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How To Create a Lucrative Fitness App In 2021?

How To Create a Lucrative Fitness App In 2021?

Fitness app development is the most demanded sought-after business concept that goes around the online marketplace today. This is because, Health and fitness have always been a top priority for each and everyone. Moreover, fitness has always been a holistic approach to our physical as well as mental well-being. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the consciousness towards our fitness & health has elevated to a great extent.  
As we are in typical situation with the attack of pandemic, it is vital for everyone to keep up stern social distancing in order to break the chain. In such scenario, visiting to gym or any health sectors are not advisable. To resolve this dilemma, Gym trainers, healthcare startups, medical professionals & other healthcare sectors are now seeking for fitness & healthcare app development.  
Furthermore, by going with fitness app development you can offer diversified benefits to your user like hyper-connectivity, real time data sharing, greater embodiment and much more. If you are looking forward to make a fitness app with the best in class features, reach us to grab the top class fitness app development services 

Why to Create a Fitness App? 

Usage of mobile apps has been the trend in recent times, you can list myriad benefits to take your business into online platform with a feature rich mobile app. Also collaborating with technology makes many things simple and better. Well, fitness sector might not be an exception here. Smart phone applications have become a huge part of today’s healthcare & fitness culture without doubt.  
So by developing a fitness app, you can engage with your users even in pandemic period. Today people doesn’t have enough time to go to gyms or walk and with these fitness applications you can help them to work out at their home. Moreover, there would be no time restrictions when it comes to online platform. Your consumers can grab your services at any time anywhere. By availing with 24/7 assistance, you can cover world class audience as the day/night varies based on each countries

Fitness App Market during Covid 19:

Gyms and fitness studios are kept closed during this lockdown period. As a result of this, play stores registered the highest number of health & fitness app downloads across the globe. It has been recorded 46% of growth in health & fitness app downloads in the top play stores. Almost every countries experience this growth in fitness app downloads, in that India stands top with its increase in downloads by 157%. The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) follows India in the table with its 65% increase. 

According to a report, more than 70% of Americans  are using at least one fitness app during this lockdown period, in that 58% of people enjoyed their home workouts. Though we are still in corona crisis, the numbers will elevate without. It is clear that fitness market will achieve a significant growth in 2021. So this is the perfect time for startups, gym trainers & healthcare sectors to dive into this emerging indusrty. 

How Fitness Apps Can Ensure Social Distances and Make Users Active During Covid 19?

  1. Fitness apps offers a risk free environment to the users to perform their physical workouts without getting outdoors.

  2. With these apps, users can enjoy their home workouts with their beloved family members. They can do all sorts of physical activities like walks, dance, yoga practices, meditation etc with their family.

  3. Virtual classes or online video sessions in these fitness apps helps users to get training from the trainer by staying away from them. 

  4. Wearable devices connected with fitness apps aid the users to monitor their health condition regarding their body temperature, heart beat etc.

  5. Notification feature in these fitness apps will remind the users about their workout sessions, so that they won’t miss their exercise & stays healthy.

  6. By collecting the users body info, these apps will suggest them to increase or decrease their weight by guiding them with food habits & workouts.

  7. Fitness apps supports the users to burn their stress with various stress relief solutions like meditation, yoga’s etc.

  8. One the major advantage in fitness app is motivation. These apps will keep on motivating the users through notification & reminder about their health & fitness goals.

How to Make a Complete Fitness and HealthCare App?

Once you have concluded to go for fitness app development, you should be crystal clear with type of fitness app you are looking to develop and the services you are looking to offer in your fitness app. After devising complete idea about your fitness app, you can get into the development process.

While considering about the services, you should cover almost every fields right from food to mind. Here are some interesting services you should integrate in your fitness app which will comprise your fitness app to achieve substantial success.

Eat Healthy to Stay Fit:

Food plays a major role in our fitness. To stay healthy & fit, it is essential to take healthy & organic foods. Well, through this service you can gain knowledge about your users food intakes and provide suggestions regarding their food habits. By gathering their food intakes, you can instruct them what should be taken like vegetables, fruits, high protein food and what should be avoided to maintain their fitness.

Mental Fitness:

Today stress is the most common thing that comes with everyone which leads to multiple problems like hair loss, memory loss, weight loss etc. With this mental fitness section, you can guide your users to overcome their stress and to find peace through yoga & meditation practices. It highly benefits you to instruct your users about yoga regarding time, poses & asanas via video tutorials.

Healthcare assistance:

Well this section will be your users personal doctor. Users can grab on-time consultations through this healthcare assistance. It will record the users health issues and offers a quality care suggestions for them to stay away from any disease. Users can consult the best of General Physicians, Orthopaedics, Physiotherapists, Paediatricians, and Medical and Lifestyle Coaches through this service for their holistic health care

Physical Fitness:

Of course, this the base idea of your fitness app. It is much important to cover all existing physical activities in your app with visual data’s like photos & videos. Here are some  essential physical excercises mentioned below which are mandatory 

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Side planks
  • Glute bridge
  • Burpees
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Lunge 

How To Make Money With Your Fitness App in 2020-2021?

Everyone who looks to develop a fitness app, will only invest in it with the motivation of earning from it. One doesn’t simple develop an app unless he get fruitful rewards. Well, in fitness app there are several monetizing ways.

Here is the top 5 revenue models of the Fitness app

Paid Apps:

In this method, users have to buy membership first in order to grab the benefits from your app. Initially you can offer a free trial for one or weeks to acknowledge the users about the value of your app and furtherly there will be a huge probability, that the users will get your subscription by paying.

