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Start an Online Multi-Services Booking Business in Single Platform

Start an Online Multi-Services Booking Business in Single Platform

The worldwide economic growth was greatly aided by the enormous growth of the travel and tourism sector. According to the Statista report, the global tourism marketplace was forecast to grow by approximately 4% in the upcoming years. And Everyone loves to enrich their life with beautiful journeys around the world.

It’s the right moment to start a travel business and earn more revenue from it. If you’re getting into the landscape of travel business, you’ve to likely notice the new generation traveler's expectation, find out the challenges faced by the audiences while traveling, and emerging technologies in travel management.

By accomplishing the audience's needs and adapting these impacts will help you to perform well in the travel landscape and be successful in the future.

Are you ready to level up your travel business?

Presently, More and more people are likely to go on a trip with gusto. But they hate to spend hours searching for the best hotels, and lovely tourist places to visit. And mainly the discomforts of airports and delaying cab service too. Such things will easily get fed up and put your travel mood suffer.

Don’t let your customers experience those things. Find out an amazing way to make your clients enjoy their trips and grow up your travel business eventually.

Looking for the potential way to fulfill multi-service on your travel business?

Here’s the right solution,

Start an online multi-services booking business on a single platform. Yeah..!! MacAndro offers a ready-made script for travel business which includes hotel booking, flight booking, tour booking, and cab booking. It’s a turnkey solution to kickstart your travel business. Grab the exclusive travel business script with all trendy unique features and skyrocket your travel business to the new height.

Our Travel Booking Script Services:

We furnish best-in-class travel booking solutions with cutting-edge technologies that provide a better user experience on mobiles, desktops, laptops, and tablets. Macandro’s experts will make your business life on the road easier.

Here’s our list of travel booking script services,

1) Hotel Booking Script
2) Flight Booking Script
3) Tour Booking Script
4) Cab Booking Script

Now, Let us get into know about the services in detail,

Hotel Booking Script:

In every trip, booking the right hotel is an essential one. Hotel is the place where we can stay, refresh and enjoy the vacation. All we need is a comfortable, neat, priceworthy hotel. Macandro offers the travel booking script with multiple room bookings and listing options to make the process easier for both client and host. Let the users can view the in-and-out hotel rooms, compare the price of hotels, check the availability of the rooms via calendars, and review the hotel's services and feedback.

hotel booking script

Benefits of Hotel Booking Script:

1) Signup/Login through multiple modes
2) Advanced Search Filters
3) Wishlist Option
4) Multiple Room Bookings
5) Several rooms Listing
6) Reviews & Ratings
7) Various mode of payments
8) Refer friends
9) And more.

Flight Booking Script:

Using flight modules, users can make the reservation on both domestic and international flights in a simple way. With advanced search options, one can get the list of available flights and timings along with price details. There are a lot of unique features available in this script. Let the user can search the flight with advanced search filters which include stopping destination, departure, location, date of travel, flight type, and many.

flight booking script

Benefits of Flight Booking Script:

1) Ease admin panel
2) Multiple payment gateway integrations
3) Book a flight and get an invoice
4) Receive the tickets in the mail
5) Multi-language support
6) Google Map Integrated
7) Flight cancellation
8) Save time and money
9) 24&7 support
10) And more.

Travel Booking Script:

We provide the feature-rich Travel Booking Script which is incorporated with the latest trends and technologies. And mainly, the admin interface is built user-friendly and admin can create, edit, and delete the tourist packages with photos, descriptions, and prices. Users can search the tourist spot by using the advanced filters and can book the trip packages from the search result. The search filter for travel booking module includes journey dates, adventure destinations, hotels, arrival, departure, number of days and nights, room type, number of people, price and so on. Users can pre schedule the trip as well as cancel the trip in advance. Our script is well designed and easy to use for everyone.

travel booking script

Benefits of Travel Booking Script:

1) Book the trip easily
2) Google map API integrated
3) Reviews section
4) Compare price
5) Multiple payment gateway options
6) Advanced reporting
7) Enhanced search filters
8) And more...

Car Booking Script:

One can easily book a car for their trip using this module. Using the advanced search filter users can pick the car based on the car type, size, price, and location. Admin can list the different car models, description and price and have the ability to add, update and delete the listing. Our script offers multiple language options. Give the best experience to your users with our car rental script.

Benefits of Car Rental Script:

1) Multiple signup/login
2) Instant Booking
3) Search filters
4) User-friendly dashboards
5) Manage car listings
6) Ratings and reviews
7) Google Map API
8) Track location
9) Secure payment
10) And more...

Why choose us?

Macandro offers excellent travel booking script to clients by discovering all the possible ways to deliver high performance, reliable and faster mobile and web applications to their clients. Here are the reasons to go with the Macandro team.

Whitelabel Script

we offer the white-labeled travel booking script that helps you to easily update your logo and name in the admin panel of the travel booking application.

Bug-free Support

we deliver high quality and functional solutions to all clients. In the future, any major issues found, we’re always ready to fix those issues.

24*7 Support

Our team of experts supports all our clients on time.

100% Reliable Source Code

We offered the full source code of the application based on the price package.

End-to-End Technical Support

Our dedicated pool of technical experts assist you to resolve the technical issues of the application.

Free Installation

within a short time, we facilitate you to install the application to your server and launch your application.

Wind up:

Macandro offers hotel, travel, cab, and flight booking in a single platform on mobile and web applications. Users are more comfortable with mobile apps and web applications to fulfill their needs on hand and expect the one who offers reliable travel services with effective applications. So that you can reach new heights by launching your travel business with the most prominent travel booking script with hotel, tour, cab and flight booking services. It’s not that hard, just take a few intentional steps in your business and stay ahead in the marketplace

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