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Tinder Clone App Development - Fascinating Dating Clone Script Developement Services

Tinder Clone App Development - Fascinating Dating Clone Script Developement Services

As Tinder being the most pertinent source to this modern day generation, it incarnates as the hottest thing today. In this internet era, mobile devices provide a contemporary life to online dating culture which draws the successful path for the dating apps like Tinder undoubtedly. Once after its release in 2012, Tinder app raised as the top dating app within a short period of time.

By upholding more than 100 million users, 5.2 million paying subscribers and with 800 million US dollar revenue, Tinder shines as the best business concept who are looking forward for the dating app development. A report from Pew Research Centre states that more than 80% of the Americans says “online dating apps like Tinder appears pleasant way to meet people”. In addition, an infographic from survey monkey intelligence makes clear about Tinder app growth in dating sector.


Well, above facts are more than enough to prove why Tinder clone app development are in demand. Before diving in-depth, let me give outline about Tinder app.

What is Tinder App?

Tinder is an online dating app which enables the users to find the people easily and get connect with them in real life within short period of time. Generally it an online platform which connect the people who are searching for their partner and assets them to choose their partner based on their needs. In addition, Tinder creates an opportunity to communicate the people with whom they came across and missed their chance to approach.

How Tinder Works?

Here is the complete working process of Tinder

1. Initially, users create a tinder profile by logging in via Facebook or by providing their mobile number. In case the user signed in using his/her facebook account then Tinder imports all the essential data likes Profile pic, interests, work location or school.

2. By using their imported FB details and based on the user’s location, Tinder finds the potential match for their profile by using an algorithm.

3. Then it shows their match for their profile by providing the picture, short bio about them with their first name.

4. Once the user gets the match for their profile, users can either like the recommended profile by swiping right or dislike it by swiping left.

5. If both the users liked their profiles, they can be matched which is the primary thing to stat a conversation. Once after finding the match, respected users can go for chat and then for date

Once reading all these process, you would come up with a question that in which perspective, this kind of dating apps like Tinder would earn. Let me clear it


How Does Tinder App Earn Money?

At the beginning, Tinder was completely a free application while it launched. Later in 2015, it was modified freemium business model and started charging for few features which is the part of Tinder plus. Its business model gained fame even with the paid membership under the Tinder plus and Tinder Gold Models.

Tinder Gold is an next level features of Tinder Plus. Generally both are paid membership which offers access to premium features like Unlimited likes, passport to chart, to know who likes them, rewind the incidental dislike and to get extra likes to stand unique among the crowd.

Moreover, Tinder earns by posting the advertisement from the third parties and charge money for each every clicks done by the user.

Tinder Clone App Development:

Now you would raise a question that there is already a tinder app. How could a clone of Tinder of makes you to earn?

It is known fact that idea of successful business never leads to a failure. Well you can frame several examples for this concept right from Flipkart, OLA, SWIGGY and much more. In addition, you success depends your app performance and the marketing works you have done for it.

So when it comes to best online business model for the dating sector, then we would strongly recommend you to use Tinder Clone App in order to grab quick success.

Key Strategies to Focus While Building a Tinder Clone App:

In order to overcome Tinder app and to shine unique in dating business, just building an app like Tinder won’t makes you reach wider. Well, you app should be integrated with latest technologies and advanced features. Here are some strategies mentioned below for your growth

Furnish wide Communication Channels:

When considering about the online dating, communication is the essential part in the process. In order to lead a successful dating app, it is primary thing to cater wide communication channels to your app members.

Some of the communication channel to integrate for your Tinder clone app are listed below

i. Text messages

ii. Voice message

iii. Video chat

iv. Voice chat

Never Disappoint your Users

Generally, Tinder is built with positive psychology. Users who got rejected by others will never know that they have been rejected by others. So that they won’t get frustrate and keeps on searching for their match. This idea prevents your app from being rejected by your users.

Regular Updates with Current Features

Updation with current technology is the most important strategy in this modern day business. This is because, users will expect to make use of latest technology. So, analyzing the user’s behaviour and adding more features will leads your app to more user engagement. Moreover, it will be better to allow the new features to the premium users, so that you can earn more money.

Engage with Push Notification:

Sending push notifications is the superior strategy to keep your users engage with your app. By forwarding your upcoming offers your users will be engaged with your application. Moreover, you can also send notification about your new features which is ready to add with their dashboard.


Without doubt technology has transformed our way approaching from discovering a friend to our life partner. Well, dating apps suits as the best example for the above statement. As a matter of fact, brand building, user experience, responsiveness and flexibility to the users is the major reason for the success for Tinder App. So while developing an app like Tinder, there should be accurate strategy and quite good knowledge in advanced features.

MacAndro - Feature Rich Tinder Clone App & Website Development Services

Well if you are looking for dating app developers, who builds a Tinder clone app with proper research and advanced technology, get connect with MacAndro, leading dating app development company, expertise in building Tinder clone applications & Webite with latest features.

With a thorough understanding of your dating business expectations and objectives, our expertise will come up with a unique strategy to develop a top-notch tinder clone solution for your dating business.

Have an idea to build an app like Tinder? What are you waiting for?

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