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Offline First Mobile App Development - Build Apps That Works Beyond The Internet

Offline First Mobile App Development - Build Apps That Works Beyond The Internet

Have you ever heard about “offline app development”?

Well, this phrase has been trending in enterprise and business  verticals for the past few months. Due to lousy internet speed or poor connection, tons of mobile apps have been discarded by the users from their smart phones across the globe yearly. Apparently these circumstances will affect any business if that app seems a primary source for that business. 

Today almost every business has mobile apps for their business either to manage internally or to attract customers. Especially large scale industries and enterprises will have an enterprise app to manage their stuff internally. In such scenario, an app with low performance will certainly affect their productivity without doubt. This fact made entrepreneurs and other business verticals to turn towards offline first app development.

If you are one among them and looking forward to merge this advanced mobile technology with your business, then this article is especially for you. You can find out answers for all questions regarding this topic in this article. Initially let up start with its basic explanation.

What is Offline first app?

Offline first mobile app is an ordinary app that functions seamlessly on both online and offline state. It runs smoothly even in offline without compromising the experience and so the users can access, transfer and update data even without network connection. Actually these apps will download the data from the server and store it in the user’s device which can be accessed even in offline mode.

Demand For Offline Apps in Market

A report says that over 70 percent of the users quit the app while it takes time in loading. And above 55% of them will never return when it fails them.  These offline apps resemble as a great resolution for this dilemma. As it is highly beneficial for businesses in resolving the problem with internet connectivity issues, demand and seek for offline first app development booms greatly in the market.

How Does Offline First Mobile Apps Differs from Normal Apps?

Usually mobile applications work & functions smoothly while it gets seamless & robust internet connectivity. If there is a problem in network connection then the app might not work correctly and runs slowly. Well, this offline mobile app will rectify this situation by moving  the content to the user’s device from the server.

  • In normal mobile apps, data will be stored in the server and those data can be accessed by the users only when there is a stable internet connection.
  • In Offline Mobile Apps, the information will be available in the device and so there is no need to request the server to provide data. As the information is in the application, it will be retrieved by the user at anywhere anytime.

In What Ways Offline Mobile Application Development Benefits Your Business?

Explore the top advantage that an enterprise can seize while going with offline first app development

Provides Quick Loading

One of the major reasons to prefer offline app development is instant loading. It offers speedy loading of the app & offers a streamlined access to all the features of the app in offline mode.

Assist to Overcome Your Competitors

Almost every business has a competitor. Moreover, every one has app for their business and to overcome them, you have to be unique in somewhere. As offline app development is emerging concept and new to market, it will play a key role to overcome  your competitors.

No roaming Charges

While you are travelling to other counties, some normal mobile apps will require cost to access data, but in offline apps, it is possible to access the data without any expenses.

Stands First Choice for the Users

When the users find out that your app is accessible in the areas of poor connectivity, obviously your app will be the primary option and they will be more loyal.

Simple Data Storage

While you have a normal app, the internet is essential to store data on the server. In an offline first mobile app you don’t need to worry about the network connection and the data will be stored to the server automatically once the internet connection is stable.

Solid Reasons for the Businesses to Prefer offline app development

1. As offline apps has the ability to function on any condition, users will enjoy to use your app and also suggest your app to their friends & family

2. Your customers can explore a fantastic mobile experience and access your services even they are in bad network area

3. It is possible to manage all your company internal activities with full flexibility using these offline apps.

4. Users will adore to use your app as it can the accessed immediately without any specific conditions

5. Even in travelling conditions, your app will be accessible and connects you with your users.   

6. Any format of data, whether it is a document, drawing, videos can be accessed when there is poor signal

How to Build a High Functioning Offline Mobile Apps?

In offline first mobile application development, the major factor to sort out is how your offline business app is going to perform(store & retrieve data) in the absence of internet connection. In order to overcome this, you need to connect with a reputed mobile app development company like MacAndro who has heap of domain knowledge in this sector.

Most of the companies prefer two concepts to solve this problem. They are


Cache is the easiest way to manage the local data as it will be accessible whether there is connection or not with the database. But if you are looking to build an app that need an access to edit data and apply changes offline, caching won’t be right choice

Manual Replication

This feature enables the user to change the viewed data and save it locally while staying in offline mode. Once the application gets connected with the server, the user can upload the changes manually or can download new information. But this method is a risky process as doing it manually won’t suit all time as the users may be assigned to some other work and can forget.

But at MacAndro, we suggest

Real Time Data Synchronization

This method is similar to manual replication and has a slight difference in working. Here the data will be uploaded automatically to the server once the network connection is stable. We use advanced and latest synchronization protocols. And so an offline app build using this type can update not only the changed data but also actions done to change it. This method enables the system to automatically fix conflicts and simultaneously boost the app performance.


Almost every business requires an app that is stable and accessible to its clients at anywhere anytime, which is the first concern for the users. While considering this factor, there is no other better solution other than offline app development. If you are looking to apply this solution for your business benefit and seeking  for a qualified offline app builder to make your dream alive, MacAndro is always there for you to and to turn your requirements into best results.


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1How Do Offline Apps Work?

These apps will download the data automatically uploaded in the app server while it has internet connection and shows provides the data whenever the user needs even in offline mode.

2Why Should I Prefer Offline First App For My Business?

Offline first app helps you to get connect with your clients even lack of network connection and allows the users to access some specific features even without internet

3How Long it will take To Build my Offline App?

Well the time to build an offline app depends on various factors and requirements you prefer. Basic type of offline app with essential features can take anywhere between 1 to 5 weeks and for complex offline app, the duration may increase.

4Have You Build Offline first apps Before?

Yes, MacAndro has delivered several offline first apps for different business verticals across the globe.

5Will a dedicated team will be assigned for my project development?

Yes, we will assign a well experienced and skilled team to work on your project on full time. You will also get updates about the project on daily basis from our team.

6Why MacAndro for Offline App Development?

Being an expertise in offline first application development, MacAndro has a well trained separate team to build offline apps according to your requirements.

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