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Top Mobile App Development Trends that will Rule in 2020

Top Mobile App Development Trends that will Rule in 2020

As our world is moving towards digitization, digital assets like mobile apps are gaining immense inflation. Moreover, it comprehensively commutated the way of human life and turns into an vital chunk of the digital ecosystem. As a matter of fact, mobile apps are playing an dominant role in reshaping the business verticals in recent years. This constitutes a scenario for every business organizations to consolidate their business with latest mobile app technologies in order to reach wider audience & to sustain in this upgrading globe.

As a result of this, several entrepreneurs invested in mobile application development industry. In addition, many startups shows interest towards mobile app development once after realizing the importance of mobile apps in business.

How mobile apps benefits Business?

Well, mobile application will aid the business to reach wider audience in short span of time. Furthermore, it helps to build brand awareness, enhance sales and increase the customer engagement predominantly. Mobile applications improves business accessibility and guides to stand out from the competition.

As per Statista, there are more than 2.7 million apps are available in the Google play. It is expected that mobile apps will generate more than $180 billion in revenue by the year of 2020. By the year of 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate $935 billion US dollars in revenues through in-app advertising & paid downloads.

Here is the bar chart of global mobile applications revenue from 2014 to 2023.


Leading Mobile Application Development Trends in 2020

Only building a mobile application won’t makes a business shine or lead to success. In order to succeed and to stay top among the competitors it is essential to integrate with the latest trends in mobile app development.

We have come upon with the top mobile app trends which will play an indispensable role in 2020, after making several researches in mobile app development sector.


Being launched few years back, blockchain creates an colossal impact in business verticals in the past few years. To make it more factual, a market research states than blockchain technology market will hit 20 billion US dollars in 2024. This makes clear that this trend will be the headlines in 2020 and ahead. Already several mobile applications initiated to exploit this decentralized digital currency exchange platform.   

It is a known fact that Blockchain has upgraded the mobile app development. By integrating the blockchain technology in mobile apps, you can experience the high security, tracking, managing and quality controls. In order to establish safer and faster transaction, several payments apps have already incorporated the blockchain technology.



Due to the urgency and an instant solution for all the necessities in every industry, on-demand apps play a vital role in changing the app world still more interesting in many more sectors. As of now, there are limitless on-demand apps hitting the mobile app market. With the huge expectation, on-demand applications will get a wider response and highlight in upcoming 2020.

Now, on-demand apps have gained a huge response with familiarity across all business verticals. Some of them to give a note on it includes taxi booking, food delivery, babysitting, cleaning and laundry, doctor booking etc reached its own vast number of users than all other applications. Surely, 2020 acts as an incredible one for this on-demand app world.


AR and VR applications gaining immense response in the mobile app development trends. Almost, it picks up its own space in all the industry like retail, education, business, travel, healthcare and lot more. Having a mobile app enriched with latest features create an amazing experience to the users that help to boost up the business sales.   

AR and VR experience makes more interactive than other applications which strikes the 2020 as one of the exciting technologies. Many mobile app companies think big to hit the technology beyond the screen. In that way, various statista shows that the mobile app market rise the world sooner with huge billions revenue.

AI & Chatbots:

In mobile application development, Artificial Intelligence or AI register its own centre of attention among all other mobile app development trends. In last few years, AI plays a significant role in upgrading the new technology at mobile application development. AI integration with mobile app saves a lot of time making an effortless work done smarter via mobile app. It is a way to earn more money for a business if you are running a mobile app development company.

As of now, chatbots highly utilized in many industries for communication purposes to turn around the mobile app world. The main thing is to enhance the real-time interaction among the business customers and service providers. For that, chatbots earn its own position with technology upgrade by bypassing the inter-human communication across various fields.


In order to make the app help many organizations by storing massive amount of data or information, cloud technology integrates with mobile apps. This technology when integrated with mobile apps, boost up the storage capabilities of the mobile applications that in definite increase the productivity.

Some of the techniques that get benefit due to the integration of clouding technology in the app development trends like cost reduction, low equipment cost, storage enhancement, streamlining operation. Most of the mobile applications utilize Amazon Web Service (AWS) as a bigger database for their cloud computing backup.        


Generally, m-commerce is the process of selling and purchasing the goods and services in online via smart phones, tablets, etc. As everything becomes online today right from making purchase to bill payments, m-commerce awaits to play a significant role in 2020. Google & Apple offers several options like google pay, google wallet & Apple Pay to boost customers to make shopping through their smart phones without utilizing their credit or debit cards.  E-commerce businesses like Amazon, flipkart, Ebay prefers mobile apps which makes their users to purchase and make payments comfortably.


People who own a business or in marketing field might heard about the word “beacon technology”. Beacons are generally a wireless transmitter which use the bluetooth to send and receive signals between the smart devices. Initially Beacon was coined in 2013 by Apple. Once after its arrival, this beacon technology has experienced a massive growth & contributes in the marketing landscape.

Beacons connect and exchange information with other smart devices by  location-based searching and pays way to the users to interact easily and accurately. This technology makes a huge impact in the industries like healthcare, Hotel, Museums and much more. It highly benefits in the data transfer in sales as the proximity marketing.


IoT is nothing but a network of interconnected devices integrated with sensors which enables them exchange data. Well, integrating IoT in mobile applications helps to connect smart watches, electronic bands and other wearable devices to the smart phones. The use of IoT in mobile apps helps remotely control smart gadgets via smartphones. Moreover, mobile apps powered by IoT enable to connect bands, wristwatches, and other wearables to smartphones.

As IoT devices are raising as a part of the mainstream electronics culture, people adopts these smart devices with their homes faster than ever. According to a statista, there will be a 21 billion connected devices with internet in 2020. So it clear that IoT devices will be a huge impact in the upcoming years.


When it comes to business perspective, building a mobile app in a single platform won’t take you to hefty audience. Covering multiple mobile platforms is the best strategy to acquire wide audience. In that case, cross platform mobile app development will be the finest resolution to cover wide range of audience. Developing a mobile app in multiple platform will minimize the development cost and time to market. In addition it will compose a unique status among the competitors.


Instant apps are native apps performs like websites which entice the users with its high performing functionalities. In addition, these instant apps can be used even without downloading. Exceptional user experience, minimum size & usage of cloud memory are considered as the major benefits of instant apps.

Today, Mobile users expects to have an app with limited storage since their smart phones have limited storage to install app. In that case, instant apps shines better than other normal mobile applications. So investing in instant apps will bear a huge amount of profit in the upcoming years without doubt.


By overcoming the above mobile app development trends, you would have known that 2020 is ready to have several advents in mobile application development industry.

This has created a race among the mobile app developers and business peoples in order to implement this technological trends in their mobile apps which highly benefits the business. If you want to take part in this contest, better get connect with MacAndro, expertise in mobile app development who supremely supports a business to reach wider via innovative mobile apps. 


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