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Top Mobile App Ideas to Start your Business in 2021

Top Mobile App Ideas to Start your Business in 2021

“Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money.”

The most successful startups today was once an idea. They all began with a simple idea and became a successful brand. In fact, for most of them, the product looked completely different, served a different need and market!

An aspiring individual who desires to create a new business and become an entrepreneur could ask , “I want to start a startup, but have no ideas. What should I do?”

What Type of App Should I Build? What My App Should Offer? Will it hit the Market? Will it be Successful? These are the questions that arise in every one's mind when they look to build a business through an App.

The answer is simple: Coming up with the right idea will improve your odds of successful execution.

The Success of Startups is mainly based on Idea. An App Startup Business is all about a great Idea.

But coming up with the best Mobile App ideas is not as easy as you think. It seems to be one of the toughest parts of the process that every entrepreneur should have to overcome. We have complied and come up with the best Mobile App Ideas for Startups that will help you to succeed in your business in 2021.

Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2021

  1. Restaurant Reservation App
  2. Food Delivery App
  3. Fitness Tracking App
  4. Online Shopping App
  5. Real Estate Mobile Apps
  6. Personal Finance Apps
  7. Healthcare Apps
  8. Tours and Travels Apps
  9. Medicine Delivery App 
  10. Online Learning and Educational Apps
  11. Transport and Logistics App

Restaurant Reservation Apps

Food Industry is greatly transforming with the help of mobile apps. Food and Beverage Mobile apps have been a great help for both restaurants and customers.  For Example, Many people nowadays njoy dining outside with their families together but finding the table for their whole family becomes a challenging task. Many people don't like to wait on the queues for a table. But with the help of Restaurant Booking App which comes with a Table Booking Feature will help users book from their home without any hassles. This is just an example for a single Feature. But Food and Beverage App Development has a lot more features benefiting a business.

Examples: Dineout, Resy, Spotluck, Reserve, Nowait, EazyDiner, Venuelytics

Food Delivery Apps

As the Food Industry is becoming a billion dollar industry, building an Online Food ordering App is one of the best mobile app ideas of 2021. Food Ordering App allows users to find the best restaurants in their area and allows them to order it online. It helps users get their favourite food from their favourite restaurants within a single tap on their mobile phones. 

Examples: UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, Grubhub

Fitness Tracking Apps

Health is Wealth. But managing health in this modern busy work life becomes more difficult for people. A Fitness tracker app can be the right solution. This app allows users to make a health plan for their daily routine and help track them at all times. This app sends notifications at right times and keeps them updated with their health updates. According to a recent study, Fitness apps downloads grew by nearly 46% worldwide during 2020. So Fitness Tracking App Development can be a great idea for your startup.

Examples: Google fit, Sworkit, Workit, FitNotes, Runtastic, Samsung health


Online Shopping Apps

E-commerce has been on the massive rise in the recent years, but it may not be the next true frontier for online shopping as m-commerce continues to become a major channel for shopping. As a large number of ecommerce sites are generating high revenues from these online shopping apps. Whether it is clothing or any accessories users prefer applications for everything. eCommerce app development can be a great way to get started in 2021.

Examples: Amazon, eBay, InstaCart, Facebook marketplace, Chewy, Flipkart

Real Estate Mobile Apps

Real Estate business is always an evergreen business. Both buyers and sellers are always seeking the ability to review relevant property data from any Mobile device. As per research Out of 80% of the interested buyers for properties in the US, 70% of people prefer to look for good properties on mobile apps. Real estate mobile app allows buyers to find their dream properties from the comfort of their couch. They can select and view various properties before deciding to buy. Real Estate Apps give builders, brokers, and aggregators an online platform where they can serve the customers with 24/7 services without the need of attending to them.

Examples: Zillow, Xome Auctions, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor, Apartments.com

Personal Finance Apps

Budgeting is a challenge for many people. Managing money, bills and sticking to a budget may not be an easy process. It is very hard for one to keep their personal and business finances in order, to overcome these personal finance apps can be a great solution. With a personal finance app the process of managing the budgeting, earning, and saving gets easier for everyone. It simplifies all the critical financial steps necessary in running a business.

From calculating the budget, setting up bill payment reminders, track investment to checking your credit score, Personal Finance mobile applications are of great use. So Creating a Personal Finance App that People will want To use can yield you high revenue in 2021.

Examples: Mint, You Need a Budget(YNAB), Personal Capital, Clarity Money, Walnut, Monefy

Healthcare Apps

The demand for healthcare apps has been in a great rise as it helps people to connect with their doctors online from their home. Health Monitoring App allows users to monitor, keeps track of their health and reminds them to make appointments for their routine health check-ups.It would also give patients the opportunity to more easily find a professional, find a doctor, therapist, or some other health specialist opinions online. It is a great app idea in recent times.
Examples: Practo, ZocDoc, Doximity, Medici, AirStrip

Tours and Travels Apps

It is very difficult to find places, Beat the traffic, find a place to stay in other countries when one visits it for the first time. Tourism apps can be of great help at these times. It shows all the famous tourist spots, restaurants, and popular things for travelers to try in that country or location so that the users can enjoy them to their fullest. It can make users travel way better. 

According to the Mobile travel trends report by Travelport Digital, around 80% of tourists use a mobile  app to plan and book their trips. As the demand for traveling apps is growing more than ever it can be a right idea to start your business and generate income.

Examples: MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor

Medicine Delivery App 

medicine is an industry that never goes outdated. Online Medicine Delivery is a trend now. The current pandemic situation has encouraged online medicine ordering and delivery services worldwide without going to the medical shop. It allows users to order medicine online from the list of nearby medical or pharmacy shops and get delivered. The user can keep track of every detail of the order summary and delivery. Even after the pandemic gets over people tend to order online so in 2021 and upcoming years Medicine Delivery App is definitely going to be a lucrative source of business. 

Examples: 1mg, Epocrates, Netmeds

Online Learning and Educational Apps

Mobile technology has revolutionized the traditional methods of teaching and learning.Finding the right tutor can be a challenging one. But with the Help of online Learning apps students or professionals can find the best tutor around the world and can learn from thousands of online courses. According to research The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025. so investing in eLearning App Development can be great business in 2021.

Example: Udemy, Coursera, Byju's

Transport and Logistics Apps

Moving a large number of goods from one place to another requires careful handling and proper management of the entire process. That's what Logistics Apps serves to the People. it allows users to effectively find a truck and move their goods safely. It allows them to track the whole process until it reaches their destination within their smartphones. If you are an avid entrepreneur who is looking for large returns on investments then Logistics App Development can be the right idea.

Examples: Lynk, Porter, GoGoVan


We hope these Best Mobile App ideas will help you fuel your startup business.

The value of an idea lies in using it. 

It may be an idea from our list or your own idea, start building your app and get your idea off the ground today. MacAndro is a top rated Mobile App Development Company trusted by startups across the country.

Request for a free consultation about your project today.

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