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How to Start a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Localbitcoins?

How to Start a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Localbitcoins?

LocalBitcoins clone script is the most trending concept in the business verticals currently. Being an eminent peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange script, LocalBitcoins has created an immense demand for its clone script. This is because, LocalBitcoins is one of the early invented cryptocurrency script which attains a hefty success. Well this success makes the LocalBitcoins to reach wider in different regions of the world and navigates several entrepreneurs and businesses to hunt for LocalBitcoins Clone script. 

Well if you are one among them and looking to build your own bitcoin exchange platform like LocalBitcoins, then it is best to hire professional developers who have greater domain knowledge. Developing your own bitcoin exchange platform like LocalBitcoins might not be simple. In order to make it simple, just hire an cyrptocurrency exchange experts like MacAndro, a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company who upholds abundant experience in building clone script like LocalBitcoins. 


Before getting into our noteworthy services, let me explain about LoaclBitcoins clone and how it prosper your business

What is LocalBitcoins?

LocalBitcoins is a decentralized Peer-to-Peer bitcoin trading website which facilitates the people to exchange their bitcoins quickly and secure without any central authority. It is basically a Finland based company which works on Escrow concept to exchange cryptocurrencies and also supports over-the-counter (OTC) trading which helps the buyers and sellers to connect directly.

In addition, LocalBitcoins also aid you to manage your cryptocurrencies in wallet in online as well as offline. It allows sellers to place ads for the Bitcoin that they have for sale. So that the buyers can find this and get into an agreement with the seller on how to complete the exchange process.


Why need LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

As mentioned earlier, LocalBitcoins clone script is on its peak that demands in market which is raising every single day. As a matter of fact, several peoples have earned via LocalBitcoins. Likewise, its clone script assist you to start your own Bitcoin exchange platform and to earn in millions. Moreover, it enable the buyers and sellers to make international transactions

Today, users expects to buy and sell bitcoins in OTC which leads to faster transactions. As the centralized exchange delays their transaction process, speedy exchange like LocalBitcoins clone highly entice the bitcoin traders. This compose a better UI for the users. 


1.Quick and easy way to make trade in bitcoins

2.Integrated with Escrow protection which provides security for both the buyer and seller

3.There are more than 50 payment services

4.Reputation ranks provided in reputation system for the user, builds trustworthy among the customers

5.In order to stay away form hacking, user should enter the PIN code sent to their mobile devices whenever they login. 

6.If the user logged in from other device or from different browser, an email will be sent to the users for verification. 

Working Process:

1.Initially, the seller will create an online sell advertisement providing the details about the Bitcoin for sale, payment options, price and the terms of the trade.

2.Seller will fund the store the Bitcoin in the wallet, since it is mandatory to have bitcoins in the wallet. Only then customer can open the trade request from the ad.

3.Once after the buyer opens the trade, Bitcoins will be automatically taken into escrow. Seller will instruct the buyer to pay for the trade. 

4.Buyer will press the Paid Button once after finishing the payment process. Then, the seller will acknowledged about the payment on website and by mail & SMS

5.Once after confirming the payment, seller will release the Bitcoins. Then the Bitcoins will be sent to the buyers wallet form escrow.

Final Words:

In this digital era, online presence has become an essential part for every business. In that case, users have no other options rather than to seek for this kind of exchange platforms like LocalBitcoins in order to safer transaction.

LocalBitcoins Clone - Website along with Application

Being an expert in crypto world, We, MacAndro a leading cryptocurrency exchange app development company provide LocalBitcoins clone script to build website & app customized with future requirements. Our experts are reputed and recognized in providing p2p Crypto exchange for quicker and faster transactions in an absolute safe environment.


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