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News App Development - Create Apps To Deliver Breaking News At Finger Tips

News App Development - Create Apps To Deliver Breaking News At Finger Tips

News App Development is captivating the larger media players in recent times and evolving as an exceptional business model as there is a significant surge in the usage of news app. You could say it’s because of “COVID19”, but the fact is corona is one of the reasons for this growth and not the only reason. With the advent of smartphones, a larger community of sharing news have driven to mobile platforms via applications. This shift over turned several media’s players to create a news app.
Meanwhile this incredible conception also didn’t fail to attract the entrepreneurs who seek for emerging business concept. Whatever you may be, either you are a media player or else an entrepreneur striving to exploit this idea to make millions, this article about newspaper app development, will solve all your queries & helps you to set path towards greater success in the media industry.

Do News Apps are Really in Demand? 

At the early stage of 2020, people across the globe relied on news mediums like never before to get updates about the critical situation of COVID19. Since then, its growth has been immense as users are turning their smartphones to consume news.
To get more clear, go through some statistical stuff 

  1. Worldwide news app users count has doubled in recent years.
  2. In recent times, USA witnessed an enormous spike in news app downloads that it records 55% rise in downloads and its daily sessions has reached about 97%.
  3. In Asia, it has reported that there is 30% improvement in news app downloads and its session has soared to 51%.

Obviously these numbers will make you to recognize the need for news app development and the demand for news apps in world market. 

News App Development & its Different Types

News app development is the process of developing mobile apps that provides instant world updates to its users at their fingertips.
News Apps can be divided into two major categories
News Aggregator
News aggregator app collects news from various mediums and provides it the users in a sorted manner.  These apps gathers the data about what is occurring in a city, country or even worldwide.
Apps for News Portal
Large scale media players who are existing in this industry will have their own news to cover the mobile audience. In order to survive in the industry, being available in multi platforms(mobile apps) is the only possible way to gain worldwide users.

Top Benefits You can Cherish By Going with News Application Development

Whether you create a news aggregator app or normal news app for a single publication, you can gain several benefits. Explore some below
Delivers Superior User Experience
With a news app, you can deliver the best user experience to your readers. Moreover, you can track your user’s data and find out their interest and can provide their needed one. By following this strategy you can gain more audience and it is also possible to retain the existing users.

Ease to Engage with Audience
By going with news app development, it is possible to engage with your audience at anywhere anytime using push notification. Well, push notification is the most important factor for mobile apps as it highly benefits in engaging with users. By making updates to your users about breaking news & essential stories in your app, you can engage with your target audience 24/7. 

Monetization Models

A news and magazine app provides you several opportunities to gain revenue. Go through it below
In this method, you could allow the users to use your news app at free of cost and can charge your users to access some specific features like watching videos, removing ads, live telecast or whatever as per your wish.
In-app advertising
Well most of the apps functions under this concept these days. In this model, you can generate revenue by showing ads to your users. Several popular news apps like BBC, Buzzfeed and Flipboard follow this strategy.
In subscription, news apps can be accessed only after paying. Loyal customers who want to access your premium content will pay and access it.
Well this is the rarest model in which users can donate for the welfare of the app if they wish. Here you can ask donations to your readers to support your news and magazine application. 

Essential Features of News App Development

A successful news app requires a variety of features. Well features is the most important factor for an app’s success. Here we have listed out some must have features for news app.

  • Registration and Login
  • Social media Integration
  • Manage Profile
  • Newsfeed API
  • Push Notifications
  • Search & Filtering Options
  • Liking & Commenting Option
  • Email Alerts
  • Live News Update
  • Categories 

How to Build a Successful News & Magazine Application?

In order to create a successful news app,  you should follow the below steps
Make sure the type of your app

Finalize that you are going a launch a single publication news app or an aggregator. Or else you can invent your own app idea apart from these two
Fix your competitor

Going blind into the industry with just an idea may slow down your growth. So it is better to choose a successful news app in the industry and analyze it and try to provide better solutions apart from them.
List out your technical specification
Before getting into your news app development, it is better to list out your technical specification & requirements(features, target audience, etc). A specification will provide detailed information about your app which will be beneficial to turn your app idea into real.   
Find out your right Partner to Convert your Idea
Once after finalizing all your ideas about your app, you need to approach a reputed mobile app development company like MacAndro who has the ability to make your idea into reality. By choosing an Indian app developer like MacAndro, you can cherish the quality app development with minimal cost.
Moreover, some may feel it is difficult to draft a specification for their app on their own. For those, MacAndro assists to draw their detailed specification by providing various support. 

How Much Cost to Create a News App & Website?

Well the cost for newspaper app development depends upon various factors like features, specifications, platform and much more. For instance, you can develop your news app in either Android or iOS or can build a hybrid app which supports both platform. For these, the cost may differ.
News app with essential features come with less cost and the app that is integrated with unique features and technologies may be higher. Moreover, it is better to approach a Indian mobile app development company like MacAndro rather than other countries, as Indian developers charge less than other countries which will reduce your news application development cost greatly.

Being an expertise in news app development, we are reputed and recognized in developing news applications with unique features and functionalities beyond the user’s requirements.  In order to know the exact price for your news app development, better get connect with our experts.

Our Unique Features in News App Development

Apart from the essential features, we at MacAndro provide some unique features to make you stand out from your competitors and make your app successful. Some of them are listed below
Personalized Feed
We provide our news app with personalized features in which users can get news feed from their preferred location and niche.
Offline accessibility
To engage your users even without a network, we offer a feature which provides news feed and allows your users to read news in offline mode.
Multi Language Support
We provide multi language support to your app and so your users can read their news in their preferred language.
Payment Integration
We provide in-app payment options for your news app and so your reader who looks to access your premium content can make their payments within your app.
Social Media Sharing
This feature allows your reader to share news to social mediums which in turn creates branding for your app and also improves your user engagement. 


Online news industry is evolving faster with the assistance of emerging technologies. With the lightning speed of technological advancement, users prefer instant news updates at their fingertips which creates a huge demand for news application. Even though there are several news apps in the market, the demand for it has never gone down.  There won’t be a day without news and so there won’t be a day without demand for news app. So going with news app development will never let you financially down.


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1How Can I Build a News App?

Here is the step by step guide to build a news app

  1. Choose the type of your news app
  2. Fix your competitor
  3. List out your technical specification
  4. Find out your right Partner to Convert your Idea
  5. Convey Your Requirements
  6. Launch Your App
2Is Developing News App is profitable?

Yes, Ofcourse. Usage of news apps raised greatly. Moreover, about 40% of users are preferring paid news application. So developing news app is much beneficial in terms of earning.

3What is the Cost to Build News App?

Well for developing a news app may starts from $30,000 and upwards. The cost depends on the complexity of your app and the features you require to add in it.

4How to Earn by Developing a News App?

There are several opportunities to gain revenue in news app. Go through the revenue models

  • Paid app
  • In app advertising
  • Subscription
  • Donation

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