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Why Should You Build an Online Learning Marketplace in 2021?

Why Should You Build an Online Learning Marketplace in 2021?

Online learning has obtained a significant surge for the past few years, as  education collaborates with the internet to offer wide opportunities for the users to learn new skills and technologies. Outbreak of COVID-19 constrained all sectors like schools, colleges, universities and companies to be kept closed and proposed remote working which fuels the online learning learning markedly.

During this pandemic, the shift from traditional face to face learning to online learning has raised greatly and still it is keep on raising. Well the online education market was valued as over 350 billion USD by the year of 2025 before the pandemic. Obviously the numbers will be greater now without doubt. This phenomenal growth enticed several existing educational sectors to make their presence in online platforms in order to grab the shifting online learners.  

Global E-Learning Market Growth

According to research and markets report, global online education market size is projected to hit 319.16 billion USD by 2025 increasing from US$187.877 billion in 2019 with the growth rate of 9.23% CAGR during this forecast period. Well the major reason for this driving  growth of online learning market size is due to the evolution of smartphone penetration & internet and growing cost of0 education.
1. It is recorded that virtual learning has increased 16%
2. More than 46% of educational institutes are switched to online platforms
3. 62% of businesses are affected by COVID-19 outbreak and planning more on online training in 2021
4. 60% of companies are updating their training programs with fresh content and information in order to shine unique in this raising competition

Why are Users Shifting from Traditional Method to Online Learning?

Discover the top reasons why people prefers online education rather than traditional one in these days

Make it done as your own wish

One the major reasons for users to prefer online education rather than traditional schooling is that they can work as they desire. There is no necessary to take a subject or topic in that particular time and so they can learn it according to their mindset. Moreover, they don’t feel discouraged if they spend more time on a particular subject to accomplish it. Everyone can’t learn at the same way or at the same speed and so providing freedom to take it as their wish is much needed.

Personalized learning

When it comes to traditional method, obviously there will be more than 30 students in a classroom. In such scenario going with personalized learning is difficult. But online platforms influence technology and provide comfort for the learners by offering individualized teaching models to address specific student needs, weaknesses and strengths


This is the major aspect for appealing online learning. Flexibility contributes a major part in any success. You can take smartphones as a perfect example. Due to its flexibility people prefer smartphones for online activities rather than desktop. Well the same applies here. While going following the traditional method, school teachers or company employees will set the learning time. But in online learning they can learn at anywhere anytime with no restrictions. Even a working persons can  learn and get updated in elearning

Why Should You Prefer mLearning platform Development?

As we all know that smartphones are making our life easier and simpler. Well mobile learning also has its own list of benefits. Moreover, every can’t afford a desktop or have one in personal. Even though they have one, we can’t say there is only one student in a house. So if you are looking forward to drive into online learning business, then going with mlearning app development is much better.

Explore the Top Reasons to Launch mLearning Business in 2021

top reasons to start elearning business in 2021

How Mobile Learning Revolutionized the Education Industry?

More than 0.6 billion people across the globe subscribe to mobile learning apps. Mobile learning products and services value over 5 billion as of 2016 and are estimated to grow to 80 billion USD by the end of 2020.
Here are some factors which transformed the education industry

Staying Connected

Mobile users have outnumbered desktop users. Over 78% of people have their own smartphone. In that more than 90% have it with them all the time. Moreover, many countries like India uphold high mobile internet usage while comparing to desktop computers.

Better Place for Learning

Mobile learning comforts for anytime anywhere learning with the bite sized file

According to a survey:

  • 52% said mobile devices allow them to access their school work from home.
  • About 50% of students voted that mlearning apps are very helpful in their school work assignments
  • 60% people say mlearning greatly helps collaboration with peers and teachers.
  • 66% of users prefer receiving reminders regarding their educational courses in mobile phones.

Suits or Microlearning

Microlearning is nothing but a small learning unit and short-term learning activities. In mLearning, single lengthy modules or courses will be shorted in different small parts and will be delivered in the name of microlearning. Microlearning" A report claims that microlearning is  22% more effective than large chunks ending in exams.

Overwhelm Resistance

Many employees in corporate do not prefer to sit through drawn-out classroom courses. Well, this mlearning concept appeared as a great solution for them
Here are some benefits of mobile learning for workers
Easily Accessible:

Even a employee is busy at work while the session, they can grab knowledge regarding that topic by accessing learning material from almost anywhere.


When it comes to traditional form of learning materials, it could take hours to prepare. In mlearning the study materials will at your sight with in few clicks

Employees can get their lessons at their free time with mobile based learning content.


Using the easy access of learning materials in mlearning apps, they can recall and memory

How to Set up a Best mLearning App for Business?

In order to launch a complete mlearning app, it is essential to  approach a mobile app development company who is expertise in educational app development upholds in-depth knowledge in educational sectors.
While developing a mlearning app, better follow the below

Enable Course Discussions

Mlearning is basically platform which the experts and students to collaborate with each other and share ideas. So accessing for internal discussion will boost your engagement.

Integrate Gamification Features

Engagement is primary for any app success. By integrating your mlearning app with gamification features like rewards for high marks or providing badges for unique content can encourage the employees to accomplish their learning.


In this busy world, everyone is busy with their work and are in lack of time. But in order to sustain in this emerging world, being updated is much important. To tackle this both, mlearning appeared as a blessing. Whether you are an educational institute looking to educate your teacher and students or a corporate exclusive looking forward to train your employees, mlearning apps can play a major role in your business.


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