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The Biggest Contribution Of Real Estate Apps in Business

The Biggest Contribution Of Real Estate Apps in Business

Real Estate App Development is booming swiftly and has flourished an enormous growth in this modern world. As a result of this, real estate shines in the top on the list of emerging business. Well, several real estate companies make use of modern technologies to enrich their business quickly. People also prefers mobile apps to discover the properties, offices, shops, houses and apartments. In addition, these real estate apps enhance profitability, market value and the growth of the real estate business.

Why choose Real Estate App Development?

In this fast moving world, everyone expects instant solution for their needs. They are not ready to waste their time in finding the way for their destination. To navigate them, real estate applications made their presence to asset the people. With the help of the these application, you can decide whether to buy the land or not without visiting the place.

According to a statista, more than 80% of the people who have bought their home made it happen using the real estate brokers via mobile apps. Moreover, 70% of the property buyers seeks for the agents from the real estate apps. In addition, searching for houses and properties on mobile apps has raised by enormously. This dependency of people on real estate apps encourage the real estate brokers / agents to have an app for their real estate business.

Benefits of Real Estate App Development

1. Helps to reach wide audience on both locally and internationally

2. Enhances your customer engagements enormously and have a high conversion rate.

3. Assets you to get connect with your customers at all time

4. Cost and Time efficiency

5. Enrich your brand undoubtedly

Once after reading all the benefits and after making your decision stronger about the real estate app development, the next thing you should focus on is features. This is because, people will use your app only if it upholds all the features which makes their search for property easy and convenient.

Features of Real Estate Application:

For Customers:


Users can register by providing their basic details. Once after the registration process, they can login into the app by providing their credentials and the OTP provided to them.

Property Search:

This feature will aid the users to discover properties which are available for selling. Moreover, users can use filters for their search in this feature. They can also use parameters to discover the property or houses according to their requirements like rent, place, size and much more.


When it comes to real estate app, this feature is considered as the most important one. This is because, the major reason for the users to use mobile apps is, it is not necessary for them to visit the place in physical to see the property. This viewing feature makes the entire property visible to the users in 3D format from the comfort of their home.


By utilizing this feature, users can find the location and the way for the property easily. This feature will find the shortest path to reach the property and navigates the users to reach their destination shortly


Calender highly favours the real estate agents undoubtedly. Using this, they can schedule their meeting with the house and property buyers / sellers. Moreover, it helps the user to have a proper idea of when they have viewed a certain house or a property. By knowing this, it will be easy for them to compare the increase and decrease in price.


This feature will upholds all the images of the property which are available to selling. Users can see the images of the property which will be helpful for them to buy or sell a property.

For Admin:

User Management:

By utilizing this feature, admin can manage all the users and their respective profiles. Admin can also remove any user if their activities are against their guidelines.

Manage Property:

This feature enable the admin to handle multiple listings of properties, houses and apartments. By using this, admin can add or remove any property.

Customer Support:

Admin has this feature to help customers and answer their queries about anything.

Above features are primary for any real estate apps. Apart from this, there are several features which can be added. In that, some of the features are mentioned below, which will make you to stand unique among your competitors.

Push Notification:

Push notification will help you to keeps on updating about the new properties to the users. Also it will alert the users about the new discounts and the offers on the properties. Most important fact is that it will make your app to remain on their screen frequently. This will be helpful to build your brand recognition.

Integrated with AR/VR:

A real estate integrated with the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality appears unique and these technologies will help you to rise your app to top. By utilizing these technologies, the user can see the house virtual as like he/she visited it physically.

Mail reminders:

This feature will enable the admin to send custom emails to the users about the properties and its details they like and new estates.


Well, If you are eagerly looking to build a brand for your real estate business, then there no other better way other than mobile app. This is because, advertising in newspaper, TV or billboards will be expensive definitely. Also, it has no guarantee of getting noticed by the users. But mobile applications will clearly help a both you and your consumers.

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