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How to Build a Multigaming Platform App Like MPL, WinZO & Hago?

How to Build a Multigaming Platform App Like MPL, WinZO & Hago?

Usage of Multi-gaming app like MPL, Winzo & Hago has reached an all-time high in recent time. Well the substantial reason behind their success is the bunch of games roofed under a single platform and the arrival of corona virus. As this pandemic doesn’t gave any other chances for people rather than staying at home, multi-gaming apps like MPL, Hago & Winzo utilized this situation as their key card to cover the people. 

As a matter of fact, gaming app always stand top in the app marketing economy and with this outbreak of COVID-19, the statement has become much stronger than ever. Being the billion-dollar revenue generating industry, gaming apps captivated gamers, entrepreneurs, investors, advertisers with its momentous elevation in terms of usage, installs, revenue and experiencing the consistent growth in past decades. 

Moreover in recent times, multi-game platform apps are playing a considerable role in the gaming industry and enticing tons of users towards it by offering a variety of tiny interesting games to the users. This provoked several entrepreneurs to invest in multi-gaming platform app development, as multi-gaming apps like MPL, Hago & Winzo evolved as money making hub in these days.

Before moving further into the revenue models and its astonishing features, let me depict about the multi-gaming platform app and how it benefits you in terms of revenue generating.

What is Multi-gaming Platform App?

Multi-gaming platform app is a gaming app or a platform with a collection of variety of interesting games that comes under a single app. By downloading a single multi-gaming app, you can enjoy dozens of games by competing and winning your friends, family members and also strangers.

Gaming apps like Winzo, MPL(Mobile Premier League) shines as the perfect example for multi-gaming app platform. These apps upholds bunch of games in which you can select anyone and play on your smart phone. The major advantage in this kind of app is that you can choose your beloved game and you are allowed to play either with your friends or with online players and most importantly you can earn real money by playing these games.  

What Benefits you in Building a Multi-gaming Platform App?

Whatever game it may be, the major factor for developing it will be for generating money. Well, multi-gaming platform is not an exception in this case. There are several revenue generating factors when it comes to multi-gaming platform. Some are mentioned below:

Players buy coins:

In order to play the game, unlock specific characters or some specific features in your app, players will require coins. So, they will spend their money to buy coins from you which will be your revenue. If more players buy coins, your multi-gaming platform produces more revenue. 

You can also earn via conducting a competition and charging the players for participating in the competition. Simultaneously, players can also win cash (via coins) by participating and winning in the competition. Once after winning, they can convert their coins into real money. Both players and app owners get equal benefits in these kind apps and that’s why multi-gaming platform app development is gleaming as the most required gaming app concept in the online marketplace.


Once after your app reaches huge user base, you can earn by showing advertisements to your players and charge money to the concern owner of the product which is displayed in the ad. You can also charge separately for showing ads and also charge certain amount when the players click the ad. This is the most widely used method for revenue generating apps in these days. Most of the apps follow this method to generate money.

What are the Essential Features of the Multi-gaming App Platform?

When it comes to a gaming app, features and specifications will have a remarkable part in the success of that app. Unless integrating with advanced & eye-catching features, you can’t further enter into gaming competition anymore. Following features are the essential ones when it comes to multi-gaming app development.

Better UI/UX:

Whatever best idea you have in your gaming app or the adventurous levels you setup for your users, it’s not going to work unless you have a better UI/UX design. If your design failed to entice the users, then all your work and invested money remains fritter. Having an astonishing design will lead half way to your success. In order to get such kind of design, you would probably in need of experienced key player in the mobile app industry without doubt.

Coin-Cash method:

Well coin-cash feature is the most significant feature in the multi-gaming app, as it the major way for the players and app owners to earn money. Using this feature, players can buy coins by paying real money as well as the coins can be converted into money. Designing a simple and comprehensible coin-cash structure, it might be much helpful and makes the player’s buying and withdrawing process convenient and worry free.

Smooth & Secured Payment:

Remember, users prefer your app none other than to earn money. If they feel any complexity in those things, they will quit your multi-gaming app without doubt. A lengthy process for the withdrawal of money will affect your business undoubtedly. So, it is much needed thing to set the withdrawing money process simple and at the same time it should be well secured. All that, user prefer is to play & enjoy their beloved game and earn & withdraw money in smooth and easy manner. It is much appreciable if you make coin buying process easily through a third parties like Gpay, Phonepe, PayPal, etc.

In-App Text & Video Chatting:

Probably every gaming app would uphold this in-app chat feature currently. Allowing the players to interact with each other, make them to feel alive and interesting. In addition, interacting is the main reason for the players to go for a multi-player game and it also enhance the player’s gaming experience. Furthermore, this feature makes your players to stay a while in your app.  

Invite your beloved ones:

Nothing can match playing games with our friends and family. Competing with our known ones will be much interesting when comparing to a stranger. Using this feature, player can invite their family members and friends to enjoy the game. Moreover, this feature highly benefits you in enhancing your user base. By providing referral codes and rewards for referral, you can improve your user count. Huge user base leads you towards larger revenue. 

List of Games that can be added in your Multi-gaming Platform:

Adding multiple numbers of games to your multi-gaming app adds extra value to your app and results in attaining more number of user bases. Here are some of the popular games that can be listed in a multi-gaming platform app.

  • Ludo 
  • Carrom board 
  • Chess
  • Puzzle solving
  • Shooting games
  • Rummy
  • Poker

Real Time Sports Games Like

  1. Cricket
  2. Hockey
  3. Football
  4. Kabaddi
  5. Tennis
  6. Baseball

Build your Multi-Gaming Platform App Like MPL, Hago & Winzo with MacAndro

Developing a bug free multi-gaming platform app like MPL(Mobile Premier League), Hago or Winzo won’t be simple task. In order a build a feature rich multi-gaming app and to deal successfully with money transaction, you should hire a well experienced and reputed Sports Betting App Development Company like MacAndro without doubt. Being an expertise in gaming app development, MacAndro design and develop feature rich multi-gaming apps like MPL with astonishing UI/UX and with integrating high end security measures. 


Well the mobile gaming has started with snake and ladder and then its revolution was completely immense. As stated above, gaming apps are the most downloaded app category in both popular play stores. Even though there is a tons of gaming apps available in play store, new arrivals haven’t stopped as the craze in gaming will never end. If you are looking forward to step into the gaming industry, developing a multi-gaming platform app like MPL is much appreciable. 



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