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Top 10 Protective Ways To Secure Your Enterprise App

Top 10 Protective Ways To Secure Your Enterprise App

Today smartphones have become more contemporary than laptops and desktops. Well it's mobility and flexibility is not only the reason for this surge, but also its technological advancement plays a considerable part in the popularity and growth of mobile devices. Moreover, smartphones are now capable of performing operations which are done by desktops.

In the past few decades, growth in the usage of mobile apps is exceptional. As a proof of it, a report claims more than 20% of mobile app users have added in the last one year alone and also it says that every user is spending at least 3 hours a day on their smartphones.  This navigates several businesses to make use of mobile applications to reach their target audience.

How developing a mobile app for business is prominent, likewise creating a secured application is also very important. In this digital world, data theft and hacking are the most common threat for any online medium, as information is wealth in this modern world.

What is Mobile App Security?

Mobile app security is nothing but a process of securing your business app with adding additional security characteristics to safeguard your business app and the information in it from fraudulent activities, external threats like malware attacks etc.  

Why It is Essential to Secure Your Business App?

As mentioned above, mobile app security is equally important to having an app for your business. Moreover, mobile app breach not only provides user’s information in the app but also provides the user’s personal information, current location, financial data and much more. In such a case, with just hacking an app a hacker can have all data about the user which will be a major threat to them. This is why users also prefer to use secure apps and if they consider your app is not secure they will quit your app without hesitation.

Here are some common reasons listed below which will make you to realize the importance in securing your business app

IP Theft 

If your app is less secure, then it won’t be difficult one for hackers to steal your source code through which they can clone or take the intellectual source of the company owned by your app. Keep in mind, with cloning your app and just adding some more features, they can overcome your app performance in the app store.

Financial Anxiety

With hacking your app, hackers can retrieve your company financial information as well as your user’s information right from credit & debit card numbers, account number to PIN. This might put you and your users into a real serious problem. Especially for financial companies, it will be a major drawback. 

Loss in Revenue
If your is in hackable, then obviously the hacker can access the premium features in your app. Most of the apps which run under free version will have premium features as their major revenue source. So if the hacking happens in their app, they would lose all their revenue.
Cascades Branding
Well the positivity of getting hacked can make your customer’s lose trust and confidence in your brand. One single negative impression will take your customer away forever. Securing user’s information is the major part of any business and if that gets leaked there would be no sign of relationship. 

Effective Strategies to Secure Your Enterprise Mobile App

Go through the top 10 effective ways to secure your app
Secure Your Code
Initially securing your source code can prevent your app from data and content stealing. So it is essential to secure your source from the eyes of normal users and hackers. Your developers should encrypt your application’s source code to secure your app. Moreover, frequent quality assurance checking is also important to ensure that your app has no hole in any security measures.
Implement Tough Authentication
You should enforce a strong multi-factor authentication in your app to avoid unauthorized access and password stealing attacks. It is essential to provide
Integrating password based access with a device ID, OTP, client certificate will greatly help your app to away from the authorized access. Well there are location based, and day based restrictions also.
Integrate Safe API
API can also be a defenceless door to enter into your app and to your security systems. So you have to protect your API gateways with multiple security measures in order to avoid the entry of unknown persons and code access.

Encrypt Your App Communications
To know the user’s  information, hackers do not need to access the app, they can simply take it by just retrieving the user’s communication data. Yes, communication between the users can also be a valuable resource for the hackers and so it is necessary to encrypt the communication between the users, mobile app and app servers.  
Adding some strong encryption algorithms like 4096-bit SSL keys and some session & time based key exchange can protect your app from communication decryption.
Secure Data Even from Device Theft
There are millions of phones being stolen or lost every year. In such conditions, you should also be available to provide security services for your users even if their device is lost. To avoid getting sensitive data in the hands of the wrong person, you should provide access to your users to wipe their sensitive details remotely.
Avoid Storing Data on Device
Ensure that your app is not storing or keeping any user’s data regarding your app on their devices. Even though it is stored, that data should be in the encrypted format. Maintaining your data in the cloud is much appreciable as the probability of stealing those from the cloud is less. While getting into encryption it is advisable to use the latest encryption technologies, which will offer you a greater level of security.
Block Data Leaks
While considering mobile apps, data leaks are one of the common security breaches in it. In most of the situations, this leak will be found out too late until it becomes a major issue. If you prefer to safeguard your app data, then plugging up the leaks in your app should be your first concern. To make it done all you have to do is pay close attention to your encryption process and tokenizing all sorts of information.  

Low Data Caching

Usually mobile devices will store cached data to enrich their app’s performance. This is also a risk level factor for security systems. As these apps or devices store data in the form of cache, it will be easy for the hackers to retrieve data by just breaching and encrypting the cached data. Storing of cache data might result in stolen data
Update the  App with Latest Tech

Even though you integrate strong security features in your app while developing, it may get outdated in a short time. Every day new technologies are getting in which are more advanced from its previous level. So business apps should be updated with the latest security features frequently in order to ensure their data safety.

Approach the Professionals

To build your app in the most secure format and to make your app updated, you have to approach the best professional who stays updated with the latest tech and trends. Unless your developers are skilled and updated, your app can’t ensure your app security.
So it is mandatory to approach a well reputed app development company like MacAndro who are reputed in designing & developing the most secure mobile apps for business verticals across the globe. They have been recognized in developing secured apps for several financial firms across the globe.
Either you are looking to build a brand new business app with advanced security features or looking forward to update your existing app with the most secured technologies, MacAndro can make it done.

Data is becoming more valuable in this digital world and protecting that data is the major concern for corporate companies or other businesses these days. So it is best to add the above mobile app security checklist with your business app. 


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