.Fit by representing all its features, then MacAndro is here to offer you the exact solutions what you require. MacAndro, a leading mobile app development company caters you the best  Health & Fitness app development services, providing the customized Cure.Fit Clone app to launch your own online Fitness venture. Our Cure.Fit clone upholds all the reliable features of the original app with extreme quality and advanced technology.

Benefits Of Starting a Fitness App Like Cure.Fit

By developing a fitness app like Cure.Fit, as an admin you can grab multiple benefits right from generating high revenue to connecting with world class audience. But apart from admin, two more set of people such as users and trainer who looks to offer their service via online will also enjoy n number of benefits in it. Let me point out some them

User Benefits:

1. User can get their health and fitness solutions at anywhere anytime
2. They can get connect with and grab solutions either with local or  world class trainers according to their needs.
3. If the user needs an extra services apart from the free services given in the app, they can buy premium packages from the trainer and hire a trainer in the app specifically
4. Users can monitor their footsteps and heartbeat rate using this app
5. Users can grab organic food and food habit suggestion using this app

Trainer Benefits:

1. Any trainer who looks to offer their service via online platform either it may be a yoga training, gym training or meditation training can utilize this platform
2. Using this app, trainer can acquire world class audience without any geo restrictions
3. Gym trainers who runs gym can register their gym and offer their service via this online portal, so that they can provide their services even in lockdown period
4. By providing their services in online, trainers can follow social distancing and can stay away from any disease infection
5. Trainers get payments through this app

Admin Benefits:

1. Admin can earn by collecting a commission from both user and trainer if any services are offered and received according to his wish
2. If the admin upholds any gym or yoga institutes, then this platform will be the perfect solution to attain customers across the world

Revenue Models of Cure.Fit Clone App:

Let's discuss about the various revenue models in the Cure.Fit Clone App


Using this method, you can gain a huge user base for your app easily. Once after attaining considerable users in your, you can provide access to several advanced features in subscription basis to generate revenue.

Paid App:

In this method, users can be allowed to access your app only after the they charging amount. They will be charged initially to acquire the benefits of your app. This method is not advisable, as there is several free fitness app available in the market and so people won’t prefer to once before knowing the benefits in it.

In-App Advertising:

This is the most common method used by the app owners to generate revenue. In this method, app owners will show ads to their users and charge some amount from the owner of the product which was shown in the ad. You can charge some amount for showing and can charge more if the user clicks on the ad. But just keep in mind, showing more advertisement can irritate your users which may lead them to remove your app.


In the subscription method, users will pay for the subscription in order to grab some additional content on a monthly or yearly basis. Subscription method is followed by most of the app to generate revenue as it is the best monetization model which provides a stable profit.

Cure.Fit Clone App Features:

Here is a list of features that will be available in our Cure.Fit Clone App.

Trainer Panels Features:

  • Registration
  • Training Class Schedules
  • Member Fee Management
  • Training Plans /
  • CMS - Video  and Guide Upload features
  • Members KYC Management
  • Members Health Assessment Management
  • User Panel Features:
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Profile Management
  • Activity tracker
  • Browse workout
  • Push notification
  • In-app chat and call
  • Diet plan
  • In-app audio and video player
  • Browse video guide 
  • Payment Methods
  • Settings

Admin Panel Features:

  • Admin Login
  • User profile management
  • Separate panel for fitness trainers yoga specialist, 
  • Analytic tools
  • Ad management
  • Push notification management
  • Content management system

Additional Features:

Above we have already discussed about the core features that a user require. In order to overcome the key players in this fitness industry, you should approach the audience with some unique features. Here are some additional features listed through which you  can shine unique among your competitors.
 1. Social media Integration
 2. Options to share photos & Videos within app
 3. Audio & Video Instructions during the training
 4. Providing help in training or creating nutrition plans
 5. Social component (chat, ability to add friends etc.)
 6. Push-notifications
 7. Wearable Integration
8. Heart Beat monitoring(using bluetooth adapter or wearables)
9. Weather data so that they can plan outdoor workout

How To Develop a Fitness App Like Cure.Fit?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to develop your own Cure.Fit Clone app. Go through it

Step 1: Pick your monetization model
Choose the monetization model to used in your app through which you are looking to earn money.

Step 2: Figure out the basic to be integrated
Conclude with the features which you would like add in your app. But make sure that, all the basic features should be integrated in order to achieve success.

Step 3. Choose your app development company
Hire a reputed mobile app development company to make your business idea into alive. It is better to hire from the India regions as it will lower your development cost.

Step 4. Approach Development team with your Idea
 In order to develop your app, you need to approach
1. Project manager

 2. Business analyst

 3. Fitness app developers(both android & iOS)

 4. UI / UX designer

 5. Tester

In this pandemic time, everyone recognized the value of healthiness and prior to making them fit at home. In that way, many fitness app has reached its own extent among a wide range of users. Due to this huge response towards fitness apps, it captures the attention of many entrepreneurs to build their own fitness app like Cure.Fit. Thus, fitness app development becomes one of the most thriving businesses in the marketplace.


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FAQ - Fitness App Development

1What is Cure.fit?

Cure.fit is an incredible fitness app providing best healthcare & fitness solutions in online as well of offline.

2What are the revenue models of Cure.Fit Clone?

Freemium model

Paid App

In-App Advertising


3How to create fitness app like cure.fit?

In order to launch a fitness app like cure.fit, you will require a cure.fit clone. With a cure.fit clone, you can inbuilt all the realiable features of cure.fit in your own fitness app

4Where can I Build the Best Fitness App Like Cure.Fit?

To develop a feature rich fitness app like Cure.fit, you should approach a well experienced fitness app developers expertise in providing fitness app solutions like MacAndro

5How much cost to create a fitness app like Cure.Fit?

The Cost to launch a fitness app like cure.fit is based on the features you require to integrate in your fitness app

6Why Choose MacAndro for the Best Fitness app Development?

At MacAndro, you can get immediate ready-made solutions for fitness app development in affordable costs. By upholding 50+ fitness app developers, MacAndro provides 100% result oriented source code delivered within a short span of time

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