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Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2021 that will Influence in Business

Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2021 that will Influence in Business

“Technology makes an impact almost in every business in this internet era.”

Would you neglect the above statement?

As there is a perpetual advent in the field of technology, businesses across the globe must have a situation to adapt themselves with current tech especially with mobile technology in order to sustain and to enrich their business. Arrival of smartphones and high speed internet connections have revolutionized the business world. Smart phones have made businesses more prominent, and that’s why every entrepreneurs are looking forward to compress the functionality of their website into a compatible mobile versions

Today Mobile Apps are ruling this upgraded world. With its valuable technological advancement, mobile apps have changed the way we work, communicate and shop. Moreover, mobile apps are experiencing constant growth every year with the arrivals of new trends and changes. Especially in this pandemic period, usage of mobile apps have risen beyond the expectations.
If you recognized the importance of mobile apps in business and looking forward to integrate the latest mobile technology for your business enhancement, then this article is exclusively for you

Here are some of the latest Mobile App development trends of 2021 which will impact in business:

M-Commerce Apps:

M-commerce is a process of buying & selling goods and services in mobile phones. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, there is an increasing demand for online shopping which made m-commerce as trend. As everyone has a smartphone these days, m-commerce users are in significant numbers. Moreover, mobile commerce is booming everywhere in this pandemic period. According to a report, more than 70% of sales in e-commerce are done in mobile phones. 

So if you are an e-commerce owner then probably you should move your business with the addition of m-commerce. With integrating m-commerce, you can easily reach wide audience

Rise of Cloud-Based Mobile Apps:

Whether it is corporate IT professionals or an ordinary layman, almost everyone is aware of cloud technology and its uses in our day to day lives. With further advancement, cloud technology is now securing a strong place in mobile apps. The major advantage in cloud based mobile apps is that if the user’s internal storage is less or full, then the user can utilize these apps to store their information and can retrieve it anywhere anytime. The scalability and flexibility in cloud technology allows the user to access and store data in a quick and secure manner.

Usage of cloud technology is rising in recent years which led its market revenue to grow 17% higher compared with its previous year with a total of $270 billion. You can utilize cloud technology in mobile app development to minimize development cost and to offer superior customer support. While considering cloud technology, Google drive and dropbox will hit your in mind. But actually these apps are just a tip of the iceberg.

Beacon Technology:

Beacons are small transmitters which are used to connect Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones. People who own a business or in the marketing field might have heard about the word “beacon technology”. This is because beacons are commonly used in marketing to send messages in order to provide more personalized service to users.

Today, retailers are utilizing location based beacons to make their interaction with customers better and more effective. By integrating with beacon technology, you can promote your business with providing exclusive offers, amazing deals and your customer’s preferred product information to them on time.
Beacons have the ability to find out your target audience which aid you to improve your sales by offering personalized offers to needed customers. So a mobile app integrated with beacon technology can widen your customer base and increase sales without doubt

Location Tracking Facility:

The location tracking in smartphones have become the most necessary one in recent times. This app feature found to be an additional supportive facts in tracking the user’s location and pin point their necessities and services nearer to them. Due to this many companies can start their marketing based on the user position and requirements. 

To drive online sales by many of the companies, this location tracking in their apps generates a great response by running promotional ads in particular regions of that mobile user.

For sure, this technique will be utilized in future by many companies to enhance their conversion rate immensely. Hence, this GPS location tracking acts as a trend to be captured and covered in mobile app development.

Usage of Mobile Wallets:

While the count of users who are making purchases online increases, simultaneously the count of users using mobile wallets to make payments has also risen. Particularly in 2020, the count of mobile wallet users has improved more. Several industries has already implemented this process to enrich their user & their business experience. Not only for online shopping, these wallets are used to make online bill payments, fund transactions, Mobile recharges and even more.

You can have several examples for mobile wallets like Google pay, Phonepe, Apple pay and much more. In that Apple pay and Google pay are highly preferred mobile wallets among the users. The most important reason to for preferring mobile wallets is that the convenience and the security in it. Every eCommerce platforms should make sure that they offer the option of payment through mobile wallets.

Arise of 5G Technology:

Arrival of 5G is the most awaited technological update currently. It will be the top mobile app development trend in the year 2021. According to the reports, 5G technology will be 100 times better and faster than the 4G.

5G appears suitable for high pixel 3D application, games, Augmented reality, Virtual reality technologies and in streaming 4k videos. Video streaming platforms can provide better user experience by integrating with 5G technology. Moreover, developers can make use of this 5G tech to make designs and to integrate features which will enhance the digital performance of many industries.

In business, 5G will be helpful by providing lightning fast data transfer and advanced network reliability. Average speed of 4G is about 56Mbps. In 5G the network speed will be upto 500 Mbps which means a lot for any business.

