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Instagram Clone App Development - Build Your Own Photo Sharing Application

Instagram Clone App Development - Build Your Own Photo Sharing Application

As taking pictures has become a vital role in our day-to-day life, social media applications like Instagram contrived a phenomenal shift in photography culture. With the advent of advanced mobile technology, smart phones replaced the professional cameras by favoring the people with its exceptional features .

In this modern day, everyone loves to take photos wherever they go and upload it in social media. To perform both operations easier, smart phones made it presence. As people awaits for instant solution in this fast moving day, clicking a selfie in camera and posting it in another social media app looks quite difficult for them and also craves their time.

While people looking for a solution to this dilemma, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger came with resolution for this issue in the name of Instagram integrated with several advanced features. Once after its launch, Instagram rapidly gained popularity, with one million registered users in two months, 10 million in a year and shines as the most favourable photo sharing app globally.

According to a statista, today Instagram upholds 1 billion users who post more than 80 million pictures on a daily basis. Moreover, Instagram is an undeniable leader when it comes to picture sharing platform. All these facts reshapes Instagram to a kind of app many business people attempt to clone and develop.

Why Build Instagram Clone App?

With the quick development of photograph sharing app, Instagram opens an enormous deal of business visionaries and navigates several businesses to their their own Instagram clone app by its massive success. With upholding photo and video sharing feature, it is possible to make revenue from this Instagram clone without any investment.

Today people seeks for social media to build and promote their business. And so photo and video ads will be the most encouraging wellspring of income for your Instagram clone app. By displaying ads like facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you can earn in billions.

Some of the possible streams for Instagram Clone App:

1.  Infographic ads

2.  Video Ads

3.  Social Commerce

4.  Sponsored Ads

5.  Sponsored Post

Basic Features of Instagram Clone App:

For Users:

Sign Up/Login:

Users can register by providing their basic details like email-id, mobile number or Facebook. Once after the registration process, they can login into the app by using the credentials and the OTP provided to them.

User Profile:

This enables the users to maintain their profile like name and email address, followers, following, the total number of uploaded photos/videos, and tagged pictures in their profile.

Post Photos/Videos:

Through this users can upload photos or videos directly from the gallery or using the camera of the smartphone. It is also possible to post multiple photos and videos.

Direct Messaging:

Instagram encourages the clients to speak with their friends, companions, devotees via text. It allows them to send & receive messages simultaneously.


This feature aid the customers to search others using their profile or any keyword that relates their profile name

Live Stories:

This feature enables the users to post texts, emoji’s, videos or images which will be visible to their followers and who follows them. Users post their memorable moments that matter to them the most and upload it to  stories which will be visible for 24 hours. They can also see who had viewed their status and can delete it if not required

Push Notification:

In this modern day, almost every apps are integrated with this feature. This is because, it empowers your customers to get continuous updates from. This feature will make your users to be engaged with you all time.

For Admin:


Here, Admin can login to their Instagram clone app by using the Username and Password.


In this section, admin can get the entire details of the users of the app. By using this feature, admin can post ads given by the users in his/her app. In addition, admin can track the earnings he had earned from his Instagram clone app.

User Management:

By utilizing this feature, admin can manage all the users and their respective profiles. It enables the admin can also block any user if their activities are against the guidelines.

Content Manager:

This feature enables the admin to manage the content presented on the post and also responsible for editing, posting, updating and removing the outdated content. Admin can also share content to raise brand awareness and monitoring web traffic.

Want to Build a Photo Sharing App Like Instagram?

If you are looking to build a Photo Sharing app like Instagram, then it is essential to consider. This is because, in order to stand out among your competitors, your app should provide some unique features which will find a remarkable place for your app in the market. In that case, to build a feature rich Instagram clone app and to come up with extraordinary & worthy photo sharing app, get connect with MacAndro, a leading photo sharing app development company expertise in building exceptional photo sharing apps like Instagram. Our experts are highly reputed and recognized in providing Instagram clone applications along with website across the globe.

Advanced Features What we Offer:

Apart from the basic features, we, MacAndro offer some of the noteworthy  features to make your clone app unique. Some of them are listed below

Social Media Integration:

Well, your user will post a photo in your app and expects or desires to share it on other platform. In that case, social media synchronization will be useful for them, as it enables them to share their pictures on other platforms. Moreover, it also highly favors in promotion. In addition it will enable your users to share their picture on your photo-sharing app and from their to other social media platforms with just a click.

Cross Platfrom Support:

Being a top photo sharing app, Instagram itself will not run all its features on some operating systems and desktops. In order to tackle this thread, it is best to build a mobile app with fully-functional web app. Building your app in all platform will highly increase your users count undoubtedly.

Integrating Geolocation:

Our Instagram clone app will be integrated with GPS technology through which users can share location where the photo or video was taken and enabling the users to track the place where the was photo taken.

Filter and Editing Options:

This Channel allows your users to make edits like shading blend, turn, crop, blur and much more. Before posting in your app, this feature will offer several editing options to make your users picture or video to be bright.

Activity Log

Our activity log will enable your users to check all the activities performed by your users on your application. It also offers detailed info about the user following their profile and number of photos, comments and likes posted and received by the user.

Authorization in various ways:

In order to attract your users, seamless options should be provided to your users to signup/login to your app through several ways like mobile phones, social accounts and email ID so that they can sign in as per their preference

Final Words:

Well, in this digital era, there is a higher probability to earn from the social media platform like Instagram. Also it highly favors to enrich your business and your brand enormous. As people being addicted to social media, if you deliver some extra features which satisfies their needs, then you will be their early choice.

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Disclaimer: MacAndro neither represents nor has command over the trademarks of Instagram. We are not doing any promotional activities for them and we use these terms only for understanding our products. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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