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How to Build a Travel App for Travel and Tourism Business?

How to Build a Travel App for Travel and Tourism Business?

Travel App Development

At MacAndro Leading Travel App Development Company, We have a team of tech experts who provide Travel App Development Solutions to all kinds of Travel and Tourism Businesses. Our Travel App solutions allows your customers to book flights, Cars and navigate their favorite places everything on a single touch. If you are a Travel Agency or Online Travel Booking Company our Travel Booking App Development solutions will take your business to next level.

Interested in building a Travel App? 

Travel Industry is a lucrative market for those who can get it right with lots of promise for innovative solutions. Most industries have become increasingly digitized over the past years and the travel industry in particular has reached a great heights to cultivate its online presence. Technological innovations will strongly assist the rebound of the Travel and Tourism industry which also provides assurance to the travellers that their journeys are safe. 

According to the Research, "The global online travel market was 744.73 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and was expected to reach 820.18 billion U.S. dollars by 2023."

An Introduction to Travel App

Travel apps help users to research vacation destinations, find good flights, accommodation deals, and book hotels or services. Apps like Expedia and TripAdvisor offer travel guides that allow users to check reviews and ratings from travelers. Every service is available through a single app on the users finger tip. 

Travel App allows users a more convenient way to search for hotels, restaurants, rent cars and check their costs. It allows users to make online hotel reservations and bookings for transportation, lodging, travel experiences, and restaurants. 

What Kind of Travel Apps are Best?

Travel apps serve a wide array of uses. But no apps have the whole market covered. Even online travel App giants like Tripadvisor don't cover everything through a single app which is great news for all app developers.

The Travel App you choose to build will clearly depend on the specific needs. If you are a travel agency and looking to create an app that allows users to book travel packages or book hotels through your agency then it should be integrated to your existing system. Every business has a different set of queries that need to be satisfied through apps.

Here are different types of travel apps

  • Hotel Booking
  • Flight Booking
  • Trip Planner
  • Guidebook 
  • Map
  • Weather forecast 
  • Taxi / Bus / Train booking
  • Feedback / Review 

How to Build a Travel App?

Before building an app, Planning is the main thing that makes a great difference between getting success and failure. These are things you need to consider while planning to build an app.

Do you really need a travel app?

Before you start anything regarding building a travel app, think a minute about whether you really need a travel app. Since developing a travel app is not going to be very cheap. So before beginning analyze whether the travel app will really benefit you and provide you great ROI.

What do you want your travel app to do?

As we mentioned before there are a lot of ways in which a travel app can benefit people. Knowing exactly what your app needs to provide and what you want in your app. How your app needs to be evolved should be very important. Analyzing your requirements and gathering it will help app developers to deliver the best results more quickly and efficiently. 

Features of a Travel App

A feature is the one which makes users visit your app again and again. How much your app is unique is the main factor to gain success.
So here are the features that every travel app should comprise of. 

  1. Sign Up and Login
  2. Search and Filter Option
  3. Browse By Destination
  4. In-app Booking Services (Hotel & Flight/Car/Bus)
  5. Navigational Map services
  6. Travel Itinerary generator
  7. Weather or Climate Forecasting
  8. In-app language translator
  9. Currency converter
  10. World Clock Time Converter
  11. Emergency services
  12. Location tracking
  13. Ratings and Reviews
  14. In App Push Notifications
  15. Social Media Sharing

What OS platform do you want your travel app to run with?

One of the major factors that has a big impact on both the development time and cost, what developers you need to hire is the operating system you choose to build your Travel App. 

According to The International Data Corporation (IDC) research, Android had a total share of 84.8% of the global OS market while iOS had a total share 15.2%. While this data makes Android the most attractive OS Market for building App for App developers, another research shows that iOS users actually spend more time on their apps. But mainly most app developers develop apps that are compatible for both operating systems. If you have a minimum budget it is good to develop for Android and then for iOS. This will be double the work but it will initially cut down your development costs.

Cost to Develop a Travel App.

The cost to build an App depends on various factors such as Complexity of the App, features and functionalities of the app. The cost also depends on which country you are building your app. Geo location plays an important role as the cost of developers varies for different countries. So considering these the majority of travel apps cost varies from $5,000 to $25,000 upwards. So before building your app you need to know How much your App is going to cost and whether it is within your budget or you need to alter it. To get a detailed quote, you can contact a reputed Mobile App Development Company like MacAndro.

Research Competitor and Market

Analysing your competitor is more important. How they perform, what they provide and their business models will give you a lot of ideas to build your App. your app should be unique in the market and should serve needs that your competitors don't serve. your app should have unique features so that it will be a way ahead of your competitors. you can't make the same app as the big names in the market which doesn't make you a different one.  your app should have unique features and should serve a unique need. This is what makes your app more successful.

Choosing the Best Development Team

Good Idea can be a great start. but, Ideas cant be executed without the right team. The Right team makes all the difference. Choosing the Right developer or App development team is one which makes the app success.

A good developer should understand your requirements,  dedicated to your project and also provide what you need. The same experience is also important when choosing the developer.  So choosing the best app development company will get your project start sooner and complete quickly as you expected. 

Developing your Travel App

MacAndro is a leading Mobile App development company in India that offers top-notch tours and travels solutions, such as Hotel booking, Trip Planning, Flight/ Car/ Bus Booking, local guides etc to start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs.

We have a team of 250+ developers who work efficiently to provide scalable, innovative, and reliable travel & tourism solutions to clients across the globe. Contact Us to Build your Travel App.

1What Essential Features Should a Travel App Have?

Find out the major factors below that a travel app should have essentially

  1. Ticket Booking Options
  2. Accommodation booking
  3. Geo-Tracking Services
  4. Travel Itinerary generator
  5. Multi language support
  6. World Clock Time Converter
  7. Currency Converter
  8. Emergency services
2How much Does it Cost to Build a Travel App?

Development cost depends on multiple factors like features, functionalities, app type, platform to build, 3rd party to be used and much more. So considering these majority factors of travel apps cost varies from $5,000 to $25,000 upwards

3What Unique Solutions Does MacAndro Offers for Tours & Travel Businesses?

At MacAndro, we integrate the following solutions in our tours and travel app development services.

  1. Travel Ideas
  2. Hotel Booking
  3. Flight Booking
  4. Ondemand Travel App
  5. Trip Planner
  6. Business Travel
  7. Guidebook
  8. Map
  9. Taxi / Bus / Train booking
  10. Last min Travel Solution
4Why Choose MacAndro for Travel App Development?
  • We understand your vision & goals and provide customized solutions according to your requirements which will be unique for your business
  • With years of experience in travel app development, our developers are expertise in offering top-notch mobility solutions for travel businesses across the globe.
  • Our developers are open to work according to your time zone and so there won’t be lag in communication which pays a smooth way for project development.

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