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Top 10 Important Questions To Ask a Mobile App Development Company Before Hiring

Top 10 Important Questions To Ask a Mobile App Development Company Before Hiring

Are you aiming to develop a mobile app for your business intensification or seeking to launch your own brand new business app, then I would like to appreciate your wisest decision and congratulate you in advance for your upcoming success.

Yes, companies across the world are making mobile apps as their first concern to provide enhanced experience to their consumers. Having a mobile app can only assist us to consistently fix out the increasing demands of our end users. Businesses without mobile applications are missing out countless golden opportunities and left out several new revenue streams.

Before diving into the rapid fire questions, let us go through the mobile app usage stats across the globe

User Demographics of Global Mobile App Usage

  1. Above 80% of the internet users have smartphones and they access internet via mobile apps
  2. Smartphone users count was accounted as 5.22 billion in January 2020 which is 66.6% of world population
  3. The cost of mobile advertising was around 190 billion at the year 2019 and according to the experts it will reach above 300 billion in 2022.
  4. As per the report, every smartphone user checks their mobile  63 times a day.
  5. Also every mobile users will check their phone within 1 Hour since they woke

All these astonishing facts will make you recognize that your goal is positively right. But while entering into the development process, you should clear out some aspects by raising questions to the app development company that you hired. Find it out below

Top Important Questions to Ask While Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Where can I Find Your Previous Build Apps?

Analyzing their work is the only way to capture the talent of anyone. So before hiring a mobile app developer, make sure that you have gone through their previous projects which will make you conclude whether the developer has skills, vision and experience to complete your project on time.

Qualified developers will be eager to submit their list of apps and links that are in famous app stores like Google Play Store, Google’s Android app store and Apple’s iOS app store.

At MacAndro, we have listed out our pre built works on our Portfolio page for full transparency

Mention the Geographies of your Clients

While getting into the digital sector, exposure matters a lot. Even Though your developer has several big shots as their clients, they won’t  have good knowledge about global markets if their geography is narrow. This is why you should prefer an app developer who has customers across the globe especially from USA, UK, Japan etc.

What is Your App Development Process & Methodologies?

Sketching the right plan will make your project half succeed. So executing the processes in correct order is much essential. From initiating market research to launching your app, everything should be clearly defined.  At MacAndro we follow

  • Analyse the Requirements
  • Make & Choose a Target
  • Outline the Competing Solutions
  • Pick the Best
  • Develop a Realistic Prototype
  • Designing & Developing
  • Testing with Target customers
  • Launch/Deploy

Secondly your developer Should be aware of the latest trends and technologies in the market. Everyday there will update in this field that influence the way apps are built and rolled out.

How Can I Earn From My App?

Making money will be your intention to build apps. And there is nothing wrong in it. If it is your ultimate goal, then your developer should be aware of the features which will enable you to generate revenue. You could go for a paid app  in which users will pay to access your app or you can prefer the free option.

If you go with freemium, you can earn by showing advertisements, from paid subscription services or from in-app purchases.

Are you Familiar with All Mobile App Development Frameworks?

Choosing the right app development framework is also a key for your success. For example if your target audience iOS users, then you can go with native app development. But if your users are wide then you have to go with cross platform frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Xamarin etc. Conclude that your app developers have wide knowledge in all mobile app development frameworks 

Experts of MacAndro are specialized in working in all mobile app development frameworks. Find some below


React Native

► Ionic

► Xamarin

► PhoneGap

What Kind of Unique Features Will You Offer?

An App’s success is mainly based on its features & specifications. And keep in mind that you are already late to market and tons of players have already arrived. To compete with them and to overcome, you have to shine unique without doubt. In order to shine unique, probably features and specification is the superlative weapon.  So you have to make sure what are the unique features they can furnish like 3D gaming, 5G technology, GPS system, AI, Machine learning tech and much more based on your requirements.

Question about the Ownership of the App

Of Course you will be the owner of the app as you are the one who pays for it. But the coding and other details will be handled by your developer. To ensure that this application belongs to you, it is necessary to get “Copyrights” and sign a contract with your developer as “work made for hire”. With this you can prove that the app’s complete ownership right from design, source code to content belongs to you.

Are you Proficient in All Industry Verticals? 

Well your app development company might be conversant in developing education related apps, but if you give a project in other sectors like blockchain or banking, they might stumble. An experienced developer should be specialized in developing all sorts of applications regardless of industries. So it is better to ensure that they uphold quite good knowledge in working with diverse industries like travel, healthcare, edtech, fintech etc. 

At MacAndro we provide custom mobility solutions for diversified industries

        ♦ Education

        ♦ E-commerce

        ♦ Real Estate

        ♦ Logistics Sector

        ♦ Health & Fitness

        ♦ Food & Beverage

        ♦ Banking & Finance

Will you Provide long-term app maintenance and support?

As we already mentioned, this industry will show up with frequent updates. So it is essential to keep up your app updated or else no one will prefer yours. Moreover, with just launching the app, the work isn’t over. Technology changes will push you to add or update features and some bugs will come up. To fix all these, you would require developer support. You need to make sure that your developer is ready to work for a long time and will be available to support you on your app maintenance & future works.

Will You Help to Submit My App in the App Store?

Once your app is ready, the last process is to submit your application in  the app store for the approval. Well this is a long process with multi-steps. Ensure that your developer is aware of this process and knows the strategies to submit your app successfully in the app store.

Wrapping Up

These are the substantial questions you need to ask your app development agency before hiring them. The reply for these queries will generate you an inclusive idea of whether preferring this company would make sense or not. 


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