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Why You Should Build a Mobile App For Your Restaurant Business?

Why You Should Build a Mobile App For Your Restaurant Business?

Are you wondering whether your restaurant needs a mobile app? That question doesn't surprise us. There are many third party food ordering and delivery apps available in the market. They offer a lot to customers. Then, Why would you need a seperate restaurant app? while you can list your restaurants on those websites. Well the truth is Restaurant apps remain the preeminent choice for many peoples around the world. This might sound crazy to you but stats proves that.

  • 70% of consumers prefer to order directly from a restaurant's own Apps instead of third party services. 
  • In Fact 52% of us diners trust a restaurant's own branded app or website more than third party food portal apps.


source: emarketer

Many restaurants are capturing this strategy, moving forward and gaining huge revenue.  If you are a Restaurant business, Hotel ,cafe or bar owner, Someone who is looking to enter into the restaurant industry but if you don't have a restaurant app then your business is going to leave behind the competition. So here is a complete guide that will answer these questions.

What makes a Restaurant App a popular choice? Why Should Your Restaurant need a mobile App? How to build a Restaurant App? Read as we explain to you in detail.

Why Build your own Restaurant App?

Apps Help Boost Your Business. Apps have become an important part for generating huge revenue for your restaurant business. Let's take Domino's Pizza. Domino's is the largest pizza restaurant chain in the world based on global retail sales, with more than 17,600 stores in over 90 markets. They revealed that they have seen excellent results primarily driven by the growth of digital sales.

Domino's Pizza profits boosted by mobile apps. The Company has seen a massive increase in online orders in the UK by nearly 29% last year and app-based orders shot up by more than 41%, with 11.5 million people now having downloaded the app in total.

Benefits of Owning a Restaurant App

  • Increases Customer Base
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Easy And Fast Customer Services
  • Expand Target Audience
  • Retain Users More Effectively
  • Attract new customers
  • Free Advertising
  • Increased Sales Amongst Millennials
  • Better Return on Investment
  • Streamlining Ordering and Delivery process
  • Greater online visibility.
  • Improved efficiency and lesser running costs
  • Allows to Get Reviews, and Ratings 

6 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Business Needs a Mobile App

Here we bring you the reasons to make an app for your restaurant Now

Online Ordering 

Think of people standing on a queue in your restaurant to order food. No one will like doing it when it can be done within a touch on the smart phones. Nowadays every person has a smartphone. If they can simply order from their home without calling on the phone or coming directly to restaurants, they are likely to order online. 

Did you know? Online ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. According to a Report, It is projected that online food ordering revenue will climb to $220 billion by 2023 which accounts 40% of overall restaurant sales. If you are not going to invest in mobile apps you are going to miss out a huge revenue stream.

Free Advertising and Referrals

One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising. - Jim Rohn

When you have a mobile app for your restaurant you get free advertising and referrals. It boosts your online visibility. People normally like to refer things to their friends when they like a certain restaurant or place. If a user enjoys your app they are very likely to suggest to their friends and family for sure in a single touch through your app. This allows your business to grow online more. 

A Mobile app is a great tool which will encourage users to share and refer their friends so that they can get rewards for every referral. Referral is one of the best ways to boost sales. When you have an app that gives rewards when a user shares your app on social media or refer friends via SMS will help you reach more. It automatically increases your ROI.

Location Based Deals

Location based deals have been a great way to bring customers to your restaurant often. When you notify your customers with deals it drives them to you. A restaurant app can offer a deal to a customer based on their location. 

Making use of technologies like GPS coupons which allows people to get reward just for visiting your app and iBeacon Technology is a small device that lets you get your users location and allows you to send notifications to check in with amazing deals. This all helps bring people in and create customer loyalty, raising your profits.

Easier Order Fulfillment and Payment

Restaurant apps not only help you generate huge revenue for your business but also helps streamline your orders and payments. Mobile Apps makes your process a lot easier to fulfill your orders. It decreases the work of your staff in restaurants and allows you to take care of customers currently in stores. This will solve everything from understanding the orders from customers through phone calls and noting them down on paper. Someone has to pick the phone the whole day instead of serving customers in store. 

It also resolves the problem of customers returning from your store when there are out of orders. Mobile Apps will let them know what is exactly in store and order them. So that orders get streamlined. In App payment also frees up your desk staff and eliminates stress for delivery guys as customers make payment online through the app.

Reporting and Analytics

A Restaurant needs to keep track of their process and reports. Reports are what says how your restaurant is performing and it has the key points to progress more. If your restaurant is lagging on these then you don't know whether you are getting profit or loss. A Restaurant app will allow you to keep track of everything from purchase to sale. It helps you get all the details you need to know.

Loyalty Programs help boost your sales

Loyalty programs encourage your customers to visit your restaurant and come back frequently. you can send push notifications to the users about special offers so that they can visit you on seeing the offer. These notifications keep your users know about the special offers on regular intervals. keeping your restaurant on customers mind all the time is an added benefit so that your customers visit you frequently.



Building a Restaurant App becomes a vital part for any restaurant business and there are no reasons to deny that. Investing in restaurant mobile app development is definitely going to put your restaurant business on the driver seat. So restaurant owners must launch an app to enhance their services and generate huge revenue. 

How to Build a Mobile App for Restaurants?

Figuring out how to build a Restaurant mobile app for your restaurant business? Don't Worry. We have got you.

We MacAndro Leading Mobile App Development Company provide Restaurant App Development Services to speed up your business growth. Our app developers offer one stop solutions to all your business needs with advanced technology with an innovative idea. 

Build your Restaurant App for your Business with us Now!

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