Internet of Things (IoT):

Initially IoT or Internet of Things is a process of connecting physical devices around the world via internet to collect and share data. Growth in the count of mobile devices boosted the opportunities for the IoT technology. IoT connects the devices which have internet access and provide automated controls for the user convenience. 

Well, Smart home technology is a perfect example of IoT. Mobile apps integrated with IoT tech can be utilized to lock & unlock doors, access thermostats, refrigerators and much more appliances can be connected and accessed. In simple terms, it will work as a security system of your home, office, etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI technology and Machine learning took the mobile app development into a new journal in the year 2020. Artificial Intelligence has registered its growth rate as 300% in 2019 and obviously in 2021 the number will be much greater without doubt. Artificial Intelligence integrated mobile apps plays a lead role in business growth with improving user engagement and automating routine tasks. 
Several enterprises are using Artificial Intelligence to automate the task which greatly save their money. You can take several big shots as examples like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, IBM. All these companies are investing in this technology to offer convenient user experience.


Basically, chatbots is a software used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech. Chatbot, a short form of chatterbot, is an AI feature which can be embedded and used in any messaging applications. In Business apps, chatbots will respond to customer’s requests quickly and enable the customer to experience the phenomenal customer service which will earn the customer’s reputation & results in larger conversions. 
Chatbots are used in all major businesses like B2B industries, Transportation services, food delivery services, ecommerce industry, Real Estate, Banking, Medical and much more.

Predictive Analytics:

Predictive analytics is the process of predicting the future outcomes or events by analyzing a large set of data. It is an advanced form of analytics which will recognize the likelihood of future outcomes using statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques. Several companies like Facebook, Google and Apple have already integrated AI-based predictive analytics to improve user journeys across the UX/UI.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

When it comes to mobile apps, all we require is user-friendliness and fast. This is because users will leave your site or your app if it takes more time to load. Moreover, if the app does not fix your mobile screen, obviously you would neglect it. To fix this dilemma, top app developers use Accelerated Mobile pages as a solution. Hence, Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) and progressive web apps(PWA) are on-trend.

Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology has been evolving across the globe for the past few years. Many people are using fitness trackers, healthcare monitors,smart watches these days to monitor their health. With the outbreak of corona, consciousness towards their health has raised and so in upcoming days usage of wearables will have explosive growth.

So Mobile apps that properly sync wearable devices with smartphones are in rising demand now. If you are in medical business or in sort of business in which wearables make its impact, it is a much needed one to integrate your mobile app with wearable technology in order to stand unique. Having an app for a wearable device can nurture a business growth

Foldable Apps for Flip Phones: 

At the time of Flip Phones launching, it is found to be one of the luxury items at that time period. But after the arrival of many advanced smartphones, this device became obsolete. Now certainly these models are coming back with new innovations. Many companies have already launched their foldable smartphones. This makes many of the mobile users to handle it based on their convenience. 
Coming to the point of mobile app development, you can customize the applications based on these flip phones too. As this flip phones are coming with quite more attention among wide range of users, developing a mobile apps compatible to this foldable device adds an extra beneficial fact to be considered in mobile app trends in 2021

Instant Mobile Apps:

Instant apps are small software through which users can access native app without installing it on the device. These apps appears as a demo for App. The features and functionalities of the app can be recognized by the user before downloading it. The most important factor in instant apps is it does not take your device storage because the user doesn’t install it.

On-Demand Apps:

On-Demand apps are not a new concept, But it is an everlasting one. By changing the human’s day to day life simpler, these apps are shining as a all time needed one. These apps are simple to use and accomplish a person’s any need or service instantly. Its beneficial has earned more than 22 millions of consumers every year. Moreover, about 60 billions USD dollars have been spent in on-demand apps every year.

AR & VR:

AR & VR is the most important one which have been revolutionizing the gaming industry. Initially it is not a new concept, but it is upgrading over years. Not only in gaming, impact of of AR and VR technology can be seen in several industries like education, real estate, entertainment, retail, healthcare, travel etc

Once after tech giants Google and Apple released ARCore and ARKit, the mobile app development industry has experienced an immense growth.

Mobile Apps with Biometric authentication:

Biometric authentication security measure that analyze the biometric features of a user to verify that a person trying to access a particular device is authorized to do. You can take fingerprint scanning in smart phones as a perfect example. Today several mobile apps have came with this idea. A mobile app with bio metric authentication can provide high security for your user details. Banking sectors and financial sectors should integrate with this technology in order provide better experience for their users.

Final Words:

There are millions of apps in both major app store & play store. Still tons of applications are making their arrival in popular apps stores each of every day. In order to stay unique and special among these apps, all you need to focus on features and the trends.

If you are looking to have a mobile app for your business, then it is essential to have have the above mentioned trends which will gradually elevate your user experience without doubt.


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