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How to Create a Sports Betting Exchange App like Betfair?

How to Create a Sports Betting Exchange App like Betfair?

Betfair Clone Script 

Betfair clone script is all about the readymade clone script of a popular sport betting patform, Betfair. Our readymade Betfair clone script comprises all the features inbuilt in Betfair sports betting and you can also customize your own advanced features in your own sports betting platform. To all those entrepreneurs looking for the best sports betting app development, this Betfair clone provides a wide opportunity to implement all your business requirements.

Sports Betting Exchange app like Betfair has been ruling the world of sports in recent times. Well the perception of “betting” in other words gambling is now prominent. In fact, it is much applicable in almost every sport across the globe like baseball, basketball, cricket, rugby, tennis, football, cricket and even more. Since its arrival after 1997, online sports betting has never led back.

As how Uber is for the On-demand industry, the same way Betfair is for Online Sports Betting Exchange. Betfair is an online gambling company which runs the world's largest online betting exchange. Once after its emergence in 2000, Betfair experienced an enormous growth and shines as the top player in the online Sports betting industry.

It claims to have over 4 million customers (1.1 million active customers) and a turnover in excess of £50 million a week.  This is why several entrepreneurs are now seeking for a Betfair clone script in an online marketplace to launch their own online betting exchange like Betfair. In addition, growth of the online sports betting Industry is also a major reason for the demand of sports betting exchange app development.

Sports Betting Exchange Market Demographics:

Online Sports Betting exchange app market is booming like never before. It has become more popular among all kinds of sports fans. In addition, it shows a steady growth of about 10% each year from 2009 to 2015. According to a recent report, the online sports betting app market was worth $45 billion and it is estimated to reach $95 billion by 2024.

Well this growth might not be surprised in this mobile world. Today users of modern technology are expecting to make their job done according to their needs and preferences at any time. In such a scenario, nothing can figure out this other than a mobile app.

What is a Sports Betting Exchange App?

Sports betting exchange app is a mobile app through which users can place bets on the outcome of sports games, politics and other discrete events. It is an incredible mobile app which enables the users to bet against each other.

How does a sports betting app work?

Online Sports betting applications function the same as the offline betting market. It operates like a regular betting but instead of bookies, applications will hold the money until the bet is settled. Initially, users will deposit the money via an online portal. With the deposited money, users can place their bet on any game and team. If the user team wins then the user will get the profit or if the team loses the user will also lose his money.

What are the Games Involved in Sports Betting App?

Online world is evolving with the myriad of sports betting exchange apps and games. And so, there are wide options for the users to lay their bet. However, we can list a few famous games in the sports betting exchange app.

  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Horse Racing
  4. Rugby
  5. Basketball
  6. Baseball
  7. Ice Hockey
  8. Hound Racing
  9. Boxing
  10. Poker
  11. Golf
  12. Teen Patti
  13. Tennis
  14. Others

How to Build a Sports Betting Exchange App Like Betfair?

In order to develop a sports betting app like Betfair, it is essential to hire a reliable sports betting app development company like MacAndro. Being a reputed and recognized sports betting app developer, MacAndro builds feature rich and high functioning sports betting exchange apps like Betfair according to the client’s business requirements. We provide customized solutions according to your needs by initiating with new capabilities, functionalities and features by analyzing the current market trends to keep your betting exchange engaging and interesting.

Features of Sports Betting Exchange App

Key Features:

1. Excellent UI/UX
2. Live Game Streaming
3. In-app Betting
4. Multiple payment Options
5. Multi-language Support
6. Navigation
7. Push Notifications
8. Match Schedules

Features of User Panel:


With this feature, users can register their account either by providing their basic details like name, email ID or using social networks. If the user registered by providing the details, he/she will be verified via Email ID.
Once after the registration, users can sign in through this feature via social networks or by email account credentials.

Live score Updates

This Live score feature will update the users with the scores and points of the live matches. Using this feature, users can get the live updates of the matches they are interested to bet in.

Select the Game

This feature will enable the users to choose their beloved game on which they want to bet. All the details of the teams and players  according to their provided data will be available in this feature.


This feature is the most important one for a mobile app. It will aid you by keeping the users engaging with your app. It provides all the  notifications regarding the the player’s performance and the conclusions will be sent to the user via this feature.

Betting Suggestion

This feature will provide the users with the information related to the betting.  It shows the details regarding the betting prices, sports included and the amount invested.

Choose betting types 

By utilizing this feature, users can pick the betting type and can play with any of the selected methodologies. Some of the betting types are listed below

  • Daily Fantasy Betting
  • Head-to-Head Betting
  • Parlay Betting
  • Totals (Over/Under) Betting
  • Each-way Betting
  • Teaser Betting
  • Draft Betting
  • Handicaps Betting
  • Patent Betting
  • Yankee Betting
  • Pari-Mutuel Betting

Admin Panel Features


With this login feature admin can sign-in to the app with the help of self-created credentials.

Admin can manage the registered users in this dashboard. Moreover admin can also manage the set the commission for each bet according to his/her wish through this dashboard.

Profile Management

This feature enables the admin to add or remove the user. Admin can retrieve all the users details like amount invested, the game in which the user has placed the bet, ongoing money standards etc.

Content Management

Under this segment, admin can manage the content of the static pages according to the needs. Admin can add or remove content using this content manager feature.

Ad Management

With this feature, admin can place an advertisement in the app. Ads are the one of the most important revenue models of mobile apps. Currently several mobile apps runs under this model.

Advanced Features of a Sports Betting Exchange App
Live Streaming/Commentary
With the availability of API in the platform, it allows the Live TV/Streaming that can be easily get integrated by the developers in your online betting website. It creates more engagement due to the live streaming as well as the Live Commentary. Live streaming brings the users to watch the live game to place a bet and the live commentary helps the new betters with useful insights to place their bets accordingly.  

Real time Instant Betting

The most exciting feature in an online betting platform is an entertainment and earning of money. To make it live, betting amount is paid immediately at once the game is done. This creates many user’s attention to utilize the platform eagerly. Instant betting is the most promising one along with the multiple sports support.

E-wallet Integration

In order to save and secure money in an app, E wallet is the most advanced feature to get inbuilt in an app. This wallet integration furnishes a fast and safe way to store and transact all the betting money in a game that offers a seamless experience. This feature creates trusted and faster transactions by easily handling the betting money stored in an app wallet.

Pop up Notifications

These pop up notifications help in delivering the regular updates as well as the upcoming updates with essential information. It mainly adds a benefit in providing the information in advance about the events, occasions and any other exciting extra new announcements or offers. As a well known fact, any live sudden breaking news can be passed via this pop up.

Vocal Command Facility

By integrating the vocal commanding facility in an online betting mobile app helps the users to place a wager strongly by utilizing voice commands. It registers the command to increase the bet in a very better way to reach with more convenience. Due to this, it helps in enhancing the user experience to earn many loyal customers for the successful growth of the business.

Final Note:

It was quite difficult to discover an app to make sports betting before some years. But now the situation has gone upside down. Due to the technological advancement and evolution of the online sports industry,  there is great demand for sports betting exchange apps in the online marketplace. So entering into this emerging online sports betting industry with a smart sports betting exchange app will never let you down.


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