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Dream11 Clone App Development - Build your Own Fantasy Sports App

Dream11 Clone App Development - Build your Own Fantasy Sports App

Dream11 clone app is an incredible fantasy sports betting app that has all the reliable features of dream11 clone. In order to build a sports betting app like dream11, you would have in need of dream11 clone script which aid you to set up your own fantasy gaming platform in both website and in mobile platforms.

Initially, Dream11 is a well known fantasy sports app which has been the most popular among the sports lovers in these days. Being a prominent sports app, Dream11 has gained an immense population in this current era. Moreover, Dream11 stands top in the list of uncountable fantasy sports app. In addition, it enables the users to pick from a wide range of games such as Cricket, Kabbadi, Football and much more.  This makes the demand for fantasy sports app like dream11 reach its peak across the globe. As a result of this, an exceptional concern raised within the entrepreneurs to get a Dream11 clone script from a popular clone script provider.

If you are looking forward to build an online platform for sports lovers to play online leagues and to make profit from it, then Dream11 clone script is the most perfect solution. Although, there are several app like dream11 in the market, yet not all achieved the user base like Dream11. Well to acquire huge audience and to compete the Dream11 app, there are some key strategies to follow. Let’s start from the detailed study of Dream11 app.

What is Dream11 App?

Initially, Dream11 is an online gaming platform for the cricket fans to boost their involvement in their beloved games by participating in live cricket matches. It enables the users to play virtual game by selecting real cricket players in their own team to play in a league. Based on the performance of the players they choose, users can win the game and earn cash prizes.

According to statistics, Dream11 upholds 1 millions users in 2014 which then raised to 2 million in 2016. By being successful in fantasy app world, Dream11 achieved more than 45 million in 2018. By analyzing the above statistics, it is clear that fantasy sports industry is experiencing the constant growth. To make it more clear, take a look at the below statistical chart     

User Demographics of Fantasy Sports app in India:


Usage of fantasy sports app has raised to its extent in recent times. This is because, cricket enthusiast expressed their love towards their beloved game by downloading a new fantasy sports app and signing up in it. Moreover, they are looking forward to earn real money by utilizing their knowledge in the game. As a result of this, several sports app like dream11 experienced an exorbitant growth in the fantasy sports betting app industry of India.

Here with we have come upon with some astonishing facts & figures through which you can analyze the growth of fantasy sports betting app in India

1. Awareness of fantasy sport has recorded more than 65% in metro cities of India and 70% in non-metro cities.

2. User engagement has raised from 4 crores to 8+ crore in the last few years.

3. 2/3 of the overall population in India are familiar with fantasy sports betting app

4. While considering overall India, 66% of people in North India use these fantasy sports app, 60% in south India, 63% in West & 60% in Eastern part of India

5. More than 90% of users are preferring mobile phone or tablets for playing.

6. 81% of the fantasy sport users are males and 19% are females.

7. 30% of users who are playing sports betting app are young males aged between 18 - 25 years.

8. 70% of users using fantasy sports app are between 26 to 36 years

Benefits in Building Dream11 Clone App:

Legitimate App:

It is known fact that betting in cricket is an illegal action in some countries like India. But Betting in fantasy cricket app like Dream11 is legal and non-violated. Moreover, it provides a platform for the users to apply their sports knowledge & skills in their admired games. This is major reason for the success of Dream11 app. By upholding the highest number of cricket fans all over the world, there is no surprise in the success of Dream11 in India.

Unique Business:

The Concept of building a fantasy sports app like Dream11 is still exotic. By building an app like Dream11 will keeps you out of competition. Moreover, only limited number of apps are available in the app store regarding this concept. So it will be easy for you to achieve quick growth in your business in terms of building a Dream11 clone app

Endless Events:

Well the scope for the cricket events will be in peak all over the year. There are several cricket tournaments like IPL(Indian Premier League), The Ashes test, ODI matches, Test matches, T20 tournaments and much more which has been conducting frequently. So the users engagement in this kind of app will never reduce and so the demand for the app like Dream11 will be high in all time.

