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Progressive Web App Development - The Future of Online Businesses

Progressive Web App Development - The Future of Online Businesses

Due to its remarkable benefits, progressive web app development have become a first concern for all businesses in this techy world. Well, almost every business major concern was to be available for their users regardless of the time, place or device. While considering these factors, nothing can match apart from progressive web apps. No matter whether your customer lives in USA, Uk, Spain or any part of the world and use desktop or mobile device, by going with PWA development, you can make your business availability to them.  

Moreover, several big player’s like Flipkart, Aliexpress has announced that they have witnessed over 50% to 100% growth in conversion rate after merging with this incredible technology. This success story inspired entrepreneurs across the globe to create progressive web app. If you are one among them, then this article will a resolution for all your queries related progressive app development. 

What is Progressive Web App?

In short words, progressive web app is a website that appears and provides the feel of native mobile app by bringing out the combined mobile experience & compatibility of web browsers. In addition, these progressive web apps provides exemplary visual content, excellent flow and mesmeric experience like native apps. To probe more about this topic, refer this article - What are progressive web apps?

Dominance of Progressive Web Applications

  1. As progressive web app development shines apt for all industries, it has captivated several top players of online marketplace like Twitter, Forbes, Uber with its myriad benefits. 
  2. A survey result says that around 85% of digital experts claims progress web applications are working better than normal web apps and it advisable to invest in progressive web application development without doubt. 
  3. Furthermore, big brands which have switched to progressive web apps has registered that they have experienced significant growth in users engagement. 
  4. For example, Twitter Lite detected a remarkable rise of around 60% per session and lowered nearly 20% in bounce rate after using PWA.

Big Brands Using Progressive Web Apps:

       5.Smashing Magazine

Why should you go for Progressive Web App Development?

Literally, Progressive web applications breaks out difference between the mobile app and website by providing groundbreaking features like excellent loading speed, native like performance, offline availability and low memory consumption.  Moreover, by building a progressive web app you can sort out several problems. Explore them below

Reduce Cost Factors

While comparing with other applications, PWAs greatly minimize your app cost without compromising the features & functionality. With PWA, you can experience higher conversions simultaneously lowering your cost for development upto 10%.

Sorts Out Connectivity Issues

Loading Speed is a major factor for any online medium whether it is mobile app for website. More than 50% of users will quit a website or mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. With utilizing progressive web apps, it is possible to provide enhanced we experience to your users. Moreover, you can cover both non-app and app in their beloved space without taking too much effort.

Automatic Updates

PWA’s assit you to update your content in real time and so you can provide impeccable experience to your users and aid to achieve your goals in business easily. 

Enhanced Conversion & User flow

As users prefers quick loading, slow loading has been a dilemma for mobile app. With faster loading and better experience, progressive web apps shines as the perfect match for user’s requirements that results in increased conversion.

In What Ways PWA Development Can Boost Your Enterprise?

Worldwide accessibility - As it is just a web link, your business is reachable via any devices and it has geographical limit.

Adaptability - Progressive web apps deliver a regular app like experience on all devices. Based of the device and browser functionalities, PWAs will enhance its built-in features to provide a native like look and experience.

Minimal Data requirements - These apps requires less data for loading.  Also it doesn’t take much space on device for its presence

Diminish the bounce rate - Progressive web apps greatly reduce the bounce rate and we have already seen this example with twitter above. 

Ease to Rank in Search Engines - Search engines consider these PWAs as website and so it will quickly indexed and gets better ranking in SERP

No Need to Approach App Stores -  As it is like a website, you don’t need to approach any app stores. Users can simply reach out you via PWA by clicking the URL

How Much Does it Cost for Progressive Web Application Development?

While getting into the PWA development, this will be the first thing that comes to our mind. It actually depends upon the requirements and features required by the client. In order to find out the exact value, get connect with a reputed mobile app development company who are expertise in providing futuristic progressive web app development services with integrating advanced technology stack. Moreover, we suggest the best framework that suits your business and will assist you in your business growth with our PWAs.

Progressive Web App Development Frameworks

When it comes to PWA development, it is essential to pick the right framework. There will be several options and you just need to choose one which will be apt for your business. At MacAndro, we develop progressive web apps by utilizing the following frameworks

  • AngularJS
  • React
  • VueJS
  • Ionic
  • Polymer

If you are confused in picking your framework, our experts are ready to assist you. Feel free to get connect with our expert team

Our Progressive Web App Development Services 

At MacAndro, we make use of latest progressive web app technology and offer wide range of services to our clients. We strive hard to deliver best in class Progressive web app that offers seamless user experience. What ever services you need regarding this Progressive web app development, either you need to

Develop a progressive web app from scratch
Mirgrating existing to PWA
Maintain your existing PWA

Our talented team can handle your needs and deliver your requirements.


Finally, progressive web apps  is the only possible option to develop one advanced application to engage your users rather than wasting your efforts on developing apps on multi platforms. If you are looking for a futuristic approach to create a versatile solution to reach out your target audience regardless the device, then you can’t find a better option other than PWAs.


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1What is Progressive Web App Development?

Progressive web app development is a process of developing a web application by utilizing the web technologies to deliver app-like experience to the users

2How does Progressive web app works?

Progressive web apps appears as an app through which a website can be accessed. It runs in a standalone window instead of browser tab. These apps can be accessible from the user’s home screen or taskbar.

3Does PWA is better than native app?

Yes. Progressive web apps can be built faster, easier and cheaper than native apps. Moreover, developing native apps requires several technologies which will increase cost and time. But for PWA, only HTML, JavaScript and CSS is required

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