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On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development Company | Pharmacy App Development

On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development Company | Pharmacy App Development

Running a Pharmacy Store or Medical Business?

Looking for a Mobility Solutions to Take Your Pharmacy Business to Next Level?

MacAndro supports pharmacy stores and medical businesses by providing customized medicine delivery app development solutions to reach out their target audience and to carry out their consumers health care requirements with ease. With capitalizing the advanced mobile technologies, we develop realible and quality driven on-demand medicine delivery apps that boost your medicine service and makes your business process more secure & faster.

Mobile App Evolution & Its Contribution in Medicine Delivery

Modern consumers throughout the world expect the wide range of services to be available for 24*7 and the businesses also must try to meet the customer’s needs to stay ahead of the curve. Our day to day life is getting smarter via so many smartphone applications. Why not medicine delivery?

Yeah. This would be one of the greatest ideas to start an on-demand medicine delivery business. Both customers and business owners eventually gain benefits from it. On-demand medicine delivery applications are so easy for the consumers to get their medicines, lab reports, and others at their door-steps by simply tapping their smartphones.

The global health application market is expected to reach nearly USD 100 billion by statista report. And by 2025, it will predict to grow USD 332.7 billion. From this, we can conclude that the digital health industry is growing rapidly.

It’s one of the successful business models to stand out in today's competitive business world. Hurry up..!! Get ready to take your medicine business online with the best medicine delivery application.

Top Reasons Why Pharmacy Stores Should Opt For Medicine Delivery App Development

Presently, there are so many mobile applications out there but not on-demand. This would take one day or more to verify the prescription and delivery the medicine. In case of emergency, the customer runs out to the nearby physical medical store and buy the medicines.  

To overcome this, an online pharmacy store is the best option to move on. If you have an online pharmacy store then the customers easily order their medicines through your app and they get their medicines within a short interval.

Delivery the life-saving drug and saves your customers from stepping out from their doorstep by your on-demand medicine delivery app.

Here are the top reasons why need Online Medicine Delivery Mobile App,

Order Medicines Online  

Build a mobile and user-friendly medicine delivery app that allows customers to find the medicine, put an order and get the delivery at their doorstep. By adding a chatbot on your mobile app will help the customers to communicate with you for any queries.

Medicine Guide 

Medicine delivery app must contain detailed information about the medicine, side effects, salt information and much more. This would help users to recognize the medicine and it’s the best way to spread a medicine awareness.

Reserve for a Lab test and Get Report at DoosStep

If a pharmacy provides the lab test services then it would be an additional chance to serve the customer and also an incremental way to earn money. Customers can book lab tests for thyroid, blood, and more through your mobile app. And you can delivery the lab test report at their home.

Brand Recognition

Build a brand for your online pharmacy business by satisfying your customers without any fail. Word-of-mouth has the power to build a brand reputation. By sharing the experience of your potential customers online will boost your brand reputation.

Drive New Customers

Promote your pharmacy business online with the best app marketing services that will drive more new customers to your digital door. Mouth referrals also bring new customers to your medicine delivery app.

List your product and services

Showcase your medicine product and ready to do services in your app that will help the customers to simply purchase the product. Along with list the brochures, offers, discount on the app will increase the user engagement on your mobile app.

Gain more revenue

Make money from your medicine delivery mobile app without any fee. You can gain more revenue with in-app advertising. Start advertise your app and earn huge benefits from it.

Time and Cost-saving

These two things are the success of the customer-centric business. Users can save their time by ordering their medicines online and saves money by many loyalty programs like coupons, discounts and more.

Looking For Online Pharmacy App Development?

You’re in the right spot. Yes..!! MacAndro, a leading mobile app development company provides the best medicine delivery app development services which will help you to easily run your medicine delivery business online. Our professional mobile app developers will build the custom medicine ordering and delivery app with fine design and quality that can drive more customers to your digital app store.

Jumpstart your online medicine delivery app business with a cost-effective and flexible app development solution from macandro.

Let us have a look at the essential features of our medicine delivery application

User Module:

Upload Prescription - This feature will allow the user to click the prescription or upload it from the gallery. After that, the pharmacist will review and delivery the medicine to them.

Easy signup - Users can easily login to the application on a single tap using facebook, LinkedIn, google ids or simply entering their name, email address, phone number, etc.

Search Filter - Utilize the search filter to find the medicine by its name or company name or content of the medicine.

Medicine Info - By tapping the medicine, the user can view the price, company of the medicine, medicine detailed description, and side effects.

Order Tracking - Once the medicine order placed, the user will get notified with real-time status and able to track the driver.

Coupons, offers, and discounts - Users can choose their mode of payment and also apply the coupons, offers, and promo codes.

Refill Prescription - Users can easily place the medicine order from their order history without uploading the prescription on the next-time.

Manage Profile - For better user experience, the user can manage their profile, address, notification, payment details, and more.

Reminder - User can set the reminder time, type the medicine have to be taken.

Delivery Module:

Driver login - Driver can easily login to the application on a single tap using facebook, LinkedIn, google ids or simply entering their name, email address, phone number, etc.

Delivery info - He can get the delivery information on his profile to serve the customer in a faster and better way.

Map Tracking - Make use of Google maps to track delivery, better understand geography and serve faster.

Status update - Driver update the delivery status as “Under Process”, “On the Way”, “Delivered” and so on.

Admin Panel Module

Manage Inventory - Admin can manage the inventory stock details and get notified for fewer stocks and expiry dates.

Manage Order status - Knows every medicine order status whether it’s new, in progress or completed.

Export reports - Admin can track and export the performance report and compare the report with existing data.

Wind Up

With the minimum budget and smart way, you can start your medicine delivery app business with Macandro. We would help you to build the best pharmacy ordering and delivery app as per your further requirements.

Please feel free to contact one of our executives at +91 9489806198 or drop your inquiry here >> Contact us.

Get a free demo for the medicine delivery app..!!

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