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About this industry, meeting the demand and supply are the key factors to get succeed. Transportation and logistics is confronting tremendous change like moving into digital revolution, changing customer expectations and bringing in new business models.

This industry comprises of serving on demand private car/taxi, fleet management systems, public and private buses, truck/lorries aggregation platform etc. As moving into digitalization, it is expected to reshape the way consumers communicate with business which is visible online in their electronic gadget like online ordering for transport, booking taxi and utilizing personal transport services.

Transportation and Logistics
Why an app needed for T & L?

Why an app needed for T & L?

The arrival of smartphones has made people to completely rely on the electronic gadgets and it has become their necessity. Mobile applications has advantage for drivers, customers, fleet owners and making their day to day activities easier.

Gone are those days, monitoring manually about the travel and delivery in this industry. Smart phones are just perfect in managing the number of workforce, monitoring the distance of the travel, route status, number of vehicles on field, planning, allocating and to review the overall management.

This is for the business owners and coming to the client/customer point of view, mobile app is easy for them to track the transport for the purpose they asked for, instant payment method and receiving digital copy of the invoice, GPS tracking of the vehicle, check details of the driver, give them rating and reviews. At the end, the customers can connect with the logistics/travel purpose just clicking a button via the application.

What makes our solution unique for you?

We furnish you the solution which helps you to manage the delivery routes, dispatch and to bring out an efficient way of operation. Getting mobile application for your transport and logistics company will help you to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Seamless operation management
  • Precised data analytics
  • Visible inventory
  • GPS tracking
  • Troubleshoot support
  • Customer support
  • Payment Integration
What makes our solution unique for you?

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