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Top 5 Amazing Mobile Apps Ruling the World

Top 5 Amazing Mobile Apps Ruling the World

In recent times, everyone hand is filled with mobile phones and its applications. It seems to be an annoying one when we stand apart and view it. But in reality, the roles of mobile app in smart phones is mind boggling and helps us to rule the world. Among that, socio mobile apps became the favourite applications that turn everybody’s mobile on.       

In addition, mobile apps also plays a lead role in almost various sectors like education, sports, entertainment, physical fitness, hospitality, business and much more. Especially in business, its influence has made a huge impact and provides more contribution in its success. As a matter of fact, this is the best strategy to reach wide audience in recent days.

Here are top 5 amazing socio mobile apps which reach huge audience and creates a mighty impact in this world.


     As we all know that facebook is simply a social networking app that allows you to create a profile, upload your photo or video, chatting with friends or family with free of cost. But apart from this, it also shines as the best advertising platform for all industries. Most of the business advertisement has done through Facebook. This is because, people spends more time on facebook. So this social network has changed many of the users based on their way of handling it.


Well, Instagram is also a social networking website or application which is used for photo sharing, chatting, video sharing and much more. Currently, it upholds more than 1 billion users and still on increasing because of its user friendliness and some unique features in it. A statista states that 31 percent of female users of internet are in Instagram. Well, it is one of the best platform for promoting a brand and business these days.


When it comes to WhatsApp, it is a widely used chat application which helps the people to share text, photos, videos and status. It has more than 1 billion users daily and it is calculated that 55 billion messages are being shared everyday. It also has some additional features like video calling, audio calling that makes to feel comfort via long distance communication.   


It is a social networking site which is completely used for watching and posting videos. In addition, YouTube upholds highest number of videos than any other websites in this globe. In fact, every single minute, more than 100 hours of videos are being uploaded and it is the second largest search engine following the Google. This social network has a power of making all the latest technologies as a trending and viral one to reach vast viewers.     

Google Maps:

Google map is a GPS tracking application which navigates the people to reach their destination. This application is widely used in mobile phones. It also has several features like providing real time traffic information, location sharing, searching a place and much more. Many travelers prefer these app to make their journey towards new places still more exciting.     

Finally, these are the amazing applications which is currently ruling this world. Moreover, lots of innovative technologies and applications are in progress to be added in future. Without doubt, these apps are the ultimate rulers of the internet world and shines as the apt platform for the marketing in order to promote a business. Well, if you are interested in such kind of social app, then MacAndro, a best mobile app development company in India, is there to build your social networking apps fulfilling all your business requirements. 


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