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OTT App Development Company - MacAndro

OTT App Development Company - MacAndro

OTT App Development Company - MacAndro, a leading OTT solutions provider furnish end-to-end custom OTT solutions right from design & development to testing and support as per your specific business needs.

In this Pandemic situation, OTT app development business has reached its peak. As many businesses gets devastated due to this pandemic, OTT or Over-the-top made this as a favour to set its benchmark in the industry verticals. Well, it has been recorded that more than 500 scripted series has been released in OTT platform in one year. Apart from this, there are lots of content like TV show and kids content that may rise this count to thousands.

Below image describes the growth & demand of OTT market in the pandemic situation:

For the past eight years, OTT service has experienced a substantial growth with revenues growing exponentially from 6.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2010 to over ten times greater amount in the year of 2018. Moreover, a report claims that there will be more than 210 million worldwide  OTT users by 2021. When we dive further into the statistics, the numbers are climbing bigger and makes us clear that OTT is evolving incredibly by pushing back all the other video consumption mediums.  Well all these numbers and statistics are conveying that our future is Over-the-top and let us move towards it.

Well, this colossal demand transforms an even greater market to fend to the needs of the consumption and it assuredly makes this “golden era” of TV into perspective. If you are reading this article then you are probably looking into the greater possibilities to develop your own OTT video app to shine in media industry. If that so, let me demonstrate about OTT platform from scratch and its farfetched revenue models.

What is OTT?

Over-the-top or OTT is process of streaming content to the users directly over the internet. OTT commonly represents the video-on-demand platforms, but also indicates messaging services, audio streaming or internet-based voice calling solutions. By hitting its peak on demand, now OTT appears as the future of entertainment.

What is OTT app?

An OTT or over-the-top application is a video streaming app service which offers product or content over the Internet by video and sidesteps  traditional distribution. Over-the-top is an industrial concept that aid you to to stream video. Almost every services that comes out from OTT are probably related to media and communication in the lower cost rather than traditional method of delivery.

Why OTT platform is so popular?

Well the above number and statistics makes us clears that consumers love OTT content rather than traditional. While coming upon these info, you would have rise with a question that what makes this such popular. Here I have listed some reasons where OTT bypasses the traditional alternatives.

High-value content at minimum cost:

Generally streaming services are considered as cost-effective when compared to the traditional packages. When it comes to cable or traditional, user has to watch the offered content without choice. But in OTT, at a reasonable fee, consumer can experience their beloved content at anywhere anytime.

Quality content:​ 

Top OTT companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Philo, WatchTV, Hulu and much more have initiated to generating high value content exclusively available at a reasonable cost. Well, OTT provider like Disney+ and HBO Go also upholds exclusive streaming licenses to broadcast content.

Accessibility in multiple devices:

In order to watch cable television, all we need isa television set. But, we can enjoy OTT content in wide range of devices right from smart phones, tablet to Apple TVs, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Xbox, Amazon Fire sticks and much more. And the most important point is all the OTT account holder can grab the same OTT experience across all streaming devices.

OTT App Monetization Strategies:

Here is the top there primary OTT video streaming monetization models that are followed by the popular OTT providers like Netflix and Amazon prime.  

Subscription Video On-demand - SVOD:

SVOD or Subscription Video On-Demand is very much alike traditional cable packages that produce content to the users as they desire in the monthly subscription process. Major benefit in SVOD is that consumers are not tied up with this scheme for a long term and so they have complete freedom to drop out. This appears as a greater flexibility for users and makes the OTT providers to sense the more retaining consumers

Transactional Video On-demand - TVOD:

When considering TVOD, it is entirely different contrary to SVOD, as it works in pay-per-view basis. In TVOD there are two choice and the first one is Download to rent (DTR) in which users can get a piece of content for a bounded period at a minimum cost and second one is Electronic Sell-through (EST), where they can get a piece of content permanently by paying once. Most probably TVOD services typically retains user by providing alluring price offers, so they continue to return in the future.

Advertising Based Video On-demand - AVOD:

AVOD is free for the consumers rather than SVOD and TVOD services. You would come across AVOD while enjoying videos in YouTube and DailyMotion in which ad revenues are utilized to counterbalance the production & hosting cost. While comparing with Advertising video on-demand model, SVOD and TVOD generated greater revenue.

How Can I build my own OTT App like Netflix, Amazon Prime?

While coming upon the also these above stuff, you would have made your decision to build your own video streaming app as it an appreciable idea to invest in fanciful content delivery network. But once after that next thing that comes to your mind is where to get it?. If that so, let me guide you

If you gonna launch your own video streaming app, then its great that you are in a right place. However, OTT app development process requires whole lot of work patience and only professional OTT app developers like MacAndro can handle. Being a leading mobile App Development Company, they are well versed in desgning & developing a live steaming video app right from scratch as well as in providing popular clone scripts like Netflix clone, Amazon prime clone and even more.

Our Popular Clone scripts in OTT Platform:

As we all know the world of streaming has five major players controlling most of the major content that is released. MacAndro upholds powerful clone script with smart end for those players.

Netflix Clone:

Obviously Netflix is the front-runner in the streaming wars without doubt as it has the biggest target on its back with over 158.3 million subscribers globally. Till now, no other competitor get close to their outputs and subscriber growth. Well this is more than enough to get attract towards the Netflix clone. MacAndro utilize innovative techniques and effective strategies to deliver a Netflix clone with precocious functionality.                         


Amazon Prime video Clone:

Prime Video, also known as Amazon Prime Video, is an American video streaming app service which is developed and operated by Amazon. Amazon has quite good number of subscriber base with over 101 million, yet not all of those subscribers are technically Prime Video viewers though amazon prime video is tied with Amazon prime. Eventhough it is good count to navigate entrepreneurs towards kick start a live streaming app like Amazon Prime. For those, MacAndro has developed a new Amazon Prime Video Clone for the end-users who likes to take over the business on the video streaming


Hulu Clone:

Hulu is another American On-Demand video streaming service owned by the Walt Disney Company. Hulu stands next to Netflix by consuming the largest subscriber base of 28 million individually. Furthermore, Hulu charge little expensive monthly subscription as they are named for releasing original content and also they provide live TV and sports packages. If you are impressed with Hulu business model, get Hulu Clone script from MacAndro and launch your own live streaming app/website like Hulu in which you can stream the letest TV shows and movies.


HBO Now Clone:

With three different versions as HBO GO, HBO Now and HBO Max, HBO has the highest segmented streaming services on the market over all others. It was officially owned by the Warner media and it upholds more than 9 million subscribers. You can Meet all your video streaming business requirements with our HBO Clone that come with appealing UI/UX design and innovative features.


Disney+ Clone:

Disney+ is the recently launched live streaming service provider which was owned by the biggest producer of the entertainment “Disney”. Well, features of the Disney+ are quite impressive than any other streaming service available. Being the newest the field, they earn more than 10 million subscribers within one day after its launch. If you are impressed with Disney+ and looking to build a OTT app like Disney+, get connect with us. We assure that you can excite your users with our stunning Disney+ Clone that are reinforced with amazing features.



Delivering video to every app platform is one of the biggest challenges facing OTT programmers. With a huge count of devices, development frameworks, platforms and operating systems, it looks beyond the bounds of possibility for a content provider to manage it. Thankfully, we are an artist in such areas as we know the aspects of Live Streaming App Development and we can deliver on virtually to all platforms like Android TV/mobile, iOS, webOS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon fire TV, etc..



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