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In What Ways Features of Android 11 Will Impact Your Mobile App?

In What Ways Features of Android 11 Will Impact Your Mobile App?

It is a known fact that Android is the most used operating system worldwide. Moreover, Android has also turned around as an undeniably  common stage for developers. With its every update, Google is enhancing its android operating system with integrating robust features and also making the work of android developers easier.  

Previous update Android 10 has created a huge changeover and also impacted greatly in the mobile app community. In Android 10, Google created new segments in mobile app streams with adding worthy changes like native dark mode, location setting, 5G support, foldable phones, enhanced privacy along with several features.

Now with the arrival of mighty Android 11, mobile app communities are witnessing drastic changes. Apparently, you may not find more difference while looking over initially. But while digging deeper, you can discover dozens of new features which makes us recognize this upgraded Android 11 as the best operating system.

In every upgrade, not only developers will be eager to acquire new updates but also the app owners will be excited too. So in this article, we are going to discuss the latest operating system Android 11 features, its impact over mobile applications from the perspective of developers as well as app owners.

Android 11 - An Overview

► In September 2020, Google released Android 11 operating system which is the eleventh major release and also 18th version of Android.

► Vivo X51 is the first smartphone which was launched with Android 11 operating system in Europe and after its complete release, the first phone which entered this world with powering Android 11 was the OnePlus 8T after Google Pixel.

► According to a report, around 15.06% of Android devices are running with Android 11 at the end of May 2021. 

Commendable Features of Android 11

Integrated Built-in Screen Recorder

Finally the long wait is over here. There was a huge expectation for this screen recorder among the communities and this feature was expected in the previous release too. But now finally, Google implemented a standard screen recorder in its Android 11. Users can access the screen recorder from the notification panel and record the screen activities in ease without seeking third-party applications.
Adaptable to Diverse Devices

Most of us will be aware of foldable smartphones and these devices have already made a huge impact in the market. In the upcoming years, there will be a lot of variations in the foldable devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. Android 11 will be supportable for foldable devices and it will allow every application to run smoothly in those devices. So Android app developers no need to worry about foldable device  performance henceforth as Android 11 will take care of it.
Complete Control Over Texting Notifications

One best feature that has integrated with Android 11 is its better control over messaging. Chat bubbles allow the users to hide conversations on the side screen and can retrieve it by clicking the bubble. Moreover, Android 11 has also provided greater control to set priority for their conversations. You can set a certain one to appear in the top list or can make it silent which will turn off notification sound. 

In addition, users can grab the conversation section in the notification panel to witness their incoming messages and can also reply with images on the notification bar itself.

Improved Safety & Privacy

As expected, Google has strengthened its security and privacy in Android 11 with increasing the security measures. Users can feel comfort in Android 11 more than its previous releases as users can witness more safety and privacy for their data in this update.

One Time-Permission

While speaking about security, this feature is the most important one to look into. With focusing on user’s data prevention, this one-time permission will enable the apps to access microphone, camera or location only once and the permission will be revoked once the user quits the app. But to get this done, users should select the “only this time” option while providing permission to an app.

Power button with Added characteristics

In Android 11, you can experience some additional options while you hold down your power button. Some extra features like dial 911, google wallet and smart home device access will be shown along with shut down & restart options. But not in all phones this feature has been implemented. You can witness some smart phones like Google Pixel 

5G Support

Due to COVID19 outbreak, most of the industries have shifted their business to online, which increased the demand for high speed internet connection greatly. To support 5G, Google has added “Dynamic Meteredness API” in Android 11. This API will assist your smart phones to support 5G connection easily. If you have unlimited 5G connection, then you can enjoy it immediately and you don’t have to look for any additional support anymore to access it.

Can Take Your Cleared Notifications

In Android 11 you can see your cleared notification too. Yes, if you have cleared a notification without seeing it and looking to know it, then you can access it in the settings. Android 11 will hold your cleared notifications for 24 hours.
Apart from this, there are several added advanced features in the Android 11 like improved WiFi experience, disability of silent symbol in status bar while it is silent and much more.

What are Some Best Aspects an Enterprises can Grab in Android 11?

Above we have reviewed the Android 11 features in user’s and developer’s perspective. Next we are going to discuss the best factors that businesses or enterprises which own mobile apps can experience in Android 11 upgrade.
Work Profile Intensification

Android 11 has several advancements for company owned devices where work profiles will be handled. If a work profile is built via tools added to Android 10, then the device will be recognized as company owned and so there will be a wide range of security policies & asset management facilities will be available. This makes handling both personal and work profile in company owned devices as it makes differences between them.
In Android 11, if a work profile is added via other methods, then it will be that it is a personally owned device. Moreover the features and access enabled for work profiles on personal devices will be unchanged.

Improved UX

Google has also worked in UX enhancement in Android 11 which indicates the user’s correctly if their work profile is paused. And to turn their work profile on, there is no need to enter a passcode if the device password is also the same.

Features Especially for Company Owned Devices

Common Criteria Mode

It is a Common Criteria Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile(MDFPP). Company owned devices admins can enable this mode to boost security for certain components in the device like Wife configuration, Bluetooth long term keys, etc..

Individual Attestation Support

It is possible for the admins of company owned devices to request device attestation by utilizing individual attestation certificates in Android 11.

While coming upon these features, you would recognize that Android 11 is delivering affordable service for both users and developing by providing better tools, features, etc. If you have an enterprise android app you can experience it or else develop your own android app by picking the right android app development team from a a leading mobile app development company for your business to taste the benefits in Android 11 operating system.


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