Strategies to follow for a successful growth in Dream11 Clone App Development:

When it comes to Dream11 clone app development, developing an clone app similar to Dream11 will not afford you the outcome you prefer. In order to be overwhelm the your competitors and Dream11, consider the following pre-successive strategies

One Platform for All Games:

Generally, Dream11 comes up with the idea of betting in the cricket and earns a great response from the cricket fans because of its unique strategy. To reach wider, apart from providing the betting option for popular games like cricket and football, it will be better to involve all games like volley ball, basketball, kabaddi and much more in your app, so that every followers of all games will be your user.

Launch in Wider Mobile Platforms:

In order to acquire wide audience, mobile platforms are the best strategy which guides you towards success in fantasy cricket business. This is because, more than 80% of the users of fantasy sport apps are primarily using their mobile device to participate in the contest. This makes clear that launching your fantasy app in wider platforms like android & iOS will set a path to attain huge audience.


Having a website along with an application for your fantasy sports app will helps your stand unique in your business and keeps you wide apart from your competitors. Initially, website and mobile app are the only two possible way to reach a online game. By offering both services to your users, there is more winning probability. When it comes to website, it an essential one to maintain it clean, impressive, alluring and well-designed. If you don’t have much about, better hire a well experienced professional in order to make it perfect.

Dream11 Clone Script Free Demo

To know more about the development process, Get here
How to build a Dream11 Clone App?

Fatures of Dream11 clone script which builds Website & Application like Dream11:

For Users:

Here are some basic features which should added for the users while building a fantasy sports app like Dream11


Users can register by providing their basic details like referral codes, email-id, mobile number or Facebook. Once after the registration process, they can login into the app by using the credentials and the OTP provided to them.

View Player Stats:

By using this feature, users can see the past performance of each every player and the credits provided to them. This option highly benefits the users while choosing the players for their team.

Account/ Profile Management:

Users can update their basic informations like name, e-mail id, bank accounts and much more by using this feature. Moreover, they get grab their new offers, rewards and bonus.

Create a team:

In this section, users can create their own team by choosing the players based on their skills, points, and performance within the given credit point. In addition, users have to select the captain and vice caption for their team.

Join Leagues/Tournaments:

Here, users can participate in the tournaments and league they prefer and further they can create a virtual team according to their wish.

For Admin:

Here are some basic features which should added for the admins while building a fantasy sports app like Dream11


Here, Admin can login to their fantasy mobile app by using the Username and  Password.


In this section, you can get the entire match details right upcoming matches. Moreover, admin to get number of contestants and the earning they had earned.

User Management:

By utilizing this feature, admin can manage all the use’s activity and can perform operation in their respective profiles like Edit/Delete/Add. Admin can also deactivate any user if their activities are against the guidelines.


This feature enables the admin to view entire earning they had earned from the application with various filters and sorting options.

Manage Payment:

Admin can manage various mode of payments of the application/ website in this payment feature.

Manage Request regarding Bank:

In this section, admin can view the request given by the users to withdraw their amount which they had earned from your fantasy sports app. Admin has the full authority to accept/reject the contestant’s request regarding the bank details and money transaction.

Additional Features:

Here are some additional features listed below, which will make your fantasy sport Dream11 app unique

Push Notification:

This feature is considered as the finest feature to keep your users engage with your fantasy sports app/ website like Dream11 in all time. Using this feature, you can send alerts, messages and offers to the users to inform them when it’s time to create a team, when the match will begin, etc.

Live Score Updates:

This section aid the users to get live scores for a variety of matches and sports, apart from game highlights, expert analysis, and original video programs.

Payment System:

Various payment options like Credit/Debit card payment, e-wallet, netbanking should be offered for the users, in order to make them comfortable.

Final Verdict:

Without doubt, fantasy sports app like Dream11 has a bright prospects in the future. Within five years, the demand for Dream11 clone app development will increase 30%. In order to get the best Dream11 clone script to launch a sports betting app, hire a well experienced professional. This is because building an application and website for a fantasy sports app won’t be a simple task.

If you are looking for such kind of experienced one, then get connect with MacAndro, leading fantasy Sports betting app/website development company who are expertise in building a feature rich and high performing Dream11 Clone Apps in android & iOS platforms along with a website.  

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