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M-Learning App Development - An Advancement in Educational Platform

M-Learning App Development - An Advancement in Educational Platform

Mobile Learning App Development otherwise called as M-Learning app development is the hottest topic that goes around in the electronic media currently. As m-learning apps transformed as the need of the hour, the demand for it might not be a surprise for you. Outbreak of covid-19 contributes a hefty part in this incredible insistence of m-learning mobile apps.

Whether it is for an entrepreneur who strives to launch e-learning app like Udemy or like Bjus or else a trainer who wish to deliver courses and evaluate their learner performance in real time, these mobile learning apps are greatly beneficent in setting success path for them. Hopefully mobile technologies pays considerable sum in modern day educational revolution, it appears as a much needed tool to run any learning sector today.

As we are going to get a clear picture of m-learning app concept here, let me start by defining it

What is M-Learning App?

M-Learning app or mobile learning app is an educational app through which users can educate themselves via smart phones, e-reader or tablet. Generally, mlearning app supports in learning by offering resources and guidance in education. It facilitate you to grab new skills and transforms even a beginner into an advanced expert.

M-learning Market Growth:

As the demand for m-learning apps are raising greatly, popular app stores are experiencing tons of educational app arrival. A report says that there are more than 2 million educational apps currently available in the App store. Well the count is exceeding terribly once after the outcome of covid-19. As a proof of it, a research suggests that online learning market will accelerate from $165 billion to $275 billion by the year 2022. 

Below Bar graph makes us clear that Educational category secured the second position in upholding highest download of apps in App store


Why should you build m-learning app?

Through market analysis, it has been proved that m-learning apps are generating colossal revenue via marketing and monetization strategies. Moreover, learning apps are not only required by schools and universities today but also prescribed by popular companies and enterprises who make use of these applications to educate their workers by teaching to upgrade skills & to sharpen their brains.

As new things and technologies are making their presence everyday, learning will be the most constant thing that people go for. Today 80% of people have smart phones, so having a m-learning app pays you a lot rather than website. Comparing with mobile device users desktop users are outnumbered worldwide. So having a m-learning app might gets you wider. Moreover, there won’t be a day without further learning until our last breath. And so hopefully demand for your m-learning app development will get raised.

Types of m-learning apps:

Apart from other apps, M-learning apps usually be focused on some specific purpose like guiding students for their exam or learning a language.

Workplace Learning App:

These types of apps are specifically build for working people to gather knowledge related to their work. Mostly enterprises and huge scale companies prefer this workplace m-learning apps for their employees in order to improve their productivity. Moreover, organization makes this mandatory for the employees to acquire knowledge by constant learning and to train themselves using the workplace learning apps.

Online Course Learning App:

Online course learning app might be a familiar one for you as it is the most popular and widespread type of m-learning app. These apps covers almost every verticals right from programming to marketing and from cooking to dancing. Usually these apps teaching will be on videos and by text materials for their students.  

Application for online courses are mostly used by the teachers and experts to offer their teaching videos and programs just like coursera and Udemy.

Skill Learning Apps:

Skill Learning apps are especially for learners who eagerly looks  to build up their skills on a particular topic. It may be a new program, software or a new language. These apps are also covers the area of communication skills and even trading skills like stock market & share market.

Some of the Skill Learning Apps:

1. Learn java programming

2. Learn Python

3. Programming Hub

4. Learn C#.Net

5. LinkedIn Learning

Exam Preparation Apps:

Well these kind of m-learning apps guide the students in their exam preparations. It upholds an enormous databases of exercises covering various subjects with scheduling and assessment options. As we all know that every exams has its own requirements and so having a preparation app for a particular kind exams like bank exams featured with tests and quizzes will makes your m-learning applications success more stronger.

Benefits of M-Learning Applications:

As consistent knowledge gaining has become an essential one to survive in the upgrading world, people don’t have much time to refer different books and for approaching classes. All they have is a minimum time. This is the where m-learning apps made their presence and stands top by offering valuable knowledge at a minimal time. Furthermore, app owners who owns the app can earn in various ways like paid subscriptions, paid content posting or in-app purchases and much more.  

Major benefits of M-Learning App:

1. Accessible at anywhere anytime

2. Latest Educational methodologies

3. Continued assessment

4. Integrated with Social features

5. High levels of engagement

6. Superior Learning strategies

7. Better attitude in learning

Once overcoming all these amazing facts, you would have ended up with an idea of building your own m-learning app. If that so, let me point out how to make it done.

How to develop a Mobile Learning App?

Get clear with your app idea:

Online learning market is brimming with considerable amount of amazing and unique apps. Your app idea should be unique from competitors. Picking the right one confirms half of your success.

Analyze the Market:

Make sure that your app concept is worthwhile and having a some good numbers on the board. List out the elements that drag users towards your e-learning app and what navigates them away.

Hire an expert in Educational App Development:

Approach an expertise in e-learning app development like MacAndro, a leading educational app development company who upholds heap of domain knowledge in delivering unique educational apps according to the latest market trends. Whether you are a educator looking forward to online courses or business mined person looking to impart training, we can deliver according to your needs.

Final words: 

Running an e-Learning business might not be easy task. High level caution and extreme attentiveness is much required since your dealing with future prides. In order to feed them with their needs, hopefully you should look for trusted mobile app development company.




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