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TaskRabbit Clone - To Launch Your P2P On-Demand Home Service App Like TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit Clone - To Launch Your P2P On-Demand Home Service App Like TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit Clone

TaskRabbit Clone is an incredible mobile marketplace and a peer-to-peer online platform which acts as an intermediary platform between the users who look for services and the taskers who offer their services. MacAndro provides customized TaskRabbit Clone App integrated with all the reliable features and n number of services like gardening, cleaning, babysitting, handyman, Pet care, plumbing and much more to launch your own On-Demand service app like TaskRabbit.

Our TaskRabbit Clone upholds almost every essential services preferred by the buyers and the sellers. Right from requesting a service or offering a service to the final payment, everything can be done in this single app.

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an American company founded in 2008. It is a mobile marketplace or an online platform which matches freelance service providers with local demand and help users to find immediate service like moving goods, cleaning, delivery and handyman work. At the initial stage, TaskRabbit made its appearance in the name of “RunMyErrand” with 100 runners. Later in 2010 the firm’s name was changed as TaskRabbit. Currently TaskRabbit is serving more than 45 cities in the United states, 4 cities in Britain and 1 Canadian city.

What is TaskRabbit Clone?

In simple terms, “TaskRabbit Clone” can be described as an advanced online marketplace where the users can post their needs or tasks on a platform(website or mobile app). On the other hand, taskers or service providers can accept the task and make it done by getting payment for the task. Admin who owns the platform or app can earn by charging a fee from the both consumer and taskers according to his wish.

Why Should You Go For a TaskRabbit Clone?

Technological advancement has made us to shift from traditional methods to online platforms to grab anything in recent times. Moreover, the arrival of Covid-19 has pushed the people to go online, for getting any services or stuff in order to break the chain and to stay away from the disease attack. In such a scenario, which business would be better than On-Demand Home Service Providing. To make you more clear, let me come up with some statistical reports.

According to an article in Verified Market Research, the Worldwide Home Services Market was valued at USD 281.65 Billion in the year 2018. Well the industry is expected to lift up with a growth rate of 18.91% from period 2019-2026 and reach USD 1,133.40 Billion by 2026.

How Does TaskRabbit Clone Works?

Initially, customer and service provider should sign-up by providing required details. After the sign-up process, both of them will be verified via email ID or phone number. Once after the verification process, the consumer & service provider can login.

1. Initially, consumers will post the task or service required along with the amount they could afford for that particular service or task.

2. On the other hand, freelance or service providers can accept the task or can make bids for accomplishing the task according to their wish.

3. In the background, admin can check the service providers pre-works, their profile details regarding their task completion. Then the user will be shown with the best bid amount posted by the freelancers and allowed to choose among them.

4. Once after the task or service is done, users will be allowed to pay using multiple payment options according to their wish.

5. As an Admin, you can charge a fee from the amount as commission either with both of them or from anyone according to your wish.  

Essential Services Available in TaskRabbit Clone:

In a Basic TaskRabbit clone script, following services will be available

  1. Handyman services
  2. Delivery Services
  3. Home Repairs
  4. General Cleaning
  5. Massage Services
  6. Car Washing
  7. Help Moving
  8. Technicians
  9. Others

How to Develop an On-Demand Home Service App Like TaskRabbit?

In order to build an On-Demand multi-service app like TaskRabbit, it is essential to go with a reputed mobile app development company like MacAndro. Being a leading on-demand app developer with extensive domain knowledge and experience, we provide feature rich & high functioning TaskRabbit clone app according to your business demands. With our TaskRabbit clone, you can launch your on-demand home service app in both mobile platforms(android & iOS ) and as a website.

At MacAndro, we provide

1. User Android App
2. User iOS App
3. User Web Panel
4. Service Provider Android App
5. Service Provider iOS App
6. Service Provider Web Panel
7. Admin Panel to manage every processes

Key Features of TaskRabbit Clone:

Here are some essential features of a On-Demand home service app. Explore them

Choose Service:

Available to the users with a variety of services is the most important factor to follow while entering into the on-demand home service business. Through this feature, users can select their required service and post their requirement details.


This feature is an essential one for both the service providers and users. Using this feature, users can book a service immediately or can schedule it according to their convenience. Also the service providers can allocate work earlier for their free time. All the bookings made and scheduled by the users can be tracked using this feature.

Track Service Provider

This feature enables the users to track their service providers. In addition, this feature will get the path of the service provider and calculate and notify the users with the estimated time for the task completion.

Push Notification:

Well, this is the most important feature for a mobile app. It will help you update your users with the latest information like offers, coupons and discounts

Reviews & Ratings:

Review and rating plays a major role in gaining new users to your platform. Reviews and ratings posted by the users will create a good impact on your app and which will lead for further additional bookings. The more booking placed in your app, the more you can earn. This feature will be helpful for users, service providers and admin without doubt.

In-App Chat:

This feature helps the users and service provider to get and make their service in an effective way. By interacting with each other in real-time using the chat option, users can explain what they need and service providers can work based on it. But keep in mind, while developing a TaskRabbit clone app, this in-app chat feature should be safe and encrypted.

In-App Payment with Multiple options:

Users can pay in cash, but providing them with an option to pay via your app is much more important. With offering the users with multiple and secure payment methods, you can experience increased engagement in your app.

History of bookings:

This feature is another essential one which should be added in a home service app like TaskRabbit. This feature helps the users in tracking their details of previous availed services and service providers. If the user wishes to go for the previous service provider again, they can just hire them here by clicking the repeat order.

Service Invoice:

Well this feature will help you to provide an invoice to the users and service providers regarding the service they receive and provide. This can be provided through SMS, Email or in Order section

Features of Admin Panel:

In our admin panel, we provide the following features

  • Powerful Dashboard
  • User Profile Management
  • Service Provider Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Ad Management
  • Fees and price Settings

Our Advanced Features of TaskRabbit Clone

Explore the list of some of our advanced features

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Multi Language Support
  3. In-App Wallet
  4. Rate Comparison
  5. Multi-currency support
  6. Map Integration
  7. Referral rewards
  8. others

What’s unique in MacAndro?

At MacAndro we develop on-demand service providing app like TaskRabbit according to the client’s requirements. Apart from the regular service, we add a number of additional services in our TaskRabbit clone script as per your needs. Some of them are mentioned below 

  • Yoga Trainers
  • Physiotherapist
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Doctor
  • House cleaners
  • House Painters
  • Security Guard
  • Yoga Trainer
  • Tutor
  • Psychologists
  • Home Decorators
  • Party Decorating & cleaning Service
  • Fire Fighters
  • Advocates
  • Mobile Repair Technician
  • And more


Home service providing applications like TaskRabbit and Handy is the hot topic in the mobile app industry these days. Moreover, these home service apps are shining as the most profitable segment on-demand industry. Well these applications are not loved by the users but also by the service providers and entrepreneurs who seek a unique business idea to generate millions in this pandemic period. As still we are in pandemic, demand for these kinds of home service apps like TaskRabbit will never lay down. Moreover, migration of people to online markets has been rising for the past few years and still it's rising like it's never going to stop. So the future of On-Demand home service apps will be much better than now.


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Disclaimer: MacAndro neither represents nor has command over the trademarks of TaskRabbit. We are not doing any promotional activities for them and we use these terms only for understanding our products. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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