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Restaurant App Development - A Solution To Migrate Your Restaurant & Food Delivery Services To Online

Restaurant App Development - A Solution To Migrate Your Restaurant & Food Delivery Services To Online

Restaurant app development is gaining greater momentum in recent times as it highly benefits in making dining easy.  Moreover in this techy world, people prefer to grab their food at their doorstep rather than visiting restaurants. Even though technological advancement brought in this concept, global pandemic is the major reason for this immense growth in demand for these restaurant apps.

As restaurant apps gleams as a key enabler to assist food businesses to recover from this pandemic, restaurant app development has become the first preference for all restaurant owners currently.

If you are running a food business and still don't have a mobile app for it and being in a confused state regarding how restaurant apps can benefit your business, then the upcoming section will sort out your query.

Why it is Essential to have an App for Your Restaurant?

In this mobile era, modernized consumers are in great demand in all sectors of business, especially in the food industry. So if you own a restaurant, probably you have to look up innovative ways to reach out your target audience and to interact with them.  Being the most successful marketing tool in the market with the best track record, mobile apps have already proved its eminence in developing B2C businesses.

Find out some solid reasons below which makes restaurant app development as primary for restaurants

  1. Basically rectifying the mistakes is the route to success. A restaurant app will help you to get your customer’s feedback, rating & review instantly. With that you can sort out their queries quickly & can change your restaurant as customer’s favour.
  2. These apps connect you with your customer’s on all time and allow you to achieve sales goals by providing personalized offers to them.
  3. You can increase the productivity of your staff and help them to save and spend their time more significantly.
  4. With restaurant apps, it is possible to boost the productivity of your staff by aiding them to save & spend time productively
  5. A modern user subconsciously assumes that a modernized business should have better access to the customers using applications, which makes them trustworthy and restaurants are no exception.
  6. Today users prefer mobile apps to grab any service and it has been portrayed that a modernized business will have an app to connect with their users which builds trustworthiness.
  7. Without advertising, it is typically hard to take your business to your audience these days. In such scenario, a restaurant app will function as a perfect advertising tool for your restaurant business.

To explore more in detail, go through this article >> Why Restaurants Needs Mobile Apps?

While coming upon these benefits, most probably you would have come to a conclusion to have an app for your restaurant. If that so, the next thing that strikes your mind is “how to develop?

How to Create a Restaurant App?

Well, the process of creating a restaurant app or any other food related solutions should be done with keen knowledge and with complete analysis & road map. This is because, already the industry is filled with substantial players and only approaching the market with a unique way will make you stand out from your competitors. So you have to approach a reputed mobile app development company like MacAndro initially to start your project.
One of the major reasons to prefer MacAndro is, for developing a restaurant app, you should analyze the market and fix your target audience initially. At MacAndro, we have already developed several restaurant apps and we will be updated with this food industry so that we can deliver an advanced restaurant app with trending features & technologies that works beyond your expectations and demands.

Our Cutting Edge Solutions for Business

MacAndro Provides diversified solutions for all kind of business models in the food industry. Find some below

App for Restaurant

To make you available at your customer’s fingertip and to deliver mouth watering food at your customer’s door, we provide a single restaurant app with high end features especially for your restaurant that upholds complete data about your restaurant right from menu, price to table availability. This app will also assist you to manage your restaurant workforce with ease.

Aggregator App 

Aggregator apps work as a platform that connects restaurants with the consumers. We can say Zomato, Swiggy as perfect examples for aggregator apps. Our skilled developers develop a smooth functioning aggregator food delivery apps with extreme quality 

Multiple Restaurant Management(Restaurant Chain)

Are you owning several restaurants? Seems difficult to handle apps separately for your restaurants.

We provide one stop solutions to manage all your restaurants with ease. Our experts are certified in app development and has the ability to offer user friendly & attractive app through which you can administer all your restaurants significantly.

Our Restaurant App Development Solutions

Being an expertise in food & beverage app development, we provide solutions for the betterment of the food industry in various manner. Take a look at our solutions

Food Delivery App

Our food ordering/delivery app comes with multiple payment options & latest features that work seamlessly. A user can just make orders and get it delivered at the delivery address provided by them within a few minutes.  

Restaurant Management System

We provide high functioning restaurant management system that helps you to manage and track your orders, delivery request, awaited order and order cancellation in real time

Restaurant Portal 

Our solutions also cover the restaurant web portal that will be delivered with unique features which will greatly benefit you in administering your restaurant activities like managing order, workforce on desktop in an effective manner.
Table Booking App

Restaurant table booking apps will enable your customers to book your restaurant table virtually according to the availability. This will sort out over crowd dilemma which is the major precaution for restaurants in the current scenario. We provide app to visualize your restaurant to your customers by utilizing 3D technologies, so that your customer will have a additional attention on you and your business

Restaurant Search Portal

This is basically a web portal which will assist customers to find nearby restaurants at their location. We follow the best navigation metrics in your software that show the exact solution for the user’s query. 

Features of Restaurant App

Restaurant Panel Features

Registration & Login

Initially restaurant owners should go through the registration and login process.


After the registration & login process, restaurant owners will be navigated to this dashboard section. Through dashboard restaurant owners can find out delivered order, pending orders and can track the status of delivering orders.

Order Accept & Decline

Using this feature, restaurant owner can accept or reject the order according to the food availability by the restaurant.
Manage Restaurant

This feature allows the restaurant to add its logo, food images and menu items with price along with expected delivery time of the food.


By utilizing this feature, restaurant owners can manage their earnings and can track each and every transaction and payment done.

User Panel Features

  • Registration & Login
  • Place Order
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Review & Ratings
  • In-app payment
  • Chat Support
  • Push Notification
  • Add to cart
  • Coupons & Discounts

Our Unique Restaurant App Development Features

Apart from the primary features, we also provide some additional features that make your restaurant app unique and stand out from your competitors. Explore them below

Navigation Map 

Integration with google maps that navigate customer’s to your restaurant easily

Real time data analytics

To track your app performance, revenue report and even next month revenue projection
Schedule Order/Delivery

With scheduling option, customers can schedule their order in advance and so there won’t be a situation to skip your service for them. Moreover, you can also schedule your work and prepare food accordingly.

Smart watch extension

Our app can also be accessible in smart watches.

Social Media Integration & Sharing

Users can login via social media accounts and can also share their thoughts about your app, order & review in social platforms instantly. 

Crypto Food Ordering

We build our apps integrated with blockchain technology and so the users can make their payments in cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts 

Well restaurant app development shines as the finest way for food businesses and restaurants to reach out their customers in a cost effective manner. Moreover, restaurant apps are unavoidable if you prefer to get better customer insights, enrich your delivery method and to boost your restaurant sales. So if you run a restaurant business, then making your business available on a mobile platform is the only possible way for you to stay in the future race.


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1How to Create a Restaurant App?

  1. Fix your app idea
  2. Finalize your app features and functionalities
  3. Select your app layout
  4. Select the platform to launch your app
  5. Approach MacAndro, globally reputed restaurant app developer
2Why your restaurant needs mobile app?
  1. Increases Customer Base
  2. Retain Users More Effectively
  3. Attract new customers
  4. Free Advertising
  5. Build Brand Awareness
  6. Easy And Fast Customer Services
  7. Expand Target Audience
  8. Increased Sales Amongst Millennials
  9. Better Return on Investment
3How much does it cost to build restaurant app?

The cost to build a restaurant app depends upon the features and functionalities you require to merge with your restaurant application and the resources needed to complete your project. Approximately, the cost to develop a restaurant app start from $5000 upwards.

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