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MacAndro is the leading mobile app development company providing the best solutions for your business. Our dedicated developers meet the stringent requirements of clients with advanced technologies and tools. Our team examines your current business standard before building your app to reach a greater extent soon in the market.

Features Of Transport & Logistics App

Take a look at our mighty features that speaks for our transportation & logistic app qualities and Designs.

Trip Log Reports Trip Log Reports

Both users and drivers can revisit their former trip invoice and transaction easily.

In-App Call In-App Call

Users can promptly get connect with the allowed driver using this feature.

GPS Tracker GPS Tracker

This option will let users identify the nearby available trucks and drivers in real-time.

Notifications Notifications

Users and drivers will be notified with latest trip alerts via push notifications, SMS, email & others.

Admin Dashboard Admin Dashboard

Admin can manage users and drivers profile, billing, trips, revenue, and more.

Monitoring Driver Monitoring Driver

Admin can monitor and assign the ride request to the driver via sending alerts.

Billing and Invoice Billing and Invoice

Admin can share the manually generated the bill & invoice or computerized bill to the users.

Manage Trucks & Shippers Multiple Payment Mode

App is incorporated with multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, wallets, etc..

Benefits Of Transport & Logistics Mobile App

Here we have came out with the amazing benefits for your business from our transportation & logistics app.

  • No paperwork
    No paperwork

    All the shipment data is listed on the app itself, so it reduces the burden of paperwork. Moreover, the data can be accessed at any time as it is stored in the app and it creates a custom reports, you can take consolidated data for business analysis.

  • High Earnings
    High Earnings

    Brokers demand a huge amount to bring a new customer and shipping orders, which swallow the company’s profit. This app directly links the company with clients without the middleman, thus increasing the profit by eliminating the commission cost.

  • GPS tracking
    GPS tracking

    Using this app, you can manage the delivery routes and dispatch. With GPS tracker, users can track the orders at any time and the admin can track the order and schedule another truck on the same route at the emergency case.

  • Efficiency

    Transport & Logistics app connected with truck drivers helps logistic company schedule pickups along the route, thus enhancing efficiency and profit. It also aid in highly reducing the wastage of fuel and time.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Satisfaction

    Transportation app helps to update customers about the delivery status regularly . Also customers can change the address once the shipment left the warehouse, via mobile app. This retain your existing users and attract a new one as well.

  • On-time Payments
    On-time Payments

    App with an inbuilt payment feature is convenient for several businesses, which helps your customer to make payments online, once the shipment is delivered. It helps drivers to view their history, feedback, and orders.

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Our experts focus on the industry challenges to discover new ways to meet the logistics and transportation demand. At MacAndro, we make pivotal strategic decisions to build an amazing and functional logistics and transport web and mobile application

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1How to Create a Logistics App?
  1. Finalize the type of your Logistics App
  2. Approach a reputed logistics app developers
  3. Explain your idea & requirements
  4. Get a rough app design
  5. Check and finalize it
  6. Add your required features
  7. Test your app
  8. Launch your Logistics App
2How Mobile Apps Helps Logistics Business?

By going with logistics app development, a logistics company can experience the following benefits

  • Helps to manage data securely
  • Assist in maintaining paperless process
  • Can Monitor Workforce & their performance
  • Benefits in managing warehouse
  • Helps to track the delivery trucks
  • Provides Real time Data about the goods
3How much does it cost to build Logistics app?

Well the cost for transport & logistics app development will be from $30,000 to upwards. The cost depends on the complexity of your app and the features you require to add in it.

4Which company is best to build transport & logistics app?

With upholding years of experience in transport & logistics app development, MacAndro shines best in providing mobility solutions for transport & logistics business.