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How to build a Video Streaming App Like Netflix ?- The Ultimate Guide

How to build a Video Streaming App Like Netflix ?- The Ultimate Guide

Netflix clone glitz as the most trending business model in the online marketplace in these days. Well the large scale reason behind this scenario is the greater success of Netflix. It transformed as an app which seize a colossal part in its user’s heart and mind along with their digital device. This is because, netflix exhibits variegated content like ‘money heist’, ‘The Witcher’, ‘Dark ’ ‘Elite’ ‘stranger things’ and much more which covers time travel, culture, thoughts etc

As in this pandemic period, people are coerced to stay at home. In order to pass their days, they have only limited options like books, online games, TV and to watch videos. A statista states that people using OTT app has increased 20% in this lockdown time. Well this won’t be a surprise as considerable amount of people are shfting from traditional media to a digital one in each passing day.

In order to cater complete info about this business, let me elicit a detailed picture of this platform right from basic

What is OTT App?

An OTT or Over-the-top app is a video streaming app that provides video content to your smart device, tablet or smart TV via internet. These apps enable the users to watch videos they love instantly on their beloved device. 

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online video streaming platform which offers a wide variety of videos, movies, anime, documentaries, series & TV shows via internet-connected devices. Once after the subscription, users can watch and enjoy videos in Netflix as much as they can. 

Why I need to get a Netflix clone?

As we all know that after streaming series like stranger things, black mirror, elite and money heist, Netflix evolved as a titan of media industry. With more than 150 million paid subscribers and by consuming about 25% of online video streaming traffic, it attracts tons of entrepreneurs to drive into video streaming platform via Netflix clone. If your are one smart business minded, you would already come up with this idea in your mind. 

How can I Earn from Netflix Clone?

Get the basic ideas from which you can generate revenue via Netflix clone


In subscription method, user will pay considerable fee as subscription for short period of time. This method appears as the cheapest and finest way for the users. Through this process, you can generate a good amount of revenue without doubt.


This model is nothing but showing advertisement to your user’s while they watch videos. After attaining a good number of subscribers, it is possible to generate immense revenue via advertising. Showing ads is a simple task using in live streaming software. YouTube runs under this formula. 


In Pay Per View model, a user can purchase videos to view through private telecast. This method is mostly followed by business models who won’t publish content regularly but on intervals just like WWE or UFC. Here, if one is interested to watch only selected videos, then he pays for watching it.

Where can I get the Best Netflix Clone Script?

In order to enter into the OTT market and to dominate like Netflix, you would need a powerful and high functioning Netflix clone script. Well, we MacAndro are highly reputed and recognized OTT app development company who are well versed in providing powerful Netflix clone script with admin dashboard. Our Netflix clone script helps you to launch a remarkable and scalable video streaming app like Netflix with advanced tech and smart features. MacAndro’s Netflix clone script is especially designed to run in all popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and also for web platform. 

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What we offer Special in our Netflix clone?

One special thing about MacAndro’s Netflix clone script is that we bring blockchain technology. By adding blockchain technology in your Netflix clone app you can gain several benefits


1. As this entire world in moving towards digital currency, integrating with cryptocurrency will lead you towards greater success.

2. By incorporating with blockchain technology, users can make payment faster and safer via cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum and much more.

3. In addition, you can allow your users to publish their video content and share it with other viewers in your blockchain ecosystem.

Features of our Netflix Clone App:

Sign-up/Social media login:

This feature allows your users to sign-up into the app with credentials like email ID or mobile number and password. In addition there is option for your users to login via their social media accounts


This feature shows genres and users can select them as they like. By choosing this, users can watch their beloved videos in those genre like romance, comedy, horror, documentary, talk show, and others.


In this feature, users are allowed to add or remove videos from their watchlist. Once after adding with watchlist, they can visit and watch their saved video later according to their needs.

Multiple Payment Gateway:

Our Netflix clone app is integrated with various popular payment gateways which enables your users to experience faster and safer transaction.

Subtitles & different audios:

This feature allows the users to activate the subtitles while watching videos and to change audios for an enhanced experience.

Video Recommendations:

Based on your users genre choices and their search patterns and video history, users will be shown video recommendations.

Admin Panel Features:

Entry Login:

Based on the business requirements, admins can login the application with the necessary credentials like email ID, mobile number and unique password. 


Dashboard gives the complete general view of the whole application and its functionality involving all the operations, user activities, video streaming etc. 

Videos Management:

With the access, business admins can manage the panel via uploading or removing the videos like Films, Series, and Trailers etc.

User Management:

By utilizing this, you can manage and monitor app users, subscribers in a continuous manner. It helps to track the user’s behavior, search lists and watching preferences etc.

Manage Digital Content:

It also guides in managing all the app related digital content via admin panel including subtitles, video description, notifications, privacy policy and much more.

Subscriptions In-charge:

The panel also furnishes you to manage the application subscriptions and monitor the Pay per view costs through the admin panel.

Film/Series Category Access:

It helps to categorize the films and series based on the international, thriller, action, drama, Asian categories using this robust admin panel.

Ad Management:

In addition, you can showcase the custom advertisements to the application subscribers with the strategic ad spaces in between helps you to improve the viewership.

Data Analytics:

Using admin panel, you can get the feature to analyze and download the reports related to subscriptions, ratings, ad reach etc to record your business enhancement.

Rule the Virtual Video Streaming Industry With our Netflix Clone App:

We all know that the growth of entertainment industry is hitting its sky. Each and every TV shows, series and movies are battling to grab the user’s attention via video streaming apps . This makes the entrepreneurs turn their view towards the development of video streaming apps like Netflix. Designing & developing a video streaming app can be a tedious task. So before building an app, make sure to analyze all the above details. As it looks complicated, it is better for you to join your hands with an expertise like MacAndro, a leading OTT App Development Company who upholds a heap of experience in developing a live streaming apps like netflix. 

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Disclaimer: MacAndro neither represents nor has command over the trademarks of Netflix. We are not doing any promotional activities for them and we use these terms only for understanding our products. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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