In-app Purchases: 

In in-app purchase method, you can initially launch your fitness app for free to the users. Then you can generate revenue by encouraging your users to make purchase in your app like advanced features or can charge for providing access to premium content of the certain features. 


This is the most common method through which most the applications generate revenue today. In this method, you can earn by showing ads to your users and charge from the concerned owner of the product that you advertised. YouTube runs under this formula. 

Free Apps with premium videos: 

You can allow the users to access your app for free and make money by charging them to access video content. As fitness is full of exercise and it can’t be expressed only in words. So users will prefer visual content to go with their workouts. In that case, you can earn considerable amount by charging them for providing access to video content.

Important Fitness App Features Exclusively For 2020-2021:

Goal Fixation:

The most necessary one of fitness app is fixing a goal. This app feature helps to allow the app users to fix a goal and objectives that creates a motive for the users to achieve a goal with the help of tracker.

Video Tutorial with Educational Content:

This educational content as well as video tutorial in the app makes the users to always stay engaged in getting updates about healthy tips and facts. This free tips and techniques support for the betterment of the exercise oriented mindset.  

Social Media Integration: 

With the addition of social media features in the app makes the users to share their working results and improvements on their social media platforms. This app features gives your app to gain more reach over while getting engaged in the app users social media pages.

Competitive Gaming:

This application feature creates the users to stay motivated and also makes them to use the app in a regular manner. This competitive gaming feature by providing rewards, gifts and badges for their goal achievement make the users mindset stay strong to utilize the app without stoppage.

Wearable Devices Connectivity:

By connecting to as many as wearable devices along with the trackers helps the users to make use of your app as the most prioritize one than others. This wearable’s connectivity support helps the device to connect your app. For storage purpose, you can prefer HealthKit or Google Fit by utilizing various wearable manufacturers to get connect your app in it.

Workout Tracking:

It helps to track your activity like walking, cycling and all your workout performances even swimming with the usage of handy devices like HealthKit and Google Fit. These can help to connect your app to diverse sensors like accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses etc


With the Geo location facility, it implements to access the Maps in a way of tracking applications. The Maps provided by Google, Waze etc helps for various purposes like planning of routes, present location tracking, recording of workouts and a lot more. With the map access, by capturing a screenshot can also have a facility to share in social media. 

Food Logging:

It will be a more attentive and receive a warm welcome as no diet app involves of food logging. So, this food logging application feature definitely adds as an advantage to use your app with high priority. This dieting app feature with easy login support as greater significance than others if it comprises a dictionary, adds more value to it.

Barcode Scanner:

As the world is digitized and moving faster in each and every activities, this barcode scanner facility in your app makes the user to easily handle your app by just simply showing the barcode in their smartphone. This easy access login into your app makes the user to capture the required data like calories and other necessary information regarding app user activities. 

Live Streaming:

This will become a unique feature that makes your app stand out among all other existing fitness apps. This feature sounds something interesting that it definitely pleasure up the users to live stream their workouts. Additionally, this app feature makes the users to get consult with their professional trainers from wherever they are working out during their training process. 

Macandro - Fitness App Development Company:

MacAndro is the first rate Fitness & healthcare app development company, builds the best in class fitness apps & mHealth platform to gyms, healthcare sectors, pharma companies and to hospitals. We offer world class fitness app development services with best UI/UX design to our clients to make them stay ahead from their competitors. 

At MacAndro we deliver all kind of health & fitness app according to our clients business requirements. Some of them are listed below

     1. Diet and nutrition app
     2. Workout and exercise apps
     3. Fitness App
     4. Activity tracking app
     5. Medical App
     6. Healthcare app
     7. Telemedicine app 

What’s Unique in MacAndro's Fitness App Development:

We Create Fitness App With Crypto Rewards Feature

Being a reputed mobile app solutions provider in blockchain tech across the globe, we offer healthcare & fitness app development solutions with the most advanced blockchain technology. With our Cryptocurrency integrated Fitness app, you can offer your users crypto rewards.

How Crypto Rewards Works In Fitness App ?

In our Fitness app, users will be presented with crypto rewards based on their workouts. The app will set a target of footsteps & workout exercise and once they accomplished it, they will rewarded with cryptocurrencies. 

For example, if a user is given with a target of 10,000 steps in a day and if it is attained by the users, the he/she will be offered with crypto rewards. Users can utilize the crypto rewards to make in-app purchase, buy the premium content or can buy sports equipments in your app. There will be separate target for the user based on their age, gender, weight.  

For instance, women during their pregnancy period will be given with a target in our fitness app, and if they accomplished it, they will rewarded with cryptocurrencies using which they can buy things for their babies like toys, milk storage containers, burp cloths etc.

How much does it cost to create a lucrative fitness app?

Well, you can’t point out the exact value that cost for your health & fitness app development. The cost may differ according to the feature you require, platform you look to launch your fitness app, time duration and the geo location of your development team. This is because, pay for the developers varies between each countries.  
In order to know the accurate amount of cost for designing & developing your fitness & healthcare application development instantly                                     



Even though the lockdowns are lifted down, gyms and other fitness studios in the most of the countries are still remaining closed. Moreover, people prefers online apps to continue their workout even in the countries where fitness are opened. They feel these fitness apps as cost effective and much safer. So going with fitness app development lift your business enourmously and aid you to make millions without doubt